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  1. And on the flip side: - 10 countries (5 in Asia, 4 in Africa, and 1 in Oceania) over 1M population have ZERO reported deaths - Asia, which makes up 60% of the world's population, accounts for only 8% of the deaths - Africa, which makes up 17% of the world's population, accounts for only 1% of the deaths I kinda believe Africa's numbers more than Asia's, considering the life expectancy for men in Africa is only 61, and 65 for women. Both numbers are 10 years or more below every other continent.
  2. Most common reason is always restricted airflow, but I'd be curious since you recently replaced parts. Check out this video...
  3. The more I crunch the data, the more I believe the high percentage for Connecticut (I can't speak on Michigan) is due to WHO we are testing, not necessarily the lack of care for the elderly. We are testing the crap out of our nursing homes now.
  4. I considered this at the top of the factors, along with density. Just seems weird that CT sits at 9.3% and RI is at 4.7%. I actually live in CT, but just a few miles from the RI border. RI ranks behind only NJ in population density. Maybe CT isn't testing young healthy people at nearly the rate of other states? Stands to reason if all your positive cases are sick old people, your percentage is going way up.
  5. Looking at worldometer for each state's deaths per case... - USA overall 5.8% (104562/1795278) - MI (9.5%) and CT (9.3%) are by far the hardest hit in terms of deaths per case - No states are in the 8% range - NY (7.9%), PA (7.3%), NJ (7.2%), LA (7.1%), and MA (7.0%) are the only states in the 7% range - IN (6.3%) and OH (6.2%) are the only states in the 6% range - CO, MO, VT (5.6%), NH (5.3%), OK (5.2%), WA (5.1%), and NV (5.0%) are the states in the 5% range - AZ, MD, MS (4.8%), RI (4.7%), NM (4.6%), IL (4.5%), FL, KY (4.4%), GA, MN, SC (4.3%) are the states in the 4% range - CA, DE (3.9%), ME, WV (3.8%), OR (3.7%), AL (3.6%), MT, NC (3.4%), WI (3.2%), VA (3.1%) are the states in the 3% range - ID (2.9%), IA (2.8%), TX (2.7%), HI (2.6%), AK, ND (2.3%), KS (2.2%) are the states in the 2% range - AR (1.9%), WY (1.7%), TN (1.6%), NE, SD, UT (1.2%) are the states in the 1% range I find it hard to believe this virus is nearly 8 times more deadly in Michigan and Connecticut than it is in Nebraska, South Dakota, or Utah. So, what are some possible factors for disparities among the states? And yes, I know me saying 8 times more deadly is not accurate, so please don't nitpick about it. I wrote it for effect.
  6. How can we possibly derive reasonably accurate estimates? I live in a family of 3. None of us are sick, and none of us have been tested. Maybe we all are asymptomatic, maybe we aren't. Do we count as 0, 1, 2, or 3?
  7. Exactly. Asymptomatic people who never get tested DON'T know they have it. It's like asking me if I enjoy cheeseburgers if I've never had one.
  8. Schools (and daycares) are pretty similar, no matter if you are a toddler or a college student. It's a bunch of similar aged people, with an adult in charge (and sometimes multiple adults). Getting anyone ages 0 thru 21 to adhere to COVID rules isn't just highly unlikely - it's impossible. And here's the thing - these 0 thru 21 year olds aren't the ones at risk. Neither are their parents, unless they were humping while filing for social security. We are living a version of Logan's Run right now.
  9. I didn't hear Vietnam mentioned as one of the countries kicking COVID's butt. According to worldometer, they have a population of 97M (15th in the world). They've had only 327 cases, of which 278 have already recovered. Their total death count thus far is... ZERO!
  10. With the talk of which countries are doing well or poorly, let's say for one minute that worldometer is accurate. How would you rank the following categories to determine which countries are doing the best: - Cases per million - Deaths per million - Tests per million Or, is there another metric that worldometer doesn't list that is readily available elsewhere?
  11. Even Jack LaLanne died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia. If Jack's body gives in, does the average octogenarian have a fighting chance?
  12. Oh, and I bet you think nothing's gonna stop him now?
  13. Why are people worried about toilets at a beach? Isn't that what the ocean is for? Just be mindful of social distancing when dropping your deuce.