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  1. half point ppr flex ~ Kareem Hunt or DJ Moore I'm starting Baker Thanks Sig Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours
  2. This is killing me, I want to start him with Hopkins but have safer options.
  3. tackle for loss, I'm curious about who you would of picked up off the wire if you had dropped TY.
  4. I like their schedule and I'm trying to trade for Bell. That said I was only going with this weeks streaming wr's , Crowder is on my wire more often then not.
  5. Jamison Crowder is the first one that popped into my mind while reading this post
  6. I received a proposal last night my Rodgers for Mahomes. I have Josh Allen to cover any games Mahomes misses. I also have Kelce as my TE. I'm leaning at accepting the trade since PM didn't have any significant damage to the knee. He practiced a couple of times this week and could be back sooner than later. Both have bad schedules ros with PM having a brutal schedule during the playoffs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. For my flex half ppr Malcolm Brown or Ekeler Thanks Sig
  8. Winston or Murray 4 point td's James White or Demarcus Robinson at flex half ppr Thanks
  9. Juju to have less then six points in a half ppr🤣
  10. 10 team redraft half ppr 7th pick Rodgers Hopkins Kupp Kerryon Carson Kelce Duke or Ekeler Crosby New Orleans
  11. I picked him up after he signed, 2 games outside during the ff season & that offense seems like a no brainier to me.