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  1. Was very close to getting the launch edition Gladiator today. But really want the gator color. Know the exact spec I want. Gator green saddle brown seats loaded Rubicon.
  2. Sat in a Gladiator the other weekend in San Jose. Thing was all and more then what I expected. Can’t wait to get one in a few months.
  3. Not saying he wasn’t hurting. But I think that limp was more to do with him only having one shoe on.
  4. Brown an Eagle??? 😀
  5. Flag on the field !! Hands to the face by little girl on Tom Brady.
  6. This game was so boring the postgame talk is if Edleman is a hall of famer.
  7. Post game. He started talking saying something like “I’m going to take some...” Then stopes and changed his thought. Just a hunch but rewatch it something is their. But I have e been drinking and this was a mind numbing game so that could be part of it.
  8. After that display of a Super Bowl it almost feels like the Eagles are still the champs.