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  1. Ok...price check then...what value would you assign Matty boy at?
  2. nope, he scored 4 TD's that year in relief...2 passing 2 rushing...Google is your friend...
  3. Yeah I would be receiving Mixon...I'm in a 16 team keep 10 league, nobody keeps K or Def. We can keep players indefinitely. Right now I have: Cam Newton Kamara, Kerryon, Carson and Brieda Evan's, Diggs, Golliday, Landry, Boyd and James Washington Ebron The league is RB poor.. So Brieda is actually a commodity...and the guy with Mixon has junk for WR
  4. thx guys, what if I sub Chris Carson in instead of Kerryon?
  5. there a team who is RB poor after over drafting other spots? If so you may see what they would give you for the spot...
  6. I would, father time would be on your side...
  7. I'm in a keeper league and landry is on the wrong side of the bubble...this look fair?
  8. Team A gave K. Johnson / Boyd Team B gave Melvin Gordon Dynasty league...