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  1. Following along. Will be doing the main floor of the house this winter.
  2. Sold a couple on craigslist for $50-$100 every time I think no one will want to buy this thing. But it's sell quicker then anything else I've tried to sell. The used mattress market is so hot right now.
  3. Fat Rob and Derrick Henry are both on both on WW. Leaning towards Henry but Fat Rob seems to be a safer pick.
  4. Seeing them that often I have no problem with you leaving without saying goodbye in that situation.
  5. Game Eagles !!!!!
  6. Ok Cam do it again.
  7. He’s not that good.
  8. So want Cam to be the one to blow the game.
  9. Hyped for this one under the lights. Fly Eagles Fly !!!
  10. I"m guessing you only have access to the content while you are a customer. I was jut kidding as I hope you find a way to get what you need. Any chance you can find those episodes on demand or from youtube?