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  1. Sounds like the Palm Beach County Prosecutor's office is trying to save face in a case they might lose in court.
  2. Wait a second.... I could have sworn that I just read several posters above you state that the Democratic Party no longer represents them since they are “white men.” Who exactly is playing “identity politics” again?
  3. The problem with this same group of “a lot of white men” is that they view social progress and equality for marginalized groups as a zero-sum game, as if those protections and rights have to come from somewhere (at their expense), right? Meanwhile, ignoring all of the policies that will positively affect them like better access to healthcare, job training, education, wage standards, etc... So concerned about the first paragraph and what that says about them that they ignore the second one.
  4. Knife murders are more common per capita in the US than the UK:
  5. If you don't think that the Republican Party is going to double-down on xenophobia and racism this election cycle, you're not paying attention to what's going on out there with parts of the Trump base. So much for the "economic anxiety" argument. This is terrifying stuff at the local level:
  6. I'm a white, hetero middle-aged man who has a home in the Democratic Party because I don't worry about my social status as a white, hetero middle-aged man.
  7. The FBI doesn't "charge" people.
  8. Is this the same Paul Harvey who used to send his radio bits to J Edgar Hoover for approval and was cozy buddies with Joe McCarthy and supported Red Scare activities? Hard freakin' pass.
  9. For the first time, there's some momentum to pass The Equality Act, guaranteeing basic rights and protections for LGBTQ+ people. Bipartisan support, over 70% of Americans agree with it and an overwhelming majority of major US businesses are in favor of its passage: Fingers crossed on this one.
  10. Trump gets surprised by lots of things. I wouldn't exactly call that a tell. Remember, this is the man who stared into the sun during an eclipse.
  11. They're a different band these days to be sure but I've had more fun at several 3.0 shows than I did at many of the shows I saw in the '90s.
  12. 10 years ago today. So happy they’ve made it back to this level.
  13. I think he's saying that that's the most seats that the Democrats have flipped since Nixon. Not "the most seats either party have flipped since Nixon". I'd also cite this as Blue Wave evidence, as compared to the 2010 Red Wave: 2010 Popular Vote margin for the House: Republicans +6.8% 2018 Popular Vote margin for the House: Democrats +8.6%
  14. Yeah, I'm not laughing anymore:
  15. Here's a thought: Maybe they wouldn't get "attacked" if they would simply just stop committing crimes.