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  1. I like oz as much at anyone but you play to win this year, not wonder what your backup qb will do. Favre was a different circumstance with his timing.I can't imagine anyone saying "yeah, Peyton wants back but we like this qb with 30 career passes better." Unless the timing were such that oz had been training all off season as the starter. I think it's pretty much the same timing as Favre. Is Oz a free agent after this year. Are you willing to spend a 2nd rounder on a guy, keep him for 4 years and never give him a chance? you let him walk and be a starter on another team?
  2. Will Osweiler be a free agent after this year? That has to be taken into consideration. You can't pay him long-term and keep Manning. If you think Osweiler is your QB of the future then you might have to let Manning walk. He's been "in training" for 3 years. I think this decision is more on Osweiler than Manning.
  3. Probably won't even do that. My guess is, he'll do team interviews and do all his drills at the Oregon pro-day. Odds are that right now Mariota has nutritionist & trainers working with him to add as much weight as possible before he steps on the scale at the combine. He may even shove lead weights up his butt before the weigh in (there have been rumors of agents having players doing this for years). No way he runs or does any drills. He is going to have a hard time walking straight, let alone running through cones. If he crapped the weights out in that under Armour spandex, then he will likely plummet into the 2nd. He would be ruined.when. He starts training again for the 40 he will probably be 10 lbs lighter at his proday. There's a post that I wish I never read.
  4. Didn't look like a knee to me. Bone bruise to the thigh. Fingers crossed.
  5. Starting him over Blackmon. I agree....could be in for a big week. I see shootout.
  6. The limited skill set thing kind of nails it. He doesn't get separation, won't excite anyone, and probably maxes out at an adequate, not great, possession receiver. I honestly don't think he's worth a roster spot on dynasty but that's just my opinion. His ceiling could be that of a Bill Schroeder a few years ago in Green Bay; however, I just don't think he has the tools to be anything more than a role player. Think he'd make a decent 3rd receiver but he can't play on the outside in the NFL.You guys don't think that he has a shot at being a great possesion WR? Hines Ward and Wes Welker aren't your prototypical deep threat either but they have been great receivers to have in PPR leagues for years. Granted, I realize he isn't going to be Randy Moss....but could he be a top 20 WR in PPR leagues? The Browns must have thought highly of him to take him that early in the draft. I also read that he is a very smart kid and has a great work ethic. If the best he is going to be though is Bill Schroeder I might go ahead and cut him for D. Williams of TEN, Jason Hill of JAX, or Josh Morgan.
  7. So....what's the homer feel about Brian Robiskie. Now and longterm. I keep hearing about his limited skill-set but he was a high 2nd round pick. McCoy seemed to really be looking his way towards the end of the season, especially in the red zone. Although many "experts" aren't very high on him, is he a hold in dynasty???
  8. The thing is.....they still haven't won a game and they do want to see what they have in Brohm at some point before the end of the season. Fitzpatrick has been a journeyman QB for a reason.
  9. Just traded him away before this week. I was worried about the Bills being out of contention and bringing in Brohm for the rest of the year. After this week, I'm not so sure.
  10. I guess there's the Norv Turner factor, but personally, I already view him as a young, above-average talent with a high risk of implosion. If he goes to SD, then he'd be a young, above-average talent with a high risk of implosion in a pretty good situation. How high could I possibly jump him because of the situation upgrade? I can't see any reason why I'd rate a non-elite talent with serious knucklehead potential above ADP/MJD/Johnson/Rice/Gore/SJax/JStew/DWill- the talent gap is just too large, and those 8 guys don't have major red flags that Lynch does. I couldn't rate him above Charles, who has already produced at Lynch's upside and who is every bit as young, but who again doesn't have the red flags. I could see putting him in with the Mendenhall/Moreno/Wells/Forte cluster of young RBs who are slightly above-average NFL talents but not elite... but even if I did, he'd be at the bottom of said cluster because of those major red flags. And then you have the Turners, Bensons, Grants, and Browns of the world lurking, to say nothing of the fact that I haven't even mentioned the rookies yet.If Lynch went to San Diego, I might bump him up 5 spots from the 20-25 range to the 15-20 range, but I think a huge change would be too reactionary and not really warranted.Agreed. I would probalby field offers and if someone wants to pay top 10 RB, I'd deal but I could really see him explode. He's still very young and runs with power and can catcht the ball. He's a risk sure, but I could see him right after ADP/MJD/Johnson/Rice in the right situation.
  11. Whether he got traded or not, I'd already rank Lynch in the 15-20 range. He's a 24 year old 1st round RB with a pair of top 12 fantasy finishes in his first 3 seasons, which means I'd be hard pressed to put him behind, say, Cedric Benson (a nearly 28 year old former first round RB with one good season in his entire career).Now, because of the knuckleheadedness, I've dropped him to the 20-25 range... and a trade to San Diego isn't going to change that in the slightest.Really? I would think that a trade to SD but put him in top 10 range. As you said, he's already had 2 top 12 finishes. I'm giving him a mulligan for last season. He can catch the ball and I would think that in a Norv Turner offense, look out. You've seen it time and time before what a fresh start gives some players.
  12. I really like Bush to have a lot of value as early as next year. With the Raiders? Who knows. I think Fargas or Bush is gone from the Raiders. They want it to be McFadden and he will get another shot. When Bush gets his chance, look out.
  13. My only problem with the Vikings WRs is what they will look like when Favre retires. Who's going to be throwing the ball? I traded both Rice and Harvin away this season in my dynasty league. If they go with a rookie QB, it may take a few years for that QB to develop. While I think they both look good right now, would the passes they caught today look the same with Jamarcus Russel throwing the ball? Especially when they have AP to fall back on.