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  1. chapie1968

    Crabtree worth a pick up?

    12 team PPR Someone dropped Crabtree is he worth a pick up? Flacco might be out for a few weeks and maybe longer if they are out of contention. I have to drop a WR to pick him up I have J Gordon, Golladay, C Davis, Amendola, Kirk
  2. chapie1968

    Dez Bryant, torn achilles

    Looks like he will never touch the field.
  3. Mahomes at home against AZ Rivers at Oakland I also have Melvin Gordon It's hard not to start Mahomes, but Oakland's defense is pitiful.
  4. chapie1968

    Dez Bryant or Kenny Golladay ROS?

    Golladay, not even close
  5. chapie1968

    WR waiver help needed

    I forgot John Ross. Is he any better with AJ out?
  6. chapie1968

    WR waiver help needed

    12 team PPR, we can only roster 5 WRs at a time. I have J Gordon, Golladay, Sutton, C Davis, Humphries These WRs are on waivers or just got dropped Amendola Kirk Godwin Goodwin Enunwa R Anderson Garcon DJ Moore David Moore Should I drop any of my WRs for these. I'm thinking Amendola, especially with Brock at QB and as long as Stills is out. Who to drop? Pick up any others?
  7. I can't believe the number of people I see dropping decent WRs to pick up Dez. If this guy was any good don't you think he would have been on a team by now? Even if he is okay, there are so many mouths to feed in New Orleans he will be way down the pecking order. I see him simply as a move by a team to have experienced depth as they are getting ready for a playoff run.
  8. chapie1968

    Baldwin or Sutton ROS?

    I like Baldwin. I picked up Sutton because I'm WR desperate but I was trying to trade for Baldwin. With Thomas gone, Sutton moves up the depth chart but he is the #1 outside WR which means he'll draw a lot of the top corners. Sanders works in the slot more.
  9. chapie1968

    WR woes continue

    WIth my RB and Mahomes, I think I'm looking for a steady PPR floor out of all of them. Maybe a steady 10-15 a game as a floor.
  10. chapie1968

    WR woes continue

    12 Team PPR We can start up to 5WRs with flexes, most weeks I will start 4 because of my 3 RBs (Zeke, Gordon, Mixon) In first place but I don't know how long I can hang on. Grabbed a couple of WRs on Waivers yesterday, and now I have J Gordon, Golladay, Sutton, DJ Moore, Goodwin Still sitting there are Keke Coutee(who I was definitely grabbing until they traded for Thomas) David Moore Corey Davis - just dropped Christian Kirk -just dropped Geronimo Allison My move would be drop Goodwin, I just picked up DJ Moore and I'm going to let him ride against TB's putrid pass Defense this week. WHat order would you rank these, and is Goodwin the only one I should send packing?
  11. chapie1968

    Anyone think there is collusion going on here?

    I had 2 other owners e-mail me in the last 5 minutes and ask the same thing as I am asking. I can see the first trade being fair But the second one is basically Antonio Brown and Andy Dalton for Mohammed Sanu. As I said the person getting Fitz was in 12th place and could have smply grabbed him last night from waivers, he was his
  12. 12 Team PPR Redraft Trade deadline today noon. I've been trying to swing deals for a WR for the last month only to get shot down over and over. The one team that send me joke counters (Like my Mahomes and M Gordon for his Fournette, Jameis Winston, C Davis) just made 2 deals with other teams and now is LOADED Last Night he got D Cook, M Thomas and J Doyle for K Johnson, S Watkins and J Cook. I offered the same owner M Gordon and Ebron for M Thomas and Cook multiple times and got shot down This morning he gets Antonio Brown and Andy Dalton for Mohammed Sanu and Ryan Fitpatric (WHO HE JUST PICKED UP ON WAIVERS and the team that traded for him had first waiver move and could have got him) I have been offering this same owner Mahomes and either Goodwin, Golladay or another WR for Dalton and Brown for a month and I got constantly shot down. The beneficiary of these trades now has line up of Rodgers, Dalton Ingram, Cook, Fournette, Carson, Miller Brown, Boyd, M Thomas, Evans, D Parker Ertz, J Doyle We can start up to 5 WRs with our 2 flexes. I might as well quit, this guy's team is basically unbeatable.
  13. chapie1968

    Trade Deadline Wed, help please

    Sprry forgot that QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR Flex, 1 WR/TE Flex I usually start all 3 RBs, between them and Mahomes they have carried me. I've been piecing together WRs from the WW week to week. I tired to trade Big Ben and Goodwin for Rivers and John Brown because the Rivers owner had Rivers/and M Ryan on a bye this week. He dropped Rivers, i think I'm going to drop Ben and try to grab Rivers before he can grab him back. That should give me some insurance if Mahomes sits at the end of the season.
  14. chapie1968

    Trading with idiots....

    Our trading deadline is coming up so I'm trying to move Mahomes for a downgrade at QB and a WR. There is one moron who always send stupid counters I offered Mahomes for Rodgers and Boyd or Ertz He countered Mahomes, M Gordon, Golladay for Winston, Fournette and Corey Davis Sure, I'll give up the highest scoring Fantasy player, the 2nd or 3rd highest R, a decent WR for a QB that isn't starting, a RB that is hurt and not playing that will be in a 3 way time share, and a WR that isn't even in the top 50. These are the same counters he always comes back with. I said I would never make an offer to him again, but with our trade deadline on Wednesday, I kind of wanted the entertainment of another idiotic counter. There is always one in every league.
  15. chapie1968

    Would you trade M Gordon for this?

    Do you like Edelman, K Allen or Woods in the deal better?