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  1. Serious OL holding on that completion to Davis
  2. I’m was born the last year for boomers and I can assure you this isn’t true
  3. One of my SILs shtupped Ian McCulloch. Random but true
  4. To me it looks like Matador and Toledo either dropped the ball or tried to pull a fast one
  5. At a big place getting the financials of the offer ready can be the slowest part but this seems like a different situation. Sounds like you have the position so I’d be patient. If I were to feel things out I would do it using the Labor Day week as an excuse, just a heads up I’m out of town etc
  6. 1-All Mixed Up 2-Cruiser 3-Dangerous Type 4-You Wear Those Eyes 5-Bye Bye Love
  7. HOT TAKE :Aerosmith is not even in the top 20 bands from Boston
  8. I look at side 2 of the 1st album like 1 single suite kind of like Abbey Road
  9. I voted Benjamin and think Ric would vote the same way as well. Ben is in a handful of my favorite vocalists all time, so underrated All Mixed Up . Number two would be Cruiser for me Dangerous Type is my favorite Ric Ocasek lead. Structurally i’s very similar to All Mixed Up