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  1. Cant believe this Lindsay vs. Freeman argument is still going on.
  2. Collins- Fumble on the goalline last game 3.5 YPC on the season DNP today 3 things that may make Turner a sneaky pickup this week.
  3. According to Yahoo, Colts were 2nd toughest defense in the NFL in WR scoring going into Week 4.
  4. Texans WRs coach John Perry said he is "really excited about" rookie Keke Coutee. Coutee has yet to play this season because of a hamstring injury, but he was able to practice on a limited basis Wednesday and seems likely to debut this week. "It's important he's getting ready for his first NFL experience," Perry said. "Very strong hands, very explosive, which will add more dimensions to our offense." With Bruce Ellington on injured reserve, Coutee should step in as the No. 3 receiver. Sep 27 - 1:09 PM Source: Aaron Wilson on Twitter
  5. Rookie 4th rounder out of Texas Tech could finally play this week. And with Ellington to IR, should have a nice path to playing time. Good time to add if he's available.
  6. I know its early, but if we were to re-rank the rookies after 2 weeks, what would it look like?
  8. I'm not seeing the comparison with Cohen, other than being smaller sized backs. Lindsay runs with way more power and can run between the tackles. Cohen needs space, and simply cant break tackles. I don't know how you couldn't be worried as a Freeman owner. You drafted him as a near bell cow RB, and he basically went 50/50 with not Booker, but UDFA Lindsay. And there was no underlying reason Lindsay got so much run from the start of the game, other than it was planned. Up until the last drive of the game, here is the breakdown- Lindsay- 13 for 66 Freeman- 11 for 34 Freeman salvaged his day on the last drive, and even then, Lindsay got the last 2 carries! I know its only 1 game, but that 1 game told a surprising story. And up until the last drive of the game, Lindsay was out producing him by a lot. No. I don't think Lindsay will necessarily take over the backfield right now, but if I were a Freeman owner, I would be very concerned.
  9. Poor man's Kamara? I picked him up 5 minutes before the game, and was surprised how much they ran him between the tackles. Fully expected him to beat out Booker after watching him in preseason, but to see him split carries with Freeman was telling. To me, he looked like the best RB on the field- excellent burst and broke some tackles. I think the Denver coaches know exactly what they have here.
  10. Looks like the best RB on the team right now.