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  1. Same with Piper - A huge improvement in overall mood, self-image, confidence, etc... Like night and day. As for name change, the process takes a while -- Here in GA, it involved paperwork at the County courthouse, a notice in the paper and a brief court hearing. The more difficult part is getting other things changed: Social Security, school enrollment info, 529s, etc... That's a long slog that we're still working through.
  2. Hey Fatguy, I haven't been on the board much lately but I've posted in the Politics forum a bit that my 16 year old is a M>F trans girl -- We've legally changed her name and she's been on hormones for well over a year at this point. You are doing the right thing and if you ever need to talk, my PMs are always open.
  3. Yes, I’ve read the Mueller Report. And the bipartisan Senate report. You?
  4. Seriously? I’m going to start posting YouTube videos myself and citing it as a “source.” What a bunch of nonsense.
  5. It's fake news that the VP basically acknowledges that it's a publicity stunt? Otherwise, why does he make the joke in the first place?
  6. This would be unbelievable if it weren't completely believable: The current administration is one giant PR stunt in general.
  7. Pretty depressing to live in a state where Confederate monuments have more rights than an unarmed black guy out for a jog.
  8. Get rid of them all. Biden, Trump, Kavanaugh, etc... I’m sick of this nonsense.
  9. Yeah, so I live in Atlanta and have a transgender daughter. I can tell you first hand that the African American community in my neighborhood are pretty supportive of my kid. This isn’t a “grievance group”, it’s my life. It’s not an “issue”. It’s about basic respect.
  10. Yeah, doctors and researchers tend to help solve diseases. Kind of how this works.
  11. Yeah, when whistleblowers warned about this same type of cronyism in terms of national security policy, the GOP branded them as "never-Trumpers" and the problem simply faded away. Now? We're dealing with actual life and death decisions made using the same decision-making process. But I'm sure that the right-wing attack dogs will find some way to pain Dr. Bright as a pro-Hilary plant or some such other nonsense.
  12. What evidence do you have that suggests that this is true?
  13. Wow. Just wow.
  14. Funny how Fox News, Trump and his surrogates have suddenly stopped talking about this "wonder drug."
  15. This quote: “This idea to define socialism to exclude any evil past sins is hilarious.” Shouldn’t we then apply that same standard to other philosophies as well?