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  1. Just renewed for 3 more years. I appreciate the heads up.
  2. And what does Wentz do on his bye week? Goes back to North Dakota to watch the Bison play their homecoming game. Awesome. I'll be in town at the game hope to bump into him. http://www.inforum.com/sports/4124013-back-wentz-he-came-nfls-newest-star-returns-fargo
  3. We did it !! First to 100 !!!
  4. My thoughts as well. Then to have gone to the same college as Wentz and have watched him during his college years including live when he was winning championships. Now this start with the Eagles. I'm in a football dream and I don't want to wake up.
  5. Seems like little pay for the amount of schooling. I was way off on what I assumed.
  6. Your kidding me? 55k is it? Wow
  7. Oh AT&T didn't see that I was trying with Verizon.
  8. Yeah I was in the process of "ordering" a new phone just to see what they would give me. That is what I got.
  9. Verizon and who knows why only $400.
  10. Just took a look they are only giving me $400 for my 6S.
  11. Wow if that's all it is seems pretty legit.
  12. Just a ball park figure what does a public defender make? 5 years experience. Lets say in Phoenix perhaps.
  13. Wait so you get 4 months worth of credit for your 6 total of $108 And then your pay $27 a month for the 7? How long do you pay that fee? Max and Min amount of time?
  14. You know you don't HAVE to use Apple headphones. You can get very good wireless headphones that are not Apple and could of been using them for years.
  15. Tank was $438 after PG&E rebate of $200 Install was $500