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  1. Trying to gauge VJax's trade value in a keep-all year to year 12 team dynasty league, non PPR, only 2 WR positions, but 1 WR/RB flex. Offered up Pierre Thomas and Ryan Grant for him, but the owner is holding out for ADP (no), SJax, DWill or Ray Rice. Are any of those last 3 worth VJax straight up? Current WR's are Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (CAR), and MSW.
  2. Non-PPR dynasty, would you drop Leinart (or Berrian?) for Malcolm Floyd? Not sure how to gauge Floyd's future value. I would think Floyd is the 3rd option in the passing game for SD, but then again, it seems Berrian is #3 in MIN too. I can keep players as long as I want. Offense QB: Tony Romo (QB) WR: Andre Johnson (WR), Mike Sims-Walker (WR) RB: Adrian Peterson (RB), Steven Jackson (RB) TE: Fred Davis (TE) W/R: Ray Rice (RB) BN: Steve Smith (WR), DeAngelo Williams (RB), Ryan Grant (RB), Chris Cooley (TE), Donovan McNabb (QB), Pierre Thomas (RB), Bernard Berrian (WR), Matthew Stafford (QB), Matt Leinart (QB) Kickers K: Mason Crosby (K) Defense/Special Teams DEF: Dallas (DEF)