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  1. Voted for Chubb strictly for the fact that he has been getting a massive work load. 25 touches in any given game gives you a very cushy floor each week.
  2. Flex Close call and I don’t think there is necessarily a wrong choice but I would choose Fournette. I like the fact that he is clearly going to get fed a ton of carries and all the goalline work wr2 Evans
  3. Can’t believe I am asking this but someone made me an offer for Gurley that is going to be tough to turn down. I hate the idea of giving up Gurley so I am hoping that someone will talk me out of it ? He offered his Hunt and thielen for my Gurley and John Brown 10 team redraft ppr league. Start qb/2 rb/2wr/te/flex my team wentz gurley ,Conner, Fournette , A Jones, L Miller Adams, Hilton, D-Jax, MVS, John Brown Burton his team goff cook, Hunt, Michel, breida thielen, Ridley, JuJu, Gordon, Agholor kelce would you make this deal?
  4. I would make this trade given your current team. You have he WR depth to afford this trade and it upgrades your RBs nicely. I think zeke is going to rebound in the second half of season and he has such a solid floor every week. I just traded Odell for Mixon this week so I would definitely make that same move gettting zeke back.
  5. Standard scoring. Need help with flex spot. Pick one of the following to start this week please: Chubb vs Atl Coleman @ Clev Mack vs Jax link your questions and I will be happpy to help with your decisions as well. Have a great day and thank you for looking.
  6. Hold Conner. Even if bell comes back this year, it will be Conners backfield next year and the foreseeable future.
  7. After seeing your pre/post trade rosters, I would definitely accepted that trade all day. With zeke you would never play Howard or Miller so you sacrifice some depth for a top 5 rb. Nice trade
  8. Looks like you were able to move some bench depth for a premier RB. Without knowing any other specifics about your team or your potential needs, it looks like a trade I would make all day
  9. Nice choices. Hoping that Mack plays this week as I am heavily invested in him this year. i would sit Tarik this week.
  10. Slight lean to Ingram. Wouldnt fault you one bit though if you started alshon. He is nearing “set and forget” territory.
  11. Yep, I would take that. You are getting two Immediate starters for a roster black hole
  12. I don’t think you will go wrong with whatever you choose. Gun to head I would cut Ryan
  13. I would pass on this trade. Kamara should command more in a deal. kirk and Russell are washes Basically it boils down to: Kamara for kerryon and Baldwin . I would want more in return
  14. I don’t think Jerry rice in his prime would help the cowboys passing game much. Between the play calling and dak’s reluctance/inability to throw the ball downfield, this offense is not going to produce startable WR numbers this year. Especially a new WR who has to learn playbook etc. i would hold onto Brees if the best offer you can get is cooper.