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  1. great points...i have him in a couple leagues, one of them is a SF so will be starting him out of necessity so I hope he plays from behind as you suggested.
  2. I picked him off the waiver wire last season and quickly flipped him for a 2nd rounder...regretting that now.
  3. wow...I think I take that deal (roster construction would matter though). I'm fearful of a TD regression for Lamar and the offense is a run first so his passing #s probably wouldn't offset a down tick in rushing TDs.
  4. In one of my leagues I traded him away 2 years ago and got a 2020 first in return, which turned into Dobbins so I like that exchange a lot. But now in another league I'm hurting at WR and the Fuller owner wants draft picks in return so I'm trying to gauge the market today (vs 2 yrs ago). I was thinking a 2nd and based on the responses so far that seems near the top of the range. And I understand all the concerns regarding staying healthy but when he's on the field he can be explosive scoring multiple times in a game.
  5. What's Will Fuller's value in terms of future draft picks? 12 team PPR Super flex.
  6. He's 24 and won't turn 25 until week 16 so we can consider him a 24 yr old RB for this year (and 25 next). I read somewhere (need to find it) that he was 0 - x inside the 10 yd line last year, that has to be an area of opportunity to get some TDs added to his #s.
  7. Personally I bet on the talent over the situation so I do like Chubb a lot. As far as Hunt, in my opinion he was the benefactor of a good situation when he was with KC, that isn't to say he's not a good RB but only to say he's not in the caliber of Chubb. I think the coaching staff recognizes that and we will see Chubb be the workhorse this season (maybe wishful thinking as a Chubb owner).
  8. I had the 12 /13 in a 12 team league and I went RB (Dillon) and RB (Gibson)...but I really struggled passing on Aiyuk so time will tell if I made the right choice. At the time of my draft Guice had just been released so Gibson was getting a lot of buzz.
  9. I just picked him up in the middle of the 3rd round (great value)
  10. i have the 1.01 in my draft this weekend and plan on taking Taylor (I realize that I'm in the minority).