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  1. This is a good summary, As my first time watching him last night, it seems like he played more on 1st/2nd down as an option that can stretch the defense on play-action, when there were more obvious passing situations it seemed to be more of Brown and Moore out there. He did almost have a second TD that just went off his fingers but it looks like his target share is going to be limited by his route running and Seattle run-heavy tendency. Still seems like he could make WR3/4 value in redraft and hes got a path to real value in dynasty if he gets more comfortable.
  2. Three trades made this week: 1. 10-team PPR - gave Fournette/Davante Adams got Nuke/Hooper - really happy with this one. 2. 10-team non-PPR, gave ARodgers/Davante Adams for Kupp 3. 12-team PPR superflex gave Gurley/Tyreek/Josh Allen for Julio/Edelman/David Carr (really needed WRs here)
  3. I feel like it's a good time to buy. They stuck with the run even though it was tough sledding all day. KJ looks to be the feature back. Stafford was good enough to keep drives alive this year with more weapons in the passing game. Philly run D is stout, it's not just Detroit that has struggled against them. I am going to be making some offers this week I think. KJ was making guys miss yesterday, he looks fine to me.
  4. Good: Getting consistent pressure on the QB with just 3-4 rushers, even on the road against a great OL LBs not getting totally exploited in pass protection like last year No sacks allowed! Bad: Another breakdown in special teams almost cost us the game Slay hurt again? Need to get better in red zone to take the next step. Still can't run consistently. I have a feeling we are going to get a reality check next Sunday when Mahomes comes to town but right now I feel a lot better about Patricia and this team than I did in preseason and after week 1. Great feeling to go on the road and get a W against a team like that. Makes up for Saturday's adventure in Madison.
  5. All I want is more of the rockettes animation that was awesome.
  6. down by 2 with my Chubb vs his OBJ, standard non-PPR. I need this one or it's 0-2.
  7. Just heard about this the other day. "The River of Blood" is a monument located on a golf course on Lowes Island, Virginia owned by US President Donald Trump. A plaque signed with Trump's name states that the monument marks the place of numerous deaths in the American Civil War, although no listed battle nor publicly disclosed event with any recorded casualties took place at the site.
  8. Am I wrong to think that having someone at the top pushing this proposal every day would be enough to start to affect some real changes in the way our government works despite all the obstacles?
  9. No I might have made a couple. Not sure your point? I just feel like this thread goes off the rails pretty quickly. I hope I didn't offend.
  10. Wealth tax. Repeal of the Trump/Ryan tax cuts. Slash defense budget. These are the things that I would expect a Warren administration to hit the ground running with. It's a "big government" solution but let's stop with the "free stuff" goofing. If there are plans we should be discussing in here it's these IMO.
  11. I am going through this same decision tree with my kids right now (one HS senior and one entering 2nd year of college). I support Warren, I don't really care about "fairness" of her student plan for reasons that I would be happy to get into but I think it would be better to bump the big thread we had when she first announced the plan. There was a lot of good discussion in there that covered a lot of the points we would be going over.
  12. Yeah I am not sure this demographic is important or even real. I do know real people who voted for Obama and Trump but I think people who are letting Fox News dictate the issues will be 100% voting for Trump. I'll give you those people and take inspired and motivated suburban moms/young/minority votes and split the people that aren't following all this nonsense on Twitter/Facebook. Plan to reduce gun violence by 80% I think I can get behind all of this Refinement of Farm Plan announced a while ago (long) I dig the fact that she is able to put out detailed proposals, get intelligent feedback and refine. I know the last guy got elected with no published policies longer than three words but hey next year it's a whole new decade, our cars will be driving us and just maybe we can get this ship back under control.
  13. The whole point of propagating this horrible equivalence between trump and warren is to piss sensible people off so the trump supporters can say "this is how we feel when your fake news media calls us terrorists!"
  14. Heres a really good article I came across from someone who followed her around for a couple days on the trail , it's long and gets into her backstory but fairly balanced. Elizabeth Warren Has a Radical Plan to Beat Trump at His Own Game (businessweek)