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  1. done with wasting a spot on him
  2. I like their schedule and I'm trying to trade for Bell. That said I was only going with this weeks streaming wr's , Crowder is on my wire more often then not.
  3. Jamison Crowder is the first one that popped into my mind while reading this post
  4. I received a proposal last night my Rodgers for Mahomes. I have Josh Allen to cover any games Mahomes misses. I also have Kelce as my TE. I'm leaning at accepting the trade since PM didn't have any significant damage to the knee. He practiced a couple of times this week and could be back sooner than later. Both have bad schedules ros with PM having a brutal schedule during the playoffs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. For my flex half ppr Malcolm Brown or Ekeler Thanks Sig
  6. Winston or Murray 4 point td's James White or Demarcus Robinson at flex half ppr Thanks
  7. Juju to have less then six points in a half ppr🤣
  8. Rodgers in the rain or Rivers Thanks Sig
  9. 10 team redraft half ppr 7th pick Rodgers Hopkins Kupp Kerryon Carson Kelce Duke or Ekeler Crosby New Orleans
  10. I picked him up after he signed, 2 games outside during the ff season & that offense seems like a no brainier to me.
  11. 10 team half ppr redraft TE not required 10th pick Winston D Johnson K Johnson OBJ Amari D Montgomery or Kupp or J White Bryant Denver
  12. Wasn't planning on it until I lost OBJ yesterday & Sanders on Wednesday. A. Jones, Mixon, Ingram rb rb flex Samuel W/T