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  1. I live in MA. It's been deep blue since I was a kid. If I lived in a swing state still a no. Neither R's or D's have done anything for the middle class in 50 years. They will not get my support.
  2. Yup I just looked and you are right. Is Chalupa redacted? Her name appears in both Volkers and Yovanovich.
  3. You would think. It's either him and they messed up or it's not. The document is no longer on the house website.
  4. "It's worth stating plainly what happened with the Elizabeth Warren pregnancy discrimination smear: writers at the Sanders-supporting outlet Jacobin invented a sexist attack on Warren that then got picked up by the far-right Free Beacon. Now its a national story."
  5. Yeah I am pretty hungover trying to figure out your point. I was responding to this - "Isn't it funny that none of those Democrats or their supporters are pushing the "Warren lies" story, then?"
  6. Meagan DayVerified account @meaganmday Staff writer at @jacobinmag, member of @demsocialists Typical Trump supporter.
  7. Her pregnancy fib was uncovered by a Bernie supporter Meagan Day
  8. He died in 2009 while still serving in the senate after 47 years. Maybe i'm just old but that wasn't that long ago.
  9. Well to be fair the gaffe ratio is like 13,000 / 1
  10. Yeah but the claim was the state bar asked her to do it. That’s not what happened.