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  1. I am not... kind of freaking out about him vs. boone/mattison. Probably have to stick with Gurley as this is a must win for the Rams.
  2. Possibly going Boone over Gurley. I think the 49ers are going to beat the Rams pretty badly and it will be a pass happy affair. And Gurley was really bad last week were it not for two TDs. I have Washington on my bench, who goes in the Sunday late game. So if some news comes out that Boone is not the starter, I will slide Washington in.
  3. Not a chance I trust this guy in the championships.... total bust.
  4. As someone with a lot of experience with these guys, I would not bet against Ross and Beal...
  5. Same. Got 5 in... and four 'ships, but FBG teams all suck. Started Andrews in the flex and benched Sanders - in *two* of them. Sweet. Fun season and looking forward to next year... I am definitely creating a fade list early in the summer and sticking to it. GL Coots. Two in the top 100.
  6. Nice efficient year for you Gildz. 'Grats. Some nice teams there. GL everyone still playing.
  7. Agree TEs are critical... Cook screwed me yesterday on a league 'ship squad w/o an autobid!!! Anyhow 5 teams in the 'ship league round, including the two listed above, w/ a couple of the high rollers as my opponents. Solid start to the weekend. Hopefully I can get 5 or 6 bullets in the dance. As an aside... every championship round I am in has a CMC squad in it. LOL. GL everybody still grinding... one of the best weekends of FF...
  8. Not a great year but still in it so to speak. 10 teams playoffs... 3 auto-bids. My Main team missed the playoffs by 5 points and I left Samuels and Fitz on the bench for JuJu (How could I have known???) - JuJu has been my biggest miss *ever* on my part. What a nightmare. Lotta lessons for next year.... namely don't draft talented guys in new and uncertain situations in round 1/2... (JuJu, ODB, Bell, etc.). Favorite teams? Well I like several, but to placate Gildz... Ryan, Cousins CMC, Fournette, Ingram, Montgomery, Armstead, Henderson, Richard Hilton, Gallup, Sanders, Fuller, Ross (need WR corps to get healthy) Waller, McDonald, Njoku, Akins TBD BAL ------------------------------------------ Brisset, Fitz (Newton Team) Barkley, Fournette, Lindsay, Murray, Brown, Bonnafon Golladay, Lockett, Tate, Gabriel, Lazard, Snead, Ross Ertz, Andrews, Goedert TBD NE
  9. Probably missing a game. Fitting end to a mediocre season. Ouch to my teams.
  10. Sounds right. Think I am benching him for M Williams, Sanu, Fitz, PPR. Hell I might even start Renfrow over him. Guy is just an FF destroyer. Bust of the year.
  11. Anyone starting him tomorrow? Might bench him for Sanu. He's just awful for fantasy purposes.
  12. Just getting home from partying in SM - costume was Gardner Minshew w/ a COUGARS jersey... shoulda stayed out but gotta work tomorrow... Happy Halloween M'Fers. Started him wherever I took him... Great start to the weekend!
  13. I have a hunch that DJ and Edmonds are going to be out a while, that's why... much to the chagrin of a team that started 6-1 and in the top 100 for the better part of the first half of the season... F me. Time will tell in short order. Next few weeks will be exciting... LFG for sure!
  14. Wow. Man I have some teams that started off 5-0, and are now limping into the final stretch (injuries have been crazy). Some teams that started out 0-3 now stringing together 180 + point weeks. Crazy how quickly it changes... Next year going to focus more on quality backups and depth as opposed to the hot lotto tix. Next few weeks is the tale of the tape in the final playoff push. Drake in the 6th is starting to look profitable... GL all.