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  1. The clutching of pearls when someone dares to suggest that tribalism is a foundation of the right-wing platform in 2019 is really lame. All the old euphemisms have been killed and it's in the open now. In a giant thread about a freshman legislator whom is being used as the focus of attack against progressivism, it's absolutely a fair point. Go look in reddit or other places where the right is less moderated and it's plain as day.
  2. You've expressed this same sentiment in a few different threads but FWIW this is the exact opposite of what is happening right now.
  3. This would be playing right into Trump's hands IMO. Bill is one of the few people that could win a Twitter war against Trump but it's not going to play well with our current group and it's not what I'm looking for in a candidate.
  4. Gentle reminder that a lot of the "left-wing conspiracy theories" that came out of the Bush administrations turned out to be true.
  5. Do you have anything to support this? Empirically I see a lot of people that supported Bernie in 2016 moving to Warren for 2020 or on the fence between them still. I don't know anyone really that is doing anything different or fringe. Also we have a strong trend of Warren picking up steam since polling started and it hasn't all been at Bernie's expense.
  6. Wait until dawn implies that the satellite we would be hitting is geosynchronous. Assuming we know what satellite we connect to, would that not give us longitude? , also the fact it is a moonless night means we would be able to see the moon during the day and use that in relation to the sun. Step 2: maths.
  7. Was coming here to bump this thead, good to see it moving. Not much to say on CJ except he is probably my favorite Lion of all time and it would be great to see him back around. Other more relevant news: Snacks and Slay missing minicamp, both angling for new deals I guess. Hope the team can get something worked out, obviously these guys are both critical Lots of smoke around Lions being on Hard Knocks 2019 which would be sosososo awesome to see Jermaine Kearse on board in another sign that our passing game is going to be more vertical (I like this ultimately, I think we will finally be able to run this year and the Linehan offenses were Staffords best years) Good reports out of minicamps on Diggs and Walker, Teez not so much. I'm feeling somewhat optimistic about 2019 (time for a cold shower I guess)
  8. Tell this to the media. One thing Trump is doing is focusing our conversation and the news cycle. I think if it was steered towards wealth inequality instead of foreign affairs/random nonsense we will be able to matriculate the ball down the field towards a better future.
  9. Not her best or most popular idea for sure but I hope you will check into Senator Warren's other proposals and general congressional record before you rule her out.
  10. Lumberg.gif This "JP Morgan Chase was the white knight of the Great Recession" stuff is boggling my mind, I must have missed that thread the first time around the FFA. Maybe we can fire that one up again
  11. I didn't mean it to digress into whatabouts but let's frame it for 2020 political discourse "Crazy Liz Warren (Pocahantas) says that Chase got a $25B taxpayer bailout in the Great Recession of 2007, but it was really only $15B. They didn't want it and paid back every cent with interest! Great Recession and great American institutions like JP Morgan Chase made the taxpayers $15B yet FAKE NEWS media and the Libs want to tell you people lost money!" I can't see one single voter swinging on this especially if they were alive and trying to support their families during that time. I believe she is 100% genuine when she gets triggered and has walked the walk on avoiding a repeat of the Great Recession since the day she was elected. Even if you think she is posturing on some of this, give her credit for driving conversations where nobody wants to do (recent example Defense spending pork) PS I vehemently disagree with how you are framing the bank bailouts and there are plenty of other reputable sources that would dispute your take as well. Nobody I know looks back on that time as a "good thing that made taxpayers money". You cannot frame TARP (the response) independently from the stimulus (Wall Street garbage RE investments freezing the economy). Maybe another topic but yeah if that was somehow a good time in your life I can see why you might be hesitant to join the bandwagon.
  12. Found what you are referring to after some searching, If this is indeed a "clear misrepresentation of facts" (note she has citations for the $25b) I don't see it remotely registering on the same scale as the stuff that comes out of our current POTUS and the op-ed seems pretty much spot-on to me.
  13. Arguments against Warren for President: - Not likable - she is never going to be a rock star but has worked quite a bit is picking up points at every appearance since she announced. People that mentioned her as "dishonest/disingenuous" I don't get that at all. She seems very genuine to me. - Too far left- we have elected centrist Democrats for the last twenty years and that hasn't stopped the Republican party from moving further right and continuing to let corporate money run Washington. She will not be able to pass all the legislation she has talked about for sure but she will absolutely frame our national conversation for the next four years; if like me you think undue influence of dark money is the biggest problem with our government today, who is going to do a better job than Elizabeth Warren of driving reform? She will surround herself with good people, she's not a career politician but she understands how government works. We just need to beat Trump - She can and will beat Trump, she would demolish him in any debate; they weren't ready for him and didn't take him seriously enough in 2016; I don't think the same mistakes will be made this time around. The end boss is Trump Jr 2024 it doesn't end with Trump, hes not an anomaly but a progression of whats been going on the last couple decades. Warren is the best candidate in the field so far IMO, given its early but I am hopeful the momentum continues as we move forward to primary season. I think she smokes Biden and Sanders in the end.
  14. Warren fan, have given to her campaign, not sure how I feel about this but really appreciate a lot of the discussion from the more nuanced and educated posters that post here, I have not read the details of this proposal. I think the majority of this board is Gen X like me and I really strongly think that we underestimate the struggles of the millennial generation... I know a ton of people that partied through college, ended up with liberal arts degrees, but anyone with a pulse and some gumption got swept up in the Internet/tech jobs explosion of the late 90s and parlayed experience into a career. There is nothing like this on the horizon for our young people today that I see, it's either data science/AI or pipefitter/Uber driver/waiter. I have boomers that live in my neighborhood that worked at the same factory line for 35 years and got the American Dream(tm), that is not going to happen with $12/hour non-union jobs in manufacturing. Also Senator Warren has made multiple proposals about predatory lenders, etc. over the years, they have just gotten buried, I am 100% confident that she would make that a priority of her administration. I find it frustrating that this idea is the one that we are talking about vs. all the others she has made but I guess that's the nature of the beast now.
  15. I have a Fire TV Cube coming today, upgrading from an OG Roku Stick. Basically my 2.4Ghz wireless network is unusable now for some reason, thinking it's just saturated now in the suburbs but also I learned that Roku uses Wifi-Direct which causes some interference... I did some testing and saw definite performance hit when Roku was on, though it wasn't remotely good either way. So looking forward to having a hardwire connection and as well as 4K/HDR ready. It is also basically Alexa and can work like a universal remote apparently, though I have an old Harmony setup still in play.