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  1. If the Chiefs take a RB at the end of the 1st round, I will be all over him
  2. Ekeler had 224 touches last year. Would close to 300 be too much for him?
  3. Of course I was joking about Cousins purposely trying to get his teammates injured. I just think Diggs talking bad about Cousins is in very poor taste. Cousins will still be the MIN QB in 2020, and if Diggs remains, it creates friction.
  4. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. If I were Cousins, I'd throw high into traffic.
  5. Greatness is in the eye of the beholder. I can say Peyton Barber is the greatest NFL player ever, and I can't be proven wrong. Well, maybe with him I can, but you get my point.
  6. Yeah, I went to PFR and read all about Drinen's AV. Although it's a starting point, it really has little to do with the title of this thread. Based on AV... - Kellen Winslow Sr. is the 24th greatest Charger? Yeah, sure. Rivers is also greater than Gates & Winslow combined. - Vinny Testaverde is greater than Steve Largent - Reggie Wayne is greater than Barry Sanders - Frank Gore is greater than Jim Brown
  7. I met him a few days ago, and he was doing fine...
  8. His first 7 years were with the Vikings, and he tallied 9152 yds and 90 TD's. The only WR in the history of the NFL that can compete with that is Jerry Rice, who had 3 more TD's, but 80 less yards. No other WR even comes close. IMO Moss is the best WR ever to play the game. And, as you said, he didn't even have his best season in MIN.
  9. I don't know Lamb's true measurements. I've seen both 6'2" and 6'2.5", and weights from 189 to 195. When you see him play, he doesn't look like a beanpole. Let's see how he measures up at the combine.
  10. Deion Sanders should be on the list as a Falcon. Gale Sayers deserves an honorable mention, but I wouldn't bump out Payton or Butkus for him Randy Moss should be ahead of Fran Tarkenton on the Vikings list, and it's not even close. Check out Randy's first 7 seasons. Don Hutson should be the #1 Packer - He was the WR1 every single year of his career (11 straight). If you owned him in FF in 1942, he scored more than the next 3 WR's combined!
  11. AB is a Kardashian. Do you think Kraft would welcome him back if AB decided to forget the money? At this point, AB would pay money to remain in the spotlight.
  12. He caught at least 1 TD in every game he played last year. If Brady wants him, Brady will get him.