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  1. +106+(27-10)=+123 Used: Off: BAL/TB/ARI/GB/SEA/MIN/NO Def: PHI/SF/IND/RAMIT/ARI/MIA/BUF ----- Wk 8: Hmmmmm...decisions decisions.... Off: Kansas City Def: Kansas CIty Of course 20 points favorites almost never cover but I have a good feeling that Gase will pull this one off. -QG
  2. I suppose it is possible. Dunlap was more urgent obviously. I think it would take more of an offer than what Dunlap got (assuming that Geno hasn't asked for a trade in private) -QG
  3. Sad ending to Dunlap's time here but at least we got a pick and a lineman for him so the headache is gone. Seems like there is a sense that might not be the last trade. I guess we gotta figure Ross for another late round pick is probably on tap. -QG
  4. Sloman cut. Forbath signed to replace him. Contest kicker craziness continues. -QG
  5. I note you said regulars and not experts so I might qualify on that score. Heh you could assign us each a chunk of budget and position and we'd make up a frankenrooster -QG
  6. I do not miss these kind of stories from last year. Jets should call Lawrence's bluff by threatening to extend Gase for 2 years if the kid insists on staying in school. -QG
  7. Bengals twitter wants to offer our 2nd rounder which would be around pick 38 or 39 probably. We cannot part with #7. Side note I think it makes zero sense for you to do this - heck it is the sort of move that I think would drive away coaching candidates. -QG
  8. So Quinnen is on the block per nydailynews Linky Committed to the tank but Lawrence should be worth it so I don't blame them. What is the realistic price they'll accept? -QG
  9. apparently the casuals are staying away while the pros are taking the points. Will be intrigued what kind of Lev Bell props there might be. -QG
  10. Ghost entry taunting me now as all the wide receivers that disappeared 2 weeks ago are suddenly lighting it up (along with Burrow). Would be 200.20 + (Kyler - 46.70) + (Sloman - 10.40) *sigh* Good luck to those still battling The Turk!!! -QG