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  1. I like this. The kid has to just roll with it. He will bemade fun of about something else someday as well. Just like he has "more than likely" made fun of the kid with thick glasses the kid that has trouble reading the kid that doesn't have the cool shoes... Its always going to be something unless he learns how to brush it off. Once kids smell blood it's over.
  2. Yep this is the way to do it. I truly believe they are not able to offer this until you are a "new" customer.
  3. Let the service get turned off. Then call the next morning.
  4. Looking at one as well. I don't have one now. Talked to the dude at Costco and he was throwing numbers like 3k around.
  5. Yeah it gets that way. But thinks change so It's nice to get the latests information.
  6. Thanks for running this. I like how you are staying on top of everyone. I'd like to second post pics. It's been lacking .
  7. I've always had to call and ask.
  8. Right. On ther hand solar would take me no time to pay back.
  9. AC for cooling. I wonder if there is a more efficient AC unit out there
  10. Habw blinds on all windows. Tinted windows facing West. Built in 2003 but im sure it could use more insulation as they never use enough.
  11. 2,500 but it's a two story with a pool. The pool pump and cooling the upstairs is part of the problem. I really don't know why it's so high though. My neighbors are also surprised by the cost. I replaced the pool pump to a high efficiency variable speed a few months ago. Not sure what I can do to help cool the 2nd story Northern CA if it matters.
  12. Half of my usage is tier 4 1066 kWh @ 0.39999 $426 this is on a $722 bill.
  13. I just checked I used 2200 kwh in June. I need to do something about this. I spent $5,500 in the last 12 months on my PG&E Bill.