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  1. Standard scoring. My RBs are currently: Gurley Conner Gordon Crowell Hyde Jones My WRs are currently: M. Thomas Kupp Coutee C. Davis

    Couple of things I need help with!

    Thanks again for the advice! So with that said - Coutee or Davis to start?

    Couple of things I need help with!

    Cheers Gally! Yeah been thinking about a trade for the D's. I almost secured a trade at the beginning of the season for Thielen by trading the Bears and then also for Brady (that one got vetoed). My thinking is Davis - but Sanu had been ranked 15th over the last 3 weeks so it's a difficult one! What about dropping Sanu for Coutee?
  4. Hi all, First off - it's standard scoring. Do I start? Corey Davis or Mohamed Sanu Bears D/ST or Jags D/ST EDIT: Also - should I trade James Conner (or at least try to this week? He's in my FLEX spot, I have Hyde, A. Jones and Crowell on my bench) Let me know if you need anything else!
  5. At the title states! I've currently got Cam Newton and Jags D/ST. Standard scoring.
  6. I've currently got both (needed a pickup to replace the Jags against Brady last week) but two are no longer needed. With that said - they are both great, so which one should I keep, which one should I drop? Standard scoring. Cheers!
  7. I've currently got the Jags D/ST so currently the Bears are dispensable for the right price! So you think I should do it for Thielen?
  8. As the title states! Standard scoring.

    Have RB depth but no WR depth! Help!

    Quite a few QB's on the waivers. Bortles Dalton Flacco Stafford Keenum Goff Darnold Take your pick!

    Have RB depth but no WR depth! Help!

    The highest ranked WR on the waivers is 30 with Ginn Jr and Tyler Boyd. Only just seen Zuerlein is out for a few weeks - he will be getting traded/dropped then. Happy with Lutz.

    Have RB depth but no WR depth! Help!

    Oh apologies! 1 QB 2 RBs 2 WRs 1 TE 1 Flex 1 D/ST 1 K Just seen your edit - it's Aaron Jones, GB

    Have RB depth but no WR depth! Help!

    Someone more productive than Kupp haha! I'm not looking for a tier one WR as I don't want to give up my RB's, however and mid-low tier 2 WR seems do-able with my current backup of RB's. I can see someone taking a punt on Hyde or Crowell. I hope this helps!