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  1. Any capping points have indicators for heat performance? May go down. May not. Convinced if it weren't Haskell weekend they wouldnt be running at all. Guess today's card will give a preview. -QG
  2. I boxed em up. And though I put the $2 souvenir on Max I did go back to the window and put $2 atb on King. Didn't have the 5 in my tribox. Worked out up $11 out of the race. Got a few snaps of Max though - who fwiw stumbled a little out of the gate. Nice day at Monmouth though not profitable. -QG
  3. Wisehorse horse never makes of course I bet the 6. Boxed up the 4-6-8-10 Added the 5 for the super box. RIP my $51. -QG
  4. Dolphins have to do something about that secondary though. -QG
  5. Maximum Security hanging at Jersey Shore presumably enjoying a taylor ham sandwich or two -QG
  6. Yeah so sounds like neither will be in the Preakness (but that there probably be a showdown in the Belmont) so we have the crazy situation where the Preakness loses all juice but the Belmont presumably will be super hyped. 2019 man... -QG
  7. I say this like I never was sent to place bets at the window when I was 12 🤪 -QG
  8. Touching moment as dad teaches his 8-year old or so daughter how to bet on the machine. -QG
  9. So I am at Monmouth and it's this race there's a horse that's listed as being a "First Time Gelding" - um how many times can that happen? -QG
  10. Oh if I did my math adds up right that's $92. #3 was nearly in but that is the tip tip top of my Derby Budget already -QG
  11. Think I have a plan: $5 on 7 ATB. I do think there's a shot he can steal it. $2 on 6 ATB. I don't know what made me think of this horse. Maybe there was some subliminal messaging that guided me to Vekoma 🙃 $1 Exacta Box, 50 cent Trifecta Box, 10 cent Superfecta box: 2-6-7-8-16 also 5-16-17 $1 exacta atb 5-16-17 50 cent trifect atb Largely because Baffert finishing 1-2-3 would be extremely annoying - which is very 2019. -QG
  12. They shoulda arrested you for pumping your own gas in NJ. One of the benefits of full serve only is not being put in this position. -QG