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  1. Need 2 more for competitive and active 10 team .5 PPr league run on Yahoo. No kicker a flex has been added in place of the kicker. Besides that rules are fairly standard, will provide link to rules to anyone interested. Payouts are as follows and are handled through majority vote leaguesafe: 1st: 1200 2nd: 500 3rd:200 Best Ball(Most regular season points): 100 Draft will be set Late August/early September at a time that works for everyone in the league. Feel free to email me with any questions @
  2. I have a $200 league with 6 people in it currently. It's on yahoo but there are a couple differences. We won't be drafting until after the 3rd preseason game at least, we have no kicker, and added 1 flex spot. It's also .5ppr instead of 1 ppr. That being said, maybe we could merge and compromise on some of the rules to figure out a good middle-ground. I'm open to discussing it if you're interested email me at
  3. Money is done through leaguesafe majority vote, the payouts are as follows: 1st: 1200 2nd: 500 3rd: 300 Best ball(most regular season points: 100 No kicker because kickers are dumb, a flex has been added instead. Very small modifications besides this. 4 points for passing TD's. Very active/competitive league that needs a few more, payment deadline is August 1st. Message me or email me at if you are interested or have any questions!