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  1. 0.5 PPR Flex Pick 1: Lockett or Jaylen Samuels TE: Kittle or Ebron Def: Saints, Cowboys or Vikes? Ebron certainly hit the floor last week.
  2. I'd play Dak at home versus a worse defense with Cooper as a weapon.
  3. Mahomes as well. Conner is the guessing game at this point. Hope you have a good sub for him.
  4. I'd go with Samuels as well. If NO puts up points then the Steelers are forced to pass more and Samuels should get plenty of receptions. He is dangerous in the open field.
  5. .5 PPR Need 1 flex: J Samuels, Lockett, Kittle or Ingram
  6. Spot on. Ebron had a good game for the TE position but Kittle had himself a day.
  7. Tough call but I'd go McDonald bc I don't trust the QB situation in Washington.
  8. Njoku is at home vs a worse pass defense. But Engram is a good RZ play in non ppr. Lean Engram here.
  9. I've got Edelman but he's only cracked 100 yds twice and so has been somewhat TD dependent for scoring this season. Also only 7 receptions since the bye. I'd go Woods from that list. Most yardage & TD potential. Going to be cold but not very windy in Chicago Sunday. Giants all day for defense. I got burned last week thinking GB would perform well against a struggling Zona offense. Nope.
  10. Of that list it's Stills, MVA or Ridley. Crabtree silver lining is the Ravens have to play catch up. Don't trust Ellington or Rogers on the road. Tempted to say Stills>Ridley>MVS but that's not an easy call. I think Stills or Ridley have the best TD potential.