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  1. 2nd offseason in a row where Bengals best FA move is someone else signing a guy -QG
  2. Interesting call by the Jags signing Ogbuehi to protect their investment in Foles -QG
  3. Game changer - Jags sign Cedric Ogbuehi. Or as I would describe him as a Bengals fan: guy I actually wanted to stay less than Bobby Hart. -QG
  4. As bad as Hart getting resigned is at least there will be someone new assigned #70. Ced signed by the Jaguars. -QG
  5. I guess the logic must go that since fewer fans were coming through the turnstiles they better keep the biggest turnstile of them all. -QG
  6. I can only assume we will carry 5 QBs this year based on this decision. EVEN if the bullying sexist OL-coach is right and he is able to turn Bobby Hart into the 2nd coming of Willie Anderson there is not a single team in this league that was gonna come close to offering that kind of money to this guy. What is back-up swing o-line money? That is the absolute top. I noticed Redmond mouthing off to Goodberry on twitter and Hart liking the tweet. I wish they spent more time trying not to suck so bad instead. I made the promise on twitter and I'll do it here too. If Bobby Hart starts at least 15 games in any of the next three seasons (that is to say in a single season) and the Bengals make the playoffs in that season I will go to that playoff game wearing a newly purchased Bobby Hart jersey. My money is safe. Still shocked that the Bengals got eliminated earlier in 2019 than my New Jersey Devils. -QG
  7. 1) I am sure the NFL won't get care unless he was on one knee while soliciting. 2) Supposedly there is "body cam" footage - I don't wanna know where they hid the camera. -QG
  8. We'll see how Taylor handles Walton's arrest. Nothing good happens after 2am. Knuckleheaded move getting arrested with a new staff coming in st an utterly replaceable position. -QG