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  1. Stitch Fix has been a big recommendation on here before. I've even mentioned it on here before after reading about it at the Motley Fool.
  2. If it gets back to $150 per share it'll be worth it.
  3. US Stock Market | Signs of a holding pattern | Fidelity
  4. Wanna thank you guys as a whole on here. I put about 9k to work in individual stock suggestions from you guys and my own reading and am up almost 2k in less then a month. And everything I'm in were recommendations to go long on. 🥳
  5. Why Novavax Stock Is Jumping Today - Motley Fool
  6. Bought Disney in the mid80s a couple weeks ago. Debating on FUN.
  7. TOMORROW!?! Golf dude needs them tonight! He's gotta be ready to act tomorrow, or at least wish he had.
  8. This doesn't sound good for FUN, why should we buy in? But then there's this - FUN Stock Price, Forecast & News (Cedar Fair) | MarketBeat
  9. I jumped in too early on that. Got it at 67. Holding long but ugly drop.
  10. Absolutely! And you just named the 5 stocks that I've bought in to (plus a few others).
  11. Nice and quite frankly, I think when BA recovers, it'll be well above $150.