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  1. Well the first half worked out. He looks really good. Wondering where this guy has been all season?
  2. leftcoastheel

    2018 - How did I do thread

    Was sitting in 14th after Mike Williams. Then fell back to 57th after everybody played yesterday (no players but Mike Williams & Butker thus far). Hopefully I can get back in contention by end of week. Injuries and underperformance of key players have been so brutal. Whoever wins this thing is going to have one seriously random team, probably lead by Zeke and Kittle. Speaking of which, good call on Williams in the last weeks of the regular season. I started him in the semis of my big-$$$ corporate league, after having burned through Hunt and Ware, along with Fairbarn and Mahomes. Nice start to the week...
  3. leftcoastheel

    2018 Prize Advice

    Sensitive much? I won't reply to you anymore as I certainly don't want you to feel abused. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  4. Absolutely starting him, but I have Gordon, Conner, Ekeler. Not expecting lightening in a bottle, but he seems to have become very startable with upside. I don't get to see many Titans games, but from I gather, he is being utilized better and just getting more carries period. Going to be tough to keep him off the field from a coaching staff standpoint after 250 yards and 4 TDs.
  5. Beast with Kenan/Gordon out. He is a great player, just need an opportunity to break out. I think next year will be a really big year for him if he can get the targets.
  6. leftcoastheel

    2018 - How did I do thread

    Started Mike Williams tonight in lieu of Gordon and Ekeler.
  7. leftcoastheel

    2018 Prize Advice

    Dude its up to you. No rhyme or reason. Do what works for you...
  8. leftcoastheel

    2018 Prize Advice

    Well, if you go to a casino and a ton of money, do you get to deduct what you gambled to win that money? I don't think so. Technically I think you report it all as income. Could be wrong; never won enough for it to matter.
  9. leftcoastheel

    2018 - How did I do thread

    Agreed. All my teams with Kamara, Connor, Gordon/Ekeler, Gurley... not so hot...
  10. leftcoastheel

    2018 - How did I do thread

    Amazing how injuries can just tear your team up in the Championship Round...
  11. leftcoastheel

    2018 Prize Advice

    Not sure what you're saying here. To answer your Q it depends on your circumstance and preferences. For me, I will wind up about breaking even this year, and I took three Main Event teams with my winnings. Hopefully I win some more dough in the Championship round, but who knows. Main Event is stiffer competition, but I don't want to manage 21 teams next year. I want three M.E. teams and 12, maybe 15 FFPC teams. I also think having three well thought out teams in the M.E. will be much more exciting - especially because while the competition is way better, there are fewer teams and there is a $500,000 grand prize. But I still want a bunch in the FFPC, because it's just fun. If I don't win anymore cash, I will have to pay for a bunch of the FFPC teams next year, since I rolled most of my winnings to date into M.E. teams (still have a little cash left over). But: i) I have annual budget I am comfortable with gambling on fantasy football, ii) I assume I will not win (from a personal cash management stand point, NOT from a competitor's standpoint) and iii) I view it as an entertainment expenditure. Oh, and you have to pay taxes when you withdraw cash... and you don't get to deduct your investment (I don't think, first time doing this). More fun just to roll the gross winnings into more teams.
  12. Right. That was a good WW pick up that year. I'll steer clear of Ravens RBs until there is some more clarity with the RB situation there... too much risk to be drafting these guys in round 5 and better (Colins, ahem).
  13. Will there ever be a ravens RB that really has value? It's been since Ray Rice that I'd ever consider drafting a BAL RB. Offense is usually pretty solid, but RBs just always seem to be roll players rather than features in that offense, and there is always some kind of RBBC. And they never seem to have a big name guy on their roster.
  14. Precisely my point from a FF standpoint. He was un-startable because of his usage. Perhaps Lewis was outplaying him... but it appears to me, in my admittedly minimal knowledge of the Titans since I just don't watch them often, it was poor coaching and poor personnel decisions. That's my frustration. You should not be frustrated with yourself for benching him against JAX dude... that was the obvious play.
  15. Strongly agree with this. JuJu is cruising and Brown's age is catching up with him. Happens to the best of us. I'd take JuJu.