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  1. Simon, really love the 2018 version. Easy to understand. I also in the past similar to GoBears84 liked to manipulate the ADP's. I am looking forward to learning how to manipulate the tendencies better. Where I am looking for assistance is the DD Classic has the GamebyGame function where you could enter your upcoming season schedule along with weekly weights. DD Online only shows weekly scores and season averages. I may have assumed incorrectly all this time, but did the classic DD version look at my opponent's team makeup as well when determining the best player to choose? Is there a way to manipulate DD Online to do the same? Is this something to possibly add in future versions? I am interested because last season I drafted via the DD Online a strong team but had an actual terrible year because my week to week matchups were brutal. I might have been extremely unlucky but I have wondered all season if it was more likely me not taking my actual schedule into consideration like year's past. Thanks, Jedi