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  1. No no they're not dead, they're resting! Remarkable birds the Norwegian Blue, ay? Beautiful plumage!
  2. I have this feeling that by the time he's up for reelection in 2024, they may feel differently about both him and Trump. Just a hunch.
  3. Such a tough call. What's probably unfair about OPI/push-offs is that the stronger players (Kittle, Gronk) will get flagged for it and the smaller guys (Hill, Edelman) get away with it frequently. Doesn't seem right but it is what it is.
  4. After all of this, any Trump Boomer who complains again about the OJ trial should be struck by lightning.
  5. Congress knew of and approved of withholding aid (which were loan guarantees, by the way) in a fully bipartisan fashion. As did the IMF, the EU and even the Ukrainian Parliament. Pretty much every GOP senator had no problem with it at the time. Facts matter.
  6. SCHIFF: "While we've been debating whether POTUS can be impeached for bogus claims of privilege, the DOJ is resisting subpoenas in court today... the judge says 'if Congress can't enforce its subpoenas, what remedy is there,' & DOJ's response is impeachment! You can't make it up" And around and around we go... It's a carnival of obstruction, bad faith arguments and circular logic....Step right up, rubes!
  7. Report is that Murkowski flipped back to voting against witnesses. What a spineless weasel.
  8. I swear to God, I just read this post in Brick Tamland's voice from Anchorman and I can't stop giggling.
  9. Stock market taking a giant dump today, based largely on this possible pandemic, which could possibly take a sledgehammer to the world economy. Buckle up.
  10. They’re citing that it was the goal of US policy, completely out of context. Hill was referring to a much longer history of Ukraine corruption under previous leadership. I specifically remember that testimony. Sekulow is hoping that you haven’t.
  11. Wow, I wouldn’t hire Jay Sekulow to get me out of a parking ticket. He’s terrible.
  12. Agreed. My issue with that level of boundary pushing is that it’s easy to get lazy and just use that for shock value instead of being smart and turning those uncomfortable moments into something unexpected. For much of his career, Louis CK did that far better than most, for example. However, based on what we now know about Louis, lots of that same material doesn’t hold up well at all and is now borderline unlistenable.
  13. I tend to agree with this viewpoint for the most part. However, how would we all feel if Eddie Murphy was still doing standup bits like his homophobic stuff in Delirious? Because even Eddie has expressed regret for doing that material and that it makes him cringe these days. Comedy evolves based on social norms.