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  1. I finally broke down and played one of the single game slates. $24.25 in and $48.45 out for the Thursday game. I missed the cash line for the Fanduel $7 GPP by .06 points too. Ive been holding off on entering the larger buy in tournaments until I get a feel for NCAA again, but I think I will start pulling the trigger on a few of the slates this week. The Friday slate looks especially soft to me. I want to just jam as many Colorado and Memphis players, but the reverse line movement towards UCLA is spooking me a bit. Hopefully the QB situation is decided prior to kickoff in the Memphis/Tulane game.
  2. I'm going to be running 3 QBs in gpps this week. Rosen, Manning, and Wentz. Rosen and Manning are gut calls, but Went is QB 1 in my model by a mile. The only RB I want to mention is Chris Carson. As long as he plays he is the best value of the week. Gordon is the obvious RB 1 for me this week. I'm also planning on doing something a little unusual at defense and wr. Enunwa has a plus matchup against Jax this week according to PFF. He'll still be low owned though. I like at least one pick 6 against Darnolf though, so I'm playing both Jax defense and Enunwa in the same lineups.
  3. The Friday slate look like alot of fun again this week. The question for me is to Soso, or to not Soso. I usually only fire one lineup a slate, but Ill probably do two for this one.
  4. The way pricing is set up on FD I think you have to punt every week. I've yet to see a slate where you can afford reasonable starters at every position that also had the guy who is obviously going to blow up. I've just been picking the one we who sees targets but hasn't done anything at all yet.
  5. Not a bad Friday night. $237 in winnings off of $42 in entries.
  6. @Devin Knotts can you or @Dan Hindery talk a bit about Sills and Jennings? I see that the DK optimizer has Sills projected for more raw points. I was planning on going that way before seeing that, but just as a pivot for GPP purposes.
  7. So for the first time I am doing my own projections this year. To be very very clear, I do not trust them yet. That said, Matt Ryan is popping as the best QB option on Draftkings. On Fanduel Maholmes, Ryan, and Stafford are all right about the same when you consider pricing. I will post some of the position players later tonight. Edit: So I just finished updating the rest of the skill players. I wont even bother to mention anything except Quincy Enunwa. At $6100 he is WAY too cheap.
  8. First pass through the FD salaries the Breida and Agholor prices jumped out as way too low. I also expect to have alot of Geronimo in GPPs this week too.
  9. So Fanduel has already released the Friday slate. I think this might be a good slate to go with 1 qb in GPPs and pay up for 3 of the top RBs.
  10. Apparently. I posted here before the dfs sites banned ncaa a few years agi as nixon_mask. I just wanted a new name. In the one season a played NCAA dfs I never actually won a gpp, but had multiple top 10 finishes. My proudest inish cash cashing the King of the Campus tournament with Trevon Boykin suspended at QB.
  11. Thanks. The Alabama game being so uncompetative hurt. With $50 in I'm looking at around $950 in profit. I've just got to fade the Mizzou/Purdue game now
  12. Nevermind, we're sweating now. The teams ahead i didn't think I could catch werent playing Damien Harris. Out to a super early lead on the FD late slate GPPs too.
  13. The Tywan Deal vultures are killing me. I'm sitting in the top 10 of pretty much every tourney I'm in with no real hope of winning any of them.