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  1. that was my thought on Miller. So jackson over juuj and samuels .....
  2. Michel. He ate Miami's lunch last time. I am debating Jackson in another context, but i think on playoffs, known + upside overrides just upside. I am also staying with Mahomes in 3 leagues this week, just because i can't get off that ride. Get through this week, Mahomes will crush remaining playoff cycle. What are your choices if you break Hill off the stack.
  3. As a Giants fan, AP for sure
  4. 1 RB and a RB/TE/WR flex Fournette already wrecked one RB slot, remaining are: J. Samuels, L. Miller, J. Jackson - won't lie, would like to beat my opponent with Samuels as i snaked him in wires this week, as he had Connor. Anyone not used, is viable for flex, along with Juju. Thanks
  5. Thanks all. went Theilen Ju ju... Walking away from cooks is tough.....
  6. Murray for upside, Evans for assured points
  7. Non-PPR, 6 pt td - and yes, Uber Bowl