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  1. A day off before Dino Domination resumes 🦕🦖🦕🦖 -QG
  2. I'll have to dig into these games where Wyche's offense lays waste to the opposition basically immediately in most of 'em. -QG
  3. Oh yeah '91 Series is tops and I care nothing about either team. -QG
  4. 1ST PLACE!!! 🦕🦖🦖🦕🦕🦖🦖🦕 -QG
  5. Bumping back my official thread and leaving the Chase Young/Winston non-fanfic in that other thread where it can stay. Loving the swagger I am seeing so far and that Burrow is already ready to lead and take charge with offseason workouts with the receivers as soon as possible. Seems like signing Warford is a pipe dream at this point - hard to square that with Hobson having a bignlomg article pumping up the o-line this week. -QG
  6. Pretty much can cancel the season now reading that headline. -QG
  7. Man I hope we can somehow land Warford. Kentucky guy so not out of the question. Would really brighten the prospects for the O-line. -QG
  8. No Dinos on TV for the next few days (though if you are able to get on FanDuel's sports betting site you can get live video of ALL the games - presumably in Korean). -QG
  9. Never knew Dinos has 4 syllables 🦖🦕 -QG
  10. KBO Team Pronunciation Guide 😎 by M Kim TV -QG
  11. Bengals social media team is much improved - like that they actually poked fun at the widely disparaged schedule-release video from last year when they rolled out this year's video. -QG