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  1. If Parnas testifies to this in front of Congress (which seems to be an eventual likelihood given his apparent cooperation with the investigators,) the pressure on Rudy will be overwhelming. Will he go down with the Trumptanic? Or will he also cooperate?
  2. Now the economy is grinding to a halt: That would be the worst quarter since Q4 2015 for those of you keeping track.
  3. C'mon, he just covered off "basement", "secret" and "performance" on his GOP Obfuscation Bingo card.
  4. To which I'll add. from your link: Do you honestly think that an ambassadorship to the Ukraine is a reward? At State, they put the most experienced, capable and non-partisan people in the real trouble-spots. You've unwittingly made the point for the other side.
  5. Yeah, none of the people who testified were political appointees. Except Sondland, who is a Trump appointee.
  6. He also cited examples of the President threatening the whistleblower. Here's another example: · Sep 26 Breaking News: President Trump told U.S. diplomats that whoever gave the whistle-blower information was “close to a spy” and alluded to the punishment for treason
  7. Swalwell just dunked all over the GOP on the OMG-the-Whistleblower-isn't-testifying-like Schiff-promised diversionary headfake BS.
  8. From Politico, who asked several GOP Congressmen about Trump's tweet about Yovanovitch:
  9. You think that the whistleblower, who alerted government officials to malfeasance by Trump and his associates, that is now being backed up by at least 8 career non-partisan diplomats with hundreds of years of cumulative experience in service to this country, somehow committed treason? Hmmm.... Might want to show your work here.
  10. Thanks Steve Castor for spending 45 minutes reinforcing Yovanovitch's credibility.
  11. Bill Taylor and his aides have sterling reputations from careers spent in public service who have faithfully served this country under both parties. Do you really think that people like this would put their reputations at risk over a lie? Is there a single thing in their whole lives spent advancing US interests abroad, often sacrificing personal and professional gain, that you can point to that would suggest that this is even remotely possible? I just can't understand this line of thinking. At all.
  12. Getting an MRI on his knee this am and will probably miss some time. Brutal. He's been a rock on my undefeated team this year.