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  1. I'm interested in filling two slots. email me:
  2. I'm down. you can email me an official league safe invite at
  3. Anyone have a $50/75$ buy in league through ESPN or I need to find a league with a draft on either friday or saturday night or earlier in the evening. Prefer leagues with FAAB budgets. Email me:
  4. If the draft can be earlier in the night than i'm in.
  5. A friend and I are looking to join a 12 or 14 team redraft league. Prefer a buy in around the range of 75$-125$. email:
  6. If you have two spots I'm down. email
  7. I can fill both spots if payout format and scoring are all good.
  8. I am interested. Please send me more details.
  9. Hello, I am interested and have joined. Please let me know the payout details and anything else. Thanks! Also, my email is