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  1. QuizGuy66

    Playoff Contest is LIVE

    Gonna be sick - adding up all of my Rams and Patriots I get a total of 174.65. Really hope CJ Anderson, Cooks, and Woods go off in the Super Bowl. $1000 down the drain cuz too slow. Anyway good luck to those who made it and actually have a shot! -QG
  2. QuizGuy66

    Playoff Contest is LIVE

    79.95 - woulda made the cut with 14 players in the Super Bowl. Need to learn to type faster. -QG
  3. Oh and rumor is that the elder Callahan will be our OL coach. -QG
  4. QuizGuy66

    Playoff Contest is LIVE

    So the only "live' ghost entry I have is the one that I furiously tried to get in under the wire but failed to do so: It was a Rams/Pats entry. Right now that entry is at 35.35 and above what the cut would be after game one. Only would get the 2 best scoring Pats and nobody from Kansas City but man it looks like it is more likely than not to make the cut. Will be painful if the Pats win. Here's the 14(!) guys I would have in the Super Bowl if I had been able to click boxes faster. Rams: Gurley, Goff, Reynolds, Everett, Higbee Patriots: Brady, Gronk, Michel, Hogan, Burkhead, Patterson, Develin, Dorsett, Patriots Def. If Gurley is healthy enough for the Super Bowl man I could really be kicking myself. -QG
  5. Welp that's the Lions problem now anyway since they signed him to be their OC. Latest rumors say Brian Callahan is who Zac wants as OC. Del Rio and Fox are in the mix for DC - which would be really good IMO. But two more weeks to wait and have fun speculating. -QG
  6. but what if you sign an LG, C, RG, and RT, Reaper? -QG
  7. You guys should go BPA. And if there's a left tackle that rates that high it's an obvious pick. -QG
  8. So the Lions hired Bevell unfortunately. Pollack actually decided to leave - who knows if it was a matter of the change in scheme, personalities, whatever. Feels like waiting for Chirstmas for all this to sort out. Though if Whit gets a ring before we have our staff finalized I'm good. -QG
  9. To compensate for any snark I give you this. -QG
  10. Randguy Used: Offense: LAC, LAR Defense: SEA, NO Playoffs Week 3: Offense: KC Defense: KC Almost goofed up - but realized that the excel random pulled KC's number twice in a row so there ya go. -QG
  11. Me Used: Offense: LAC, KC Defense: DAL, LAR Playoff week 3: Offense: RAM IT Defense: KC -QG
  12. Based on the pattern they'll go 9-7 with him this year. Then they should immediately fire him as the next coach will go like 11-5. Then they fire that guy and the 3rd guy goes 15-1. And THEN they fire THAT guy and the next guy gets you a Super Bowl. I kid but it's strange how the last few coaches all have seemed to have come strong right away and then things go downhill almost immediately after. -QG
  13. Probably something neurological and the lighting may have exacerbated it. Here's his Miami intro press conference He does not have the eye expressions but as the press conference goes on he does look like he's rocking a lot...possibly trying to control tics. This taped interview not so much though. Maybe they gave him eye exam right before? -QG
  14. Reche Caldwell join the staff yet? ? -QG