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  1. Just saw BtS in Atlanta and Oura was the second opener. Really quite good, if a little "one-note" in terms of their sound. BtS killed it, of course. Really liked their cover of REM's"Harborcoat" in addition to all of the Keep It Like a Secret tunes.
  2. Earlier today:
  3. Trump accuses Ilhan Omar of "speaking about how wonderful Al Qaeda is." Says she "hates Jews." And the GOP does nothing about it. This is sickening.
  4. Sure, let's just completely circumvent ordinary rule of law and make ICE the judge, jury and executioner to solve this problem. Great idea.
  5. Yeah, this QANON stuff is normal/fine:
  6. I distinctly remember the snow drifts piling up so high against our house that it seemed like I could have ridden a sled out of our second floor windows.
  7. The FBI doesn't cut deals. They aren't involved in prosecutorial decision-making at any level. All they do is investigate.
  8. Russian disinfo campaign>Far-right muckracking websites>Alex Jones and his band of merry libelous parasites>Hannity/Fox News Republican spin machines>Wider acceptance in the GOP mainstream. There's a pattern here.
  9. Just got back from a trip through Austria and I have to agree. From Salzburg to Vienna, there are countless great small towns in the Austrian wine region: Melk, Spitz, Krems, Aggsbach, etc.... But my pick would have to be Prague. So much to do there, reasonable cost of living, great food scene, amazing people, and a beautiful city in so many ways.
  10. 9 years ago tomorrow, I caught a hell of a Harpua in Alpharetta GA that lead into Killing In The Name. To date, the most wild energy I've ever experienced at a Phish show.
  11. Bring back the "slow build" Piper! The version I caught at Oswego in '99 is the prototype for what that song truly should be.
  12. Boo! You get a 4.2 from the Czech judge for this one. Clearly organic IMO and top 5 worthy. LxL is one of my favorite Phish songs. That Fishman drum riff is insane. Adding my favorite LxL ever (SPAC 2004):
  13. She's a walking marijuana edible.