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  1. Guy blows. Worst part is he has the advertisement fame and the guy has 7 yards. Good for him I guess.
  2. I think I am gonna bench him and start WW fodder over him. Not sure what else to do. Anyone else have any ideas? Also a damn shame I took him on my M.E. team which would otherwise be a legitimate contender. Hopefully AJ Green comes back who is on my bench... maybe that is our trade target if we can get him???
  3. Mixon is bad too. Good point. I don't have him on any teams. Have JuJu on a high buy-in team at work that is otherwise strong. Embarassingly bad pick.
  4. Worst bust I can recall that is not based on insanity or injury (to the player... a good portion of this is losing Ben... but I don't think all...).
  5. I didn't see the hit that caused the damage; I am far from a physician, but compensation injuries are for real - who knows what the guy has given McVay's track record of providing information. I've had them. To the point, I was REALLY concerned watching him last year... this is not helping, and rather reinforcing my view. I was kind of drunk watching the game. That said, I definitely noticed him limping towards the last third or so of the game, and the the staff continuing to send him out. I was like WTF, put Brown in. To Todd's credit, he appeared to stay positive. But not sure what McVay and Co. are thinking right now. I wish they would just chill with his usage. Brown is a good player and we have athletes all over the offense.
  6. At least he got his $45 Million. Told everyone he was an AVOID this year in FF. They need to dramatically scale back his workload and turn this into a 3-headed committee.
  7. Yeah figured that out. Added him where I could and needed some roster churn. Thx.
  8. 52% of top 200 have top 3 picks! But yeah CMC is an old school stud... I randomly sampled the top 300 and a ton have him. I guess grab Jordan Scarlett..... b/c highly unlikely anyone is beating a CMC team if he stays healthy and on this kind of pace, unless Saquon comes back with a vengeance. And Miles, not so much. I think he will get there eventually, but we don't have time for rookies to take time to emerge in this contest unfortunately. Not a great 6th round choice.
  9. Results speak for themselves:^tfw|twcamp^embeddedtimeline|twterm^profile%3Afantasymojo& All of last year's top 5 teams in FBG and ME were top 5 draft picks too. Don't get me wrong... you definitely COULD piece together a good team from the late rounds. In fact - and I have some strong Saquon/CMC/Kamara teams - my best team was out of the nine hole but the early value was crazy (DJ at 1.09 paired with Cook and Allen), I hit on my mid-round picks and I got Waller and Andrews and Ryan after the mid rounds. So you never know. Generally speaking, however, the data speaks for itself. We will see how it all shakes out in 6 games... reg season isn't even half way over and some of those late first / early second round and 3/4 picks are picking up steam....... GL. (and yes I think Miles was a whiff).
  10. Bell will improve when Darnold is back and the schedule lightens up. He is still a phenomenal talent and getting massive volume. Real reason I came back to post ... fantasymojo tweeted placements from various draft slots ... the early pick advantage is painfully real. I think they need to at least consider going to an auction draft.
  11. He's a hold guys. Cannot start him right now, but KC isn't going to look like last night all season, and if D Will (A) or McCoy sits, he is a flex with lots of upside.
  12. Got a few at the top, a few at the bottom and a bunch in-between at 3-2/2-3. Had some big scores this week with Kupp and Jones and Thomas. I'd like to have a few more in the top 200 - 300, but feeling OK. Should get several teams into the big dance, but we will see. Need Tyreek back...! GL as we head into the second half of the sprint...
  13. Brilliant career strategery by Melvin and his agent. I think the Chargers should offer him half his current guarantees for his extension. 😂