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  1. So this week has been a shocker for me! My team is as follows (in a league of Standard Scoring): QB: Newton RBs: Gurley, Gordon, Conner, Lynch, Hyde, Crowell, Duke Johnson JR WRs: Kupp, Thomas, Davis, Goodwin TE: Kittle D/ST: Jags, Bears K: Lutz So - this week I lost by FOUR EFFING POINTS because of the following: - Gordon was injured - Conner was on a BYE - Lynch was on a BYE + injured - Hyde (who has performed well all season) got traded on the Friday and didn't play in the new system - Crowell was playing the Vikings - Kupp was injured - Davis + Goodwin + Duke Johnson JR got me a combined 5 points Team has been absolutely decimated this week and anything that could go wrong went wrong - such a joke! My team so far this season has not scored less that 126 points until this week! To top it all off - this was the FIRST loss my team has suffered all year and it just so happened to be against the guy in my league that I trash talked to publicly. Soo frustrating!! ANYWAY - WITH THAT SAID - Should I trade Conner or hang on and wait it out? I feel like I could do with some WR depth.

    Should I trade James Conner and if so, who for?

    Was thinking the same! I reckon I may be able to snag Beckham as his owner is panicking with him a bit! Cheers!
  3. 10 team standard scoring league. My current team is: QB: Newton RB: Gurley, Gordon, Conner, Hyde, Lynch, Crowell WR: M. Thomas, Kupp, Goodwin, C. Davis, A. Wilson TE: Kittle D/ST: Jags, Bears K: Lutz
  4. Standard scoring. My RBs are currently: Gurley Conner Gordon Crowell Hyde Jones My WRs are currently: M. Thomas Kupp Coutee C. Davis

    Couple of things I need help with!

    Thanks again for the advice! So with that said - Coutee or Davis to start?

    Couple of things I need help with!

    Cheers Gally! Yeah been thinking about a trade for the D's. I almost secured a trade at the beginning of the season for Thielen by trading the Bears and then also for Brady (that one got vetoed). My thinking is Davis - but Sanu had been ranked 15th over the last 3 weeks so it's a difficult one! What about dropping Sanu for Coutee?
  7. Hi all, First off - it's standard scoring. Do I start? Corey Davis or Mohamed Sanu Bears D/ST or Jags D/ST EDIT: Also - should I trade James Conner (or at least try to this week? He's in my FLEX spot, I have Hyde, A. Jones and Crowell on my bench) Let me know if you need anything else!
  8. At the title states! I've currently got Cam Newton and Jags D/ST. Standard scoring.
  9. I've currently got both (needed a pickup to replace the Jags against Brady last week) but two are no longer needed. With that said - they are both great, so which one should I keep, which one should I drop? Standard scoring. Cheers!
  10. I've currently got the Jags D/ST so currently the Bears are dispensable for the right price! So you think I should do it for Thielen?
  11. As the title states! Standard scoring.

    Have RB depth but no WR depth! Help!

    Quite a few QB's on the waivers. Bortles Dalton Flacco Stafford Keenum Goff Darnold Take your pick!