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  1. With Freeman officially ruled out does this make Coleman an automaqtic play for Cash line ups?
  2. how many RB’s could you possibly start? I would honestly look to set up a trade and get another stud WR to go with Thomas. Since you have 5 great RB’s. Can’t go wrong putting a package together for a stud WR who’s desperate for a RB.
  3. Yes I have a shot at both. I have a waiver in for both just don’t know which one I should put first.
  4. Jk1116

    Greg Olsen

    Just lost Greg Olsen. Best replace out of Kittle or Cook. I do have Jack Doyle but have not Luck and Hilton already SMH. Thoughts please.
  5. 10 man league, .5 PPR, I am set at RB, but who is the better option on the wire this week. Quincy Enunwa or Randall Cobb. Thoughts please.
  6. Cash game, not GPP. Sorry for not specifying.
  7. I am high on Connor as majority of people are with how much his price is to his value. But with 25-35mph winds and heavy rain in Cleveland. Do you stay away from or still play him? I’m so torn on what to do.
  8. I don't like stacking WR/RB combo's. Because that bye week will be tough. Especially top two picks like that.I would run with either Cook or Fournette if they are are. More towards cook cause of the PPR.
  9. OK, 10 man PPR (1pt), TD bonus of 40+ = 1pt, 50+ = 2 point, Yards bonus 100-199 = 5pts 200+ = 10pts , Keeper league, my keeper is Zach Ertz for my 12th round pick. Melvin Gordon and Kareem Hunt are both taken as keepers. I have the 3rd pick, with this huge injury to the Cowboys offensive line. Do I still take Zeke at 3 assuming gurley and bell will go 1 and 2. Or do I go David Johnson who's looking really good and will be work horse. Thoughts please.
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    When using the DD on the PC I usual have split screen. One half is the website your league is on and the other window open is DD. I split it so when others draft I can just stay on the DD and pick the players for the other people in the league. It is a lot of work and as the draft goes on you have to be fast to keep up with picks.
  11. I am not a fan of Mike Evans, I just don't like his inconsistency from year to year. I do like Ju Ju and would try to make a spot on the bench for him and throw someone else in the trade if you can to acquire Hopkins.
  12. Depemds if it's a PPR league or standard.
  13. 10 man league, no keepers, snake draft. Thanks for the input everyone.
  14. Definitely go Mixon. Not sold on Evans after he screwed me last year.
  15. Good team, Drake in the 6th round might be the steal of the draft, Everything I am reading on him is that he is absolutely killing it in camp.
  16. I have the 9th pick and the guy who has the 3rd pick in the draft is offering his 2nd and 3rd round pick for my 1st and 4th round pick. Any thoughts and comments about accepting or denying this trade? Please helpppppp!