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  1. I know this is dumb and means nothing but I need something to believe in. I purchased Madden 17 the day it came out. Played one season and that's it. In that one season Wentz got hurt the last game of the regular season. Guess who was holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy over his head at the end of the Super Bow? #9 in your program #1 in your heart Nicky Foles. So yeah we got a chance.
  2. Well I waited it out and got burnt. That leaves me with Burton or Julius Thomas.
  3. Awesome Long version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0DAutf5sG4
  4. 2nd half return !!!!! please
  5. Sure that's a factor. I'd have to see the Jags opponents over the same time.
  6. Just heard on a football podcast that the Eagles D has been #1 against the pass the last 6 weeks. That's with teams passing a lot on them since they have had big leads most of those games.
  7. Sounds like Alex Smith will be available for me. So now it’s him or Wilson for me.
  8. Eagles have a legit defense and Wilson did just fine against them. I'm going to start him. I think he has a very high floor against any defense.
  9. Tyrod is my backup as well.
  10. Not a great matchup first week of playoffs. But you don’t bench studs. Right ?
  11. I keep hearing it's bad for NY and CA. But I live in CA and it's cool with me. Maybe i'm missing something .
  12. House Save $5,493 Sentate Save $19,574 Here we go Senate here we go !!!
  13. Just going to mention that. The one team had to beat both of the teams that tied to advance.