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  1. Hillcrest? I made it through after about ten tries with a mix between stealth and running like hell. I think there is only one point where you need to stand and fight towards the end. Really tense and awesome sequence. I think hard is the right level so far, you still get plenty of resources if you explore but when you have to stand and fight, it's tense and brutal.
  2. In my experience the people that think Bezos is evil and worthy of the guillotine are the same people who are going to refuse to vote for Joe Biden and hence give us four more years of Trump. Voted dislike and I am a Sanders/Warren backer and staunch progressive. Get this nonsense outta here.
  3. FWIW there is lots of evidence that our society does indeed disadvantage African Americans in all those areas. If you have someone in the African American community that you trust and feel comfortable around, maybe see what they think about Dr Steele's viewpoints.
  4. Check out the work Wyatt Cenac did on his HBO show for some good and entertaining insight on how we train police in the US. Without being dismissive (I agree with you on all points) - Canada didn't do "War on Drugs" and Canada doesn't have the same level of military-industrial complex we have in the US. Canada has a better social safety net. Ohh also who could forget "War on Terror"!
  5. The way the individual deals with racism is naturally different than the way the society deals with it. There is tons of work that shows long-tail effects of systemic racism in the USA. I agree we are making strides with the younger generations but right now it's the boomers that hold the vast majority of wealth and power in the country. And our police force seems to be attracting people that are prone to violence instead of peacekeeping. So I guess what I am saying (without listening to speech due to time) is it's possible for Dr. Steele to have some great points and also that there are systemic issues in the system that need to be addressed via public policy mechanisms.
  6. I dont have a Grand Unified Theory but there is way shady history between DJT and Epstein. JE had potential to blackmail DJT and they decided to proactively go after him? Edit: going down the "getourjobsbackinc" rabbit hole WTH is going on here?
  7. Maybe they had dirt on each other? I think it's accepted that Epstein/Maxwell did a lot of their "recruiting" from Mar-a-Lago right? Trump Models/ John Casablancas /Miss Teen USA / weird public comments about his daughter. I'm sure Trump is just holding back evidence to use at the right time. That's totally his style. Bill Clinton isn't really relevant anymore but his implication would definitely explain why this stuff hasn't been public forefront since 2015.
  8. Create emergency response teams made up of health and human services professionals to respond to instances where police presence may increase conflict Dismantle the system of mass incarceration and over-policing of communities Eliminate qualified immunity for police officers Establish a database and process for decertification of police officers who commit criminal activity Invest in our communities with resources to eradicate poverty, create opportunities for our neighbors to thrive, and to repair and heal communities Prohibit the militarization of police and redirect funding to community needs Restore disparate impact in the Civil Rights Act to ensure folks have a path to justice when their rights, liberties, and lives are denied and harmed Support legislation that would significantly limit the use of force to narrow circumstances and never as a first resort If this is "defunding" I might be okay with it.
  9. Detroit Police refused to enforce the curfew last night after last few days of peaceful protests. A good time was had by all.
  10. I've given up trying to tell people this. I hope they come to it naturally. But a lot of people don't feel represented by either party right now
  11. Funny how the "Epstein didn't kill himself" crew thinks it couldn't have possibly been the most powerful man in the world despite like thirty years of running in the same circles.
  12. They arrested dozens of protestors tonight for curfew violation but agreed that Detroit has been spared for the most part.
  13. Awesome interview with Detroit activist: they will not be dispersing at curfew tonight. 2nd Amendment Bros out in support (I hope?):
  14. I am confident they will be pardoned by Donald Trump in a giant "f-u" to his opponents after we evict him from office. Why should anyone believe that justice will be served under this current administration?