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  1. Politics aside and only looking at this as an Eagles fan I think it's great Trump uninvited the team. This lets the Eagles off the hook of having players that went to the White House and those that didn't. No divide in the locker room and don't have answer questions on why a player did or didn't go.
  2. Same conference rival schools. Not sure if they played at the same time with the age difference.
  3. South Dakota State and North Dakota State on the roster. Love it !! #dakotaboy
  4. I love that we are disappointed when Howie doesn’t fleece the other team. “The new norm”
  5. Keep in mind everyone knew we didn’t want to keep the pick. Howie just may have got his bluffed called.
  6. Good news I have plenty of beer for tomorrow night. Lets reset and do it again. See you tomorrow night Champs !!!
  7. want Guice now With Pats going RB I don't want to hope one is still around for us.
  8. I think so as well. Would like to trade down and stay in the first 10 picks of 2nd round.