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  1. Bad news no dog. Good news more hockey time.
  2. I'd pass. Stick to what you do best.
  3. A home run in each of the first seven innings!!!!
  4. Me too. But I'm afraid the price is going to be high. Still might do it at a high price. I use my phone more then my iMac so I'm trying to justify it that way.
  5. Plan to go next October for our 10th anniversary. Will need to to read this thread start to finish. We have two young ones the grandparents will be watching back home so we can't be gone that long. What is the minimum time to visit? We plan to stay at one place.
  6. So you can afford $100 a month for pet insurance. Plus other pet costs. But you can't afford medical care for yourself. Maybe take care of yourself first then worry about pets.
  7. E A G L E S Eagles !!
  8. That will do. Cox !!!!!!
  9. Make a play defense.
  10. ####
  11. Fat Rob. Got hit !!!!!!
  12. What a way to start !!! My house is going nuts.
  13. Good start Eagles D
  14. Almost 24 hours after. Very little pain if any. Going to have stretch this out until Sunday for uninterrupted footballl.