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  1. First impressions it looks awesome. Kids will love it. Thanks Verizon
  2. It’s not a show truck. But has no serious rust original and runs great. I drove it today and ran errands with it.
  3. FBG I'm in need of tips on the best way to sell my old 73 IH pickup truck. I listed it on a Facebook group that I'm part of that focuses on that type of truck. I've gotten two responses in the first 24 hours that seem interested.. I've just spoke to one guy and he is from Michigan the truck is in California. He is willing to give me a cashier check for the purchase and also give me $500 through PayPal today to hold the truck so he can find shipping options. He seemed legit knew about the type of truck but it's just strange not selling this in person. The truck is $4,000 if that matters he will give me a deposit of $500. Help me do this right. Thanks
  4. Ordering my Jeep Gladiator Rubicon this week. :)
  5. Good enough for me. I’m calling tomorrow morning and locking it in.
  6. Just got quoted 3.375% 30 year loan. I have until December 2nd. Leaning towards locking in.
  7. Was very close to getting the launch edition Gladiator today. But really want the gator color. Know the exact spec I want. Gator green saddle brown seats loaded Rubicon.
  8. Sat in a Gladiator the other weekend in San Jose. Thing was all and more then what I expected. Can’t wait to get one in a few months.