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  1. I just think the amount of passing they're gonna do will overshadow his interceptions. In for a massive year. We will see about Henry. I for one am not big on the early dual-TE strategy. Zero room for error in those first five picks, and that adds too much risk for me. GL.
  2. Love the QB duo bro (see my first team)! Solid & balanced team.
  3. Yup. I actually think 7, 8, 9 is the toughest. Solid draft if you're second flex and TE work out.
  4. Mine from the weekend: QB: A Rodgers RB: Gordon, Montgomery, J White, J Jackson, K Hunt, D Johnson, D Thompson, J Scarlett, D Williams WR: D Hopkins, A Cooper, B Cooks, A Isabella, M Sanu, T Gabriel TE: Njoku, Goedert PK: Tavecchio DEF: TEN
  5. Big edge to whoever manned up and took him. James Connor-'ish. Where does he go now? Early- to mid- second?
  6. That team you started the thread with will be good. Got him on 4 of my 6 teams so far. Have him paired up with w/ various combinations of Julio, Adams, Hopkins. Then have a team with Kamara, Chubb, Keenan, Cook at TE, A Robinson and Murray/Newton. Screwed up my 6th round pick in that one, but otherwise feeling pretty good about that one. Got him in the 7th in my first draft, but unfortunately that team wasn't my strongest, because, well, it was my first draft 😫
  7. Thx. Took some of your comments to heart from last weekend's team, which is why we post... Wanted M Evans, but he was snagged right before Hilton pick. Need Hilton to stay healthy. If he does, I think we will look back on this draft as him being criminally under-drafted this year.
  8. First: I like this team but WRs after Brown may need some help. Ridley in particular concerns me as a WR2... I just don't see the target share there, esp. with Freeman back in the mix. I like the Sanu pick later in the draft you have there. I am also not big on Engram in the 4th. That offense will be one of the 2 or 3 dumpster fires in the NFL this year. Not sure about Barber. Is there a scenario where you think you will really ever play him? Probably some higher upside options there. Anyhow, I think this team is solid and will compete for a playoff birth if the Engram returns to form and the TE spot works out (Rudolph is a good backup) and your WR2 works out. Second: I like this team less. WRs are really important in this contest, and those WRs/TE combo are going to lead this team to some big weeks, but I think it is tough to win consistently without being strong at RB. I'd have looked for one of Mixon and/or Cook and/or Williams in the second round here. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  9. Here is mine from the weekend: QB: Ryan, Cousins RB: McCaffrey, Fournette, Ingram, Montgomery, Armstead, D Thompson, Q Ollison WR: Hilton, Fuller, J Washington, N Harry, E Sanders, M Gallup TE: McDonald, Njoku, Waller DEF: DEN K: Bailey
  10. Disagree on Hill. I think Hill in the 4th is a great risk to take right now. Agree on QBs. Especially this year, I think waiting on QB will pay dividends, unless there is a screaming bargain (8th round + for Luck, Watson or Rodgers). Also being very careful about the Week 12 bye week issue, but I understand Glidz's point. If the team hits, it should make it into the championship round w/o winning the league championship. Which is our goal, right? Question - why don't you like Sutton in the 8th? I think he is poised to have a breakout year; positive reports out of OTAs w/ Flacco. Think he is an ideal WR3/WR4, that could move up in the year-end rankings.
  11. I like the first four RBs a lot. Really well done IMO. Did you really get Penny in the 7th? That is a steal. Making some assumptions about where you took guys, but I might have taken Ingram early 5th if available instead of Michel; knee worries me and probably have to reach for Harris given present uncertainty. WRs are going to struggle though. I like Godwin, but I don't think he is a 4th round pick IMO, but we will see what happens with TB. They are definitely a candidate to blow it up in passing yards this year; if that story line plays out could prove to be a good pick. Similar to Moore (not that you took him, I just view them in the same cluster); I just think 4th is too early. Probably looking to Woods/Golladay if available there. Mixed on the QBs too. Cam's arm still worries me. Love the defense! I think this team will be fine, probably can contend in-season, and with some (albeit limited) post-season upside.
  12. Yeah the only TE available was Njoku. There was a run on TEs right before my pick came up, and I just think Njoku is going to perennially under-perform, especially with all the targets added with ODB and even Hunt later in the season. I like McDonald a lot, but waited too long and that is who I would have taken there if he hadn't been picked up at the beginning of the 7th. In hindsight I do agree Jones was probably not the best pick there; was too focused on getting a WR4 and should have taken Fuller or Guice IMO. Although that franchise is #$%show. And, as an FYI for your drafts, Cook is not lasting to the 7th round, you have to get him the 5th/6th. Thanks for the feedback. Will post another next weekend ...
  13. 7th was probably my hardest choice this draft and I took Jones as my WR4. I could have taken Fuller, Sutton, Sanders, Guice there. Not much left other than those guys. I do like Jones but it was still a tough decision, and I wanted another good deep threat WR; and I didn't want another Houston WR, Sutton has Flacco and the Denver offense which is a big ? and Sanders is a big ? for a host of reasons. I maybe would have taken Guice there instead. I also could have gotten a QB, but I've had plenty of success waiting on QB in this competition. Hill will play and my WRs will be strong and deep, which I think is key. I guess we differ on the RBs; I really like my RBs given I took a WR in thr first, with Mack and Conner being workhorses on two of the best offenses/O-lines in the NFL. I also have the NE ground game locked down, which I think NE is moving more and more towards being a run heavy team with limited passing options and an aging Brady; although on my other teams I have invested in SEA backfield there instead of NE. I wanted Thompson with Hyde to get hte KC backup squad, but someone reach for him and I missed there. I like Cousins a lot this year and I think he provides a nice floor with some upside; but I am more hoping for a breakout year for Winston under an Arians offense with three great pass catchers. TEs suck and in my mind is s true weakness of this team; I had a strategy here which fell apart, and I wish I hadn't waited so long there and probably won't do it again. On that note though, I think once you've passed on the Big 3, the TE position is really tough to draft this year. I just don't think there is a last-year's Kittle out there you can get in the mid rounds that is going to blow up.
  14. Here is a team I just drafted this evening: QB: Winston, Cousins RB: Conner, Mack, Michel, D Harris, C Hyde, J Jackson, J Scarlett WR: Hopkins, Hill, Boyd, M Jones, G Allison, K Cole TE: Rudolph, Eifert, D Waller DEF: NO PK. Vinatieri Forced to leave a little value on the board in the mid rounds to keep to my strategery. Big weakness is TE. Need Eifert to stay healthy or Waller to blow up.
  15. Rare team to be able to grab DJ, Mixon and TY from the 7th spot. Nice! I think middle rounds are the hardest this year...