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  1. 12 team PPR 5-1 in first place, 2nd in points I trade Vance McDonald and I get Willie Snead. Baltimore has a cake pass defense schedule in the at the end and the playoffs ATL, KC, TB, LAC. He would be my 4th WR/Flex so I'm looking to get someone that will give me a solid 10-15 points a week, maybe more on good weeks. Because of Roster limits, it would still leave me with a capable starter and back up TE in Ebron and Njoku.
  2. chapie1968

    Will Fuller or Marquise Goodwin ROS?

    I like Goodwin, he seems healthy, he's the #1 option, and he started coming on last year when Beathard was the QB, even before Jimmy G got there.
  3. chapie1968

    Trade Question

    Plus I see them going back to more of a ground game now that Ingram is back. Brees numbers weren't all that great last year when they played that style.
  4. chapie1968

    Drop Stafford for Trubisky?

    more upside with Tubisky, but Stafford is solid and consistent.
  5. chapie1968

    Flex start help this week

    full PPR, I need a WR/TE Flex for this week. Do I start Njoku against a horrible Tampa Bay pass defense, he actually has the highest pt projection over all the WRs below, but it always makes me nervous starting 2 TE's. Keelan Cole home against JAX Or drop Cole and start one of these WR's C Kirk vs Denver Fitzgerald vs Denver Kearse vs Min (Enunwa out) C Meredith @ Baltimore. T Smith @ Baltimore. C Beasley @ Washington. A Callaway @ TB (dropsies)
  6. chapie1968

    Trying for incredible comeback, who to start?

    Yep, I pulled it out. Knocked off the lone undefeated team and moved into first place overall
  7. chapie1968

    Gurley Handcuff?

    I think it would be Kelly, and the entire Rams offense would be downgraded several clicks if Gurley ever went out.
  8. chapie1968

    Can I continue to win with this team?

    That is my plan right now.
  9. 12 Team Full PPR Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, RB/WR Flex, WR/TE Flex, K, DST So it is possible to start up to 5 WRs and 2 RBs or 3 RBs and 4 WRs. Can I continue to win with this team, can I reach the finals? I'm 5-1 in first place overall and 2nd in total points(65 behind the leader who I just beat to make him 5-1 also) For some reason I am not feeling confident as I have been piecing together a WR corp each week but I can't seem to work out a trade for a #1 WR. Best case scenario would be to trade a QB for a WR to keep the big 3 RBs in the line up. Mahomes, Roethlisberger M Gordon, Zeke, Mixon, A Jones, Smallwood Gallaway, J Gordon, Cole, R Grant, Valdez-Scantling(I picked him up to start last night to get me a win) Ebron, Njoku, McDonald (weird roster limits, I'd rather have the extra TE's athan an extra K or DST) Bullock (Stream) Cowboys (stream) Free agent WRs which I intend on trying to claim G Allison(I dropped him to start MVS) Other WRs on waivers R Cobb M Goodwin C Kirk Tyrell Williams Mike WIlliams C Beasley C Sutton DJ Moore A Wilson
  10. chapie1968

    Trying for incredible comeback, who to start?

    you sound like me, lol. I was saying the same thing last week about Jones, and I think this week too. But we can't help it that McCarthy is the only one that doesn't see that Jones is the best RB he has.
  11. chapie1968

    Trying for incredible comeback, who to start?

    Looks like Cobb and Geronimo are out, MVS should get me 10
  12. I was down 61 points going into last night, but with Josh Gordon and Patrick Mahomes I closed the gap to 9 points. 10 to win. Full PPR I can start Aaron Jones or Geronimo Allison tonight. If Allison doesn't go I can pick up Marquez Valdes-Scantling as well. I have a feeling that if GB gets up they'll run the ball to protect Rodgers knee. However with PPR and a point every 10 yards it may be easier to get to with the WR. Opinions?
  13. chapie1968

    Who has more long term potential?

    right now, Michel. More in front of Chubb. You have Hyde who has played well, you have Duke Johnson and Chubb. Plus you have a horrible head coach that doesn't know how to use them.
  14. chapie1968

    Geronimo Allison How much FAAB?

    Usually bids are $3-$5. Though there have been bids as high as $25 out of a $150 budget for players that are in higher demand. With my weak WR corp, he is probably the best FA WR on the wire in weeks. I think I'm going to bid like $6. I need him pretty bad but I don't want to overpay.
  15. chapie1968

    Geronimo Allison How much FAAB?

    12 team PPR, my weak WR corp Golladay, J Gordon, Cole, Cobb, Anderson I have $73 left. Is he worth the FAAB or should I risk it and try to grab him as a FA tomorrow morning?