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  1. Well to be fair the gaffe ratio is like 13,000 / 1
  2. Yeah but the claim was the state bar asked her to do it. That’s not what happened.
  3. It means he's a putz compared to his brother and father.
  4. You're debating folks who want to eliminate the 2A. These are the same folks that post in the "Can Trump be considered a facist" thread next door.
  5. That pretty sick. I think I need that as well
  6. I just redid our mud/laundry room in a day using nothing but the Kreg jig, their adaptive cutting system, a mitre saw and a 16 gauge finish nailer. The cutting system is just like the Festool version for half the cost.
  7. Tim, Why is this legal in Massachusetts- M1A While this one is illegal? AR @Ditkaless Wonders which one would you rather be shot with?
  9. Your link isn't even up to date. We have default registration in Mass and the AR platform is banned. Every time we purchase a firearm (both pistols and rifles), either private or through an FFL, it gets registered and we have to detail the serial number/make/model/caliber etc. "Massachusetts requires all sellers of firearms to report firearms sales and transfers to the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services, which maintains comprehensive records of sales and transfers. See the Retention of Sales / Background Checks Records section for further information. Massachusetts does not, however, require firearm owners to periodically confirm their continuing ownership of firearms or their eligibility to possess firearms."
  10. Good luck with that. I posted the same rebuttal in the shooting thread.
  11. That and they built their entire company off IP theft.
  12. I've probably seen most. The Distinguished Gentleman is underrated and Murphy's last good comedy unless you count Shrek.