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  1. We get the Vikings to open the season!! Show then what a championship banner looks like
  2. Got my Eagle Super Bowl video today. Can't wait to settle in this weekend to watch it. I also still have the Super Bowl on my DVR think I'm going to watch it commercials and all to take it all in. There was nothing better then seeing the game in person but I still feel I need to watch it like I have every other Super Bowl I have seen before.
  3. Ertz helping the team clear some cap space. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2018/3/15/17123514/zach-ertz-restructure-contract-eagles-gain-more-cap-space-philadelphia-tight-end-nfl-free-agency
  4. Still bothers me they didn’t let him stay in the game and break the record.
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000920277/article/patriots-had-topped-eagles-offer-for-michael-bennett Step back Patriots this is the World Champions you are dealing with. haha
  6. Vikings are a better team then Denver right now. Plus its not like the NFC North is that tough.
  7. Donny is a legend. Used to watch him race.
  8. It was the same way in the stadium. It was like moment of stunned silence befor everyone realized the clock was at 0.
  9. Hey boys nice new thread. For some reason it feels a little nicer in here this year.
  10. The Philly Special from my seat. Hearing me yell "he's wide open" and my wife scream is awesome. https://youtu.be/TC2CFpnjskU
  11. I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s fun to relive with me yelling he is open and my wife screaming.
  12. I have to find a way to share my video of this play with all of you.