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  1. Been interested in getting my first drone. DJI came out with the Spark a couple days ago and I plan to order it tonight. $500 drone that seems to be great for a first drone. Anyone else into drones? Here is a look a the DJI Spark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b133h35NaO4&t=0s
  2. Had this for the first time last night. Costco does it again.
  3. You should have my info. Let me know if you need it again.
  4. I'll be installing a court in the next couple years and found this site today. Wide variety of backyard court setups. http://www.produnkhoops.com/photos/category/fence.html
  5. Do you provide coffee and donuts at these meetings? Aint nobody going leave a meeting early if they are getting paid to have coffee and donuts.
  6. In Same information
  7. Looks great. Hope to build a court in the next couple years.
  8. Fidget Soinners are cool for the $2 it costs you. Way off on the paddle board. Great thing to have on the lake. Love using it at sunset on a nice calm night. Very peaceful.
  9. Minnesota Mashers !!! Target Field record 6 home runs.
  10. The magic just wasn't the same as last year. Sharks will need to make some changes. Until next year.
  11. I'm afraid I'm going to look back as that was the game the Sharks let the series slip away. They had them !!!!! Damnit.
  12. Just got home from the pub. Its a feeding frenzy !!!!! Go Sharks
  13. Good god. 6 PP for the Sharks Sharks 0 Oilers 2 shorty I am without words. Words I am without them.