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  1. So on a night you go out for 4 hours you hand her $12? I mean you actually giver her $1 bills? You don't round up at least. I think your are joking because this is just to low.
  2. I don't believe it.
  3. We have this. I've been happy with it. https://www.arlo.com/en-us/
  4. After reading the replies we are going to go $15 an hour awake or asleep. We are going to a beer festival tomorrow going to cost us $100. Damn
  5. How many kids?
  6. Yeah I guess that's true. Maybe we should do $15 per hour awake or asleep.
  7. Right. Seemed that way last night so I kicked her an extra $5 but even that seems light.
  8. We have twin 3 year olds. They go to bed at 7:30 pm every night. They are easy to get to bed as they don't fight it and we or the babysitters never have to go in to "check"on them if they cry. With that being said we currently pay $15/hour when the kids are awake and $10 when the are sleeping. Most night we get a sitter its from 6:30 - 10:00 so they get 1 hour at $15 and the rest at $10. First question are we paying enough? Second question should we adjust pay depending on if the kids are awake or not?
  9. Are you saying you can use iTunes gift cards to pay for your monthly Apple Music bill?
  10. Nothing like the threat of a "New Otis" to get AR to step his game up.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv1lSH4hK-w lol
  12. This show is so good. Seeing this thread I went and watched some of the episodes again on youtube laugh out loud stuff.
  13. Record Watch !! Big Ben has a chance. Just needs 3 more.
  14. Great NDSU homecoming game yesterday. "Never bumped into Wentz" The Bison took care of business with Wentz in the coaches box with Bison play sheet in his hands the whole time. Guy goes home for the bye week. Gets a deer, shoots a commercial then goes and calls plays for his old college team. Love it.
  15. Did you just apologize for typos that you made 21 hours ago ? That's message board dedication my friend.