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  1. ESPN ranks us 1 in 2014 recruiting.
  2. i disagree. I do wonder why if all these late reports are correct no one attempted to get him committed. He clearly meets the standards. It's tough IMO to blame someone who has a recently aquirred mental illness (if the concussion reports are true) since it's quite possible he has had very little rational/non delusional brain function in that time. This is why there are legal procedures to get people committed and forced to take meds in many circumstances. But to the dad. WTF? My mentally challenged son began acting extremely bizarre and then left with my car? THAT is when you contact the courts/ proper authorities about getting him committed. Odds are fairly decent his "DUI" arrest was more of a "this guy is whacked out on something" case where it just ends up that he is in a bipolar/schizophrenic episode so it looks like it must be booze/drugs.Meanwhile he's facing two serious burglary felonies in addition to the DUI, that are really the result of what great crimes. eating food in a store and not paying for it (worth about 5 dollars) as an NFL athlete who still clearly has money, and going to get your car back prematurely by a couple of hours. I think he's got a pretty good chance of beating most of these charges on insanity. I don't get how pre-trial services/the courts couldnt recognize any of this. They could easily order an evaluation prior to setting a bond/allowing him to enter a plea.
  3. True, but he was also hurt by the fact that he played on one of the worst passing teams in the country. Almost everyone MSU played sold out to stop the run.he's a beast. steal possibility here as all the combine nerds will draft some d3 track star. its hard to be uber fast at 6`2. he still runs low and is hard to bring down.
  4. jozthevox Just another site Skip to contentHomeAbout← Introduction!Dress for comfort, not trends… →Enough with the alt-country!!!Posted on March 15, 2012 by cajozwikI heard a great joke once.Q. What did the alt-country musician say when he sobered up?A. “Man, this music sucks.”And alt-country does suck. At least to me, it does. Maybe alt-country musicians think if they add enough quirky, ironic lyrics, mandolins, banjos,and two-note piano riffs, the music will suddenly become resonant and meaningful. But, sadly, alt-country sucks as much as regular country, and it’s even more laughable to me as a genre.At least with country music, you get rednecks like Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney singing about their tractors being sexy and how much they love their honkytonk bars and how great America is and how everyone should be a patriot. That’s utterly devoid of intellectual merit, but at least it’s honest. It’s not inconceivable that Toby Keith would be sitting on his porch(or in the backyard of his mansion, probably) drinking Wild Turkey and cleaning his handgun and muttering about the damn liberals ruining Amurrica. I hate that right-wing hick idealism, but at least it’s honest hick idealism. But when you have white middle-class college kids singing about putting their faith in Jesus and hitting the road with all their wordly possessions and a storm washing away the small town they came from–come on. Add a lot of beards, black-rimmed glasses, pearl-button Westen-style shirts, and a carefully contructed air of detached vulnerability and, there it is. A new genre of boring, boring music.Two-note acoustic guitar riffs and soft, sensitive vocals. Blech. No cool drum effects, no cool synth or keyboard effects, not even a single guitar effect pedal! Lyrics that have been heard so many times they don’t even register on the quirky scale any more. And not only does alt-country sell, it’s gaining momentum. I swear. Every single Milwaukee band is starting to sound like the Avett Brothers. Why?! I’ll admit I like some hipster fashions, and I even drink a Pabst once in awhile. But hipsters are supposed to be “cultured” and “intelligent.” How can they believe the Mountain Goats are actually good?!What’s even sadder is that bands that started out cool, like Iron and Wine and the Fleet Foxes, have now hopped on this ramshackle bandwagon. Check out Iron and Wine’s 2007 album The Shepherd’s Dog, than check out their later double album “Around the Well.” A sad change from a band that had potential….Oh well. Even if it’s gained a Milwaukee and nationwide foothold, alt-country will never dominate. I have faith, and I’ll bask in the comforts of the Black Angels until this silly music phase passes.
  5. My wife agrees this was just done for attention and for the chance to live someone else's (more glamorous) life. She also thinks the lengths to which this chick went are pretty extreme.watcha few episodes of Catfish on MTV. people are ####ed up and stupid.
  6. Wouldn't they still have to pay taxes on the money given to them if they live in states with income taxes?I have wondered if one could move to a state without income taxes before they cashed in their winning ticket to avoid said taxes.Fwiw I once saw a lottery special. Iirc you can save a boatload in taxes by first forming some type of corporation and claiming the winnings through the corporation rather than as an individual.That said you'll in nothing (save a handful of $2 winners etc. The lottery is a tax on those who are bad at math.
  7. Completely false. Follow the stretching instructions in this article. This cured me after a years of suffering. Don't be shy about pulling those toes back as far as you can until you are in pain. You got to it before I did.Things that have helped me: 1) Stretch the foot in the morning as soon as you wake up. EIther in the manner described above, or by putting your foot on the floor and doing the same "lean against the wall" thing you would to to stretch out your calf....only do it with your plantar fascia. 2) Ibuprofen is your friend. 3) There is a device called a "night boot." It will hold your foot in an extended position at night. You can buy this at most pharmacies for about $20-30. 4) Lose weight. Dropping from about 225 lbs to about 210 pounds helped me quite a bit. 5) Wrapping the foot does help, but I've had more luck with "taping" the bottom of it with athletic tape. Good info here. Its a lil pricy for less than a bucks worth of material, but the night boot has worked very well for me. Used to wake up with very sore feet. After using the walking boot when I wake in the morning there's almost no pain whatsoever. Essentially does the grab your toes directions constantly throughout the night while you're sleeping I even sometimes UsE it if I'm going to be sitting down for an extended period Of time like watching football game.
  8. watched some of it. was pretty boring game actually. spent more time watching the saints/NYG game. But don't like carroll benchinghis starters befre the half. 3 targets? 8yards. Not really someone you wanna hang your FF season on, especially when they are playing a bills team that could easily be down big at the half too.
  9. one catch for 8 yards when his team scored 58 points. start at your own risk. starting him after shrts went down effectively killed my chances in one of my leagues. buyer beware.
  10. We don't have a substance abuse problem, if anything we have a subway abuse problem... we destroy 5 dollar footlongs....
  11. Only here will people tell you to drop a qb who just threw over 525 over a qb with one start.
  12. He's getting 4.5 million to back up kaep. not too shabby a gig. But this team is better with kaepernik.