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  1. More bleepfest interviews please -QG
  2. Yar's Revenge actually make me like the unis more. So far the Dragons are winning the uniform competiton though they shoulda kept the cooler looking from when they played in Barcelona. -QG
  3. They picked last in the color combo draft -QG
  4. Attn @Steeler I am not seeing the Dragons/Defenders or Wildcats/Roughnecks game in the calcomatic. Just a heads up. -QG
  5. Teams never go for 3 after a touchdown -QG
  6. Can somebody hook me up with the FBG XFL Subscriber contest link....surely it must be around here somewhere 🧐 🙃 -QG
  7. Such a weird finale with 3 of the 4 scores being exactly 10 - kinda was rooting for a 20-20 overtime at that poiny (but not really) Until next year -QG
  8. Thanks Deamon! Offense: Kansas City 2nd Half Defense: San Francisco 1st Half -QG
  9. So Duke Tobin is basically going to spend the next 3 months raising my blood pressure with this nonsense -QG