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  1. You should post the URL’s as a link. For some reason none of the links work when I copy paste them on my iPhone.
  2. That’s a bad roster. What about rookie picks?
  3. Snooze you lose! Meant to email you yesterday and got caught up. Oh well.
  4. Dynasty Startup League 1/2PPR 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 2Flex 1Superflex. FABB bidding. 2 drafts 1 veteran 1 rookie. 6 team playoff ends week 16. No divisions. Snake draft Kentucky style for year one, then worst to first nonsnake every year after for rookie draft. 4point passing TD. 10 bench 2ir 2taxi. $125/year - 2 years paid up front on League Safe. League Link Below:
  5. Is your email address correct? Sent an email to your email address and it bounced back.
  6. I’m Evans Raslanian. You already replied to my email and I processed the LeagueSafe payment and joined the league:l