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  1. It was discussed in my league. With the decision being every team has the same chance of something happening to it so let's just role with it as is. Already a lot of luck in fantasy might as well just add one more thing to it this crazy year.
  2. On the bright side the Yankees didn't beat us. So that's nice.
  3. This team looked completely different in this series. No energy no enjoyment. Why they just turn off in the postseason I don't know. Oh and Buxton clean you your locker on the way out. I've had enough of you.
  4. Still gets messy. For example a team in my league has the Pitt kicker. Now he has no other kickers on his roster so he would have to pick up a kicker and drop someone and maybe not play that kicker at all. Also would then maybe want that player he dropped back.
  5. I agree. Clinton would fire back and bully as well. So Trump didn't look as pushy with her. He needed to change his approach with Biden.
  6. This would be so much better with Sanders. I could see them wrestling on the floor by now.