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  1. Hey guys. Starting a new league. there is alot to the league so the basics will be below along with the bylaws. Any questions email me @ have 2 spots left Basics: Pay 3 years upfront ($120). Will include graphics fee first year($9.75). Startup will have Rookies/Veterans/Devy Placeholders/Pipeline schools included. Franchises There will be a total of 12 franchises in the league Each franchise needs a team name and logo This is a themed league. You must pick a fictional football player from either a movie or TV show (For Example Shane Falco, Bobby Boucher etc…) Dues collected on leaguesafe Seasonal Payout The remainder of the entry fees will go towards the seasonal winnings. Champion: $250 Runner-Up: $120 Third Place: $40 Fee for MFL is 69.95 Season Fees $480 Start-up Draft: order will be randomly generated online and sent to all franchises. The league will hold a 36 round start-up draft The draft will include all Eligible players/Devy Player Placeholder for initial draft/Pipeline Schools The draft will be held via on-line, long-running (email) draft, taking several days/weeks to complete with a 8-hour time limit per pick assigned to each draft pick. Draft picks are eligible to be traded. Veteran/Rookie Draft & Roster Beginning 2021, A draft including Vets/Rookies/Devys will be conducted yearly. The draft will consist of 5 rounds each year so that it includes devys Devy keepers are not slotted in the draft. Devy Draft Devy Roster/Draft Devy placeholders are included in the startup There is no limit on # of devys a team can hold Once teams have their picks we will do a Devy Draft that includes every player that is eligible (Not on one of the franchises Developmental Teams) The initial devy draft will be five rounds. DEVY “DEVELOPMENTAL” TEAMS Each team has a D1 NCAA developmental team, to which they own the draft rights to all offensive players who enter the NFL draft in any given season. These devy teams will be included in the startup draft. These players do not count against teams draft picks! I must have the players you are keeping from your school one week before the rookie draft. Your roster must be valid with the players you have selected. You may drop players from your roster to make them valid. CHANGING DEVY TEAMS Each franchise must keep their NCAA team for 4 years. Every 4 years, we will throw all NCAA teams into that year's rookie/devy draft. Devy teams may be traded at any time. Bylaws: ... sp=sharing Any questions let me know!
  2. let me know if you have any questions
  3. Hey guys we have 2 openings left in my 16 team league. There were 4 openings total. We are going to do a dispersal draft. League is $30. Good group of guys and alot of fun. Its superflex and TE Premium. Full list of players is below. If we get the four today looking to draft today. Let me know if you are interested. My email is: Players Available: Lamar Jackson Nick Chubb Kamara Fournette Hopkins Landry JUJU Michael Thomas CUPP Tyreek Hill Draft picks Full list is below ... sp=sharing
  4. Whats up guys? I am starting another Devy league. Here are the bylaws: ... sp=sharing League Page: The Bylaws are long so here are the quick pieces of important information:  Superflex (10 starters)  PPR scoring. This is not TE Premium.  6 teams make the playoffs with top two seeds getting byes. Tiebreaker will be points scored  Non-playoff teams will be seeded based on Potential Points in week 13.  Dues are $40 but I am asking for three years up front. In Devy I believe this is important to make sure people stick around long term. I also think that it allows for more flexible trading because you get three years worth of picks to move or not move. I did this in Devy Addicts 1 and we had no orphans this last year. This needs to be paid when you join the league.  We will be holding three drafts! Initial startup will happen when league is filled. It will be a slow moving 8 hour draft on MFL. Once we get to round 16 we will move it to 6 hours. Then when w get to round 25 it will be 4 hours. ROOKIE PICKS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE STARTUP!!!! The order will be random but it will be Kentucky derby style. Meaning if you randomly get the 1.01 the you can choose whatever startup position you want. The Rookie draft will be scheduled JUNE 14TH and will be a slow moving 8 hour draft The Devy Draft will be scheduled for July 5th. They devy draft will be ten rounds and be done on GROUPME. You can have up to 15 devys on your roster at anytime. Devy eligible players will be frosh-seniors no high school. Devy draft order will b reverse of the startup draft. So if you have th 1.01 in startup then you would get the 1.12/2.1 in Devy draft. Devy draft is snake.  Looking for active guys who won’t disappear in the league or chat. Also this is meant to be a competitive but fun league. GROUPME IS REQUIRED  If interested email me at Let me know a little about yourself and how many leagues you’re in. I want guys that aren’t just looking for another startup but will quit after a year. Too many people out there like that. Looking forward to filling this league.
  5. League of Legends 1. League Composition There will be a total of 14 teams in the League of Legends. Your team name and picture must be a former Heisman winner. 2. League Dues (A) Each Franchise must pay the League of Legends in the amount of $30 per year, due on or before March 1st of each year or on a date set by the Commissioner. The league uses League-safe to hold the league’s funds. WE WILL BE COLLECTING THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF DUES IMMEDIATELY UPON JOINING. SO $60. (B) Owners who leave the league in good standing will be reimbursed any future league fees paid once a replacement owner is found and the new owner has paid their league fees. (C) All fees collected for any one season will go into the prize pot for that season minus the cost for MFL fees or other necessary fees of the league. In the event the league dissolves, all yearly fees for seasons not played shall be refunded. (D) Trades involving future any future draft picks cannot be ratified unless the owner of the pick being traded has paid their league dues for that year. 3. Prize Money The following is the yearly accounting based on 14 teams x $30 = $420 $70 (MFL fees) $230 1st $90 2nd $30 3rd Total: $420 4. The starting lineup submitted by League owners each week during the regular season must comply with the following provisions: Superflex 1-2 Quarterbacks, 2-5 Running backs, 2-5 Wide Receivers, 1-2 Tight End, Total Starters: 10 5. Regular Season and Playoffs (A) There is a 13 week regular season. The schedule is determined randomly by the MFL software. Teams will play each team in their conference once (B) Six teams make the playoffs. Top 5 based on record and the 6th is based on TOTAL POINTS!!!!!!!!!! (C) The top two teams will be seeded #1 to #2. The next four highest teams will qualify as wildcards and will be seeded #3 to #6. Seeds 1 and 2 will get a bye. Will be using Group-Me for communication. Want to find guys who won't disappear and be active YEAR round. Do not join if you are in too many leagues or will jump ship after 1 year. Please read the bylaws below and the requirements. Also check out the MFL league and the scoring. Big plays will add more points. Also we will be doing TE Premium. Please email me if interested. Email: By-Laws: ... sp=sharing MFL: Scoring: ... 38072&O=09