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  1. Yes...he blew up on the Dolphins. This is my point, him blowing up for one game after stinking for all season doesnt make him studly again. I even called it and said people will come in here claiming he is back after one game against the Dolphins. Stll dont make him worth the pick or change the fact he was a bust right now.
  2. Is he a stud again since he lit up the Dolphins? Is he still hurt? Impressive day, but hopefully he can do it against someone other than the Dolphins and again next week.
  3. Welp, who called that, is 203 and 1 a good game? This guy is a worthless QB and would be nothing without his D and Jones this year. Will we see the people come chime in who did after the Giants game? Schtick is what I have been called, when in actually, Im just right about Rodgers.
  4. Food for thought: Before people get excited at Rodgers performance if he has a good one, what is the threshold for a good game for him today? Is 200 and 1 TD a good game?
  5. I stand corrected, the guy barely throwing over 100 yards in many games and not even averaging 2 TDs a game this year is the reason why the Packers are winning? The guy who hasnt dominated a season since 2016 is the reason? Not their MVP candidate RB and the defense who gets big stops when they need them? Ok Thanks for correcting my schtick with calling the defense irrelevant to a QB as if they dont help dictate game script. I'll put it simple, if you are the 3rd highest paid QB and you cant throw for 30 TDs, and its even possible he doesnt get 4k in a full 16 game season. Are you considered elite or even good? 4k is the standard now, not 3k. Rodgers has only thrown for 4k twice since 2015. Also, 30 TDs or bust for any elite QB. Winston has 26, Rodgers 23. While Winston throws more picks, to think he has more TDs than Rodgers and currently has more this year than any of the Rodgers last 3 years is really telling. Rodgers has a noodle for an arm. In any season he has played in full health without miss a game for injury, He has finished with 4k all but once, and in that 2010 he got 3922 and sat out last game after clinching. He is dropping well of his own pace when he was elite. Wish the NFL kept stats of ankle throws, he would lead that category or maybe even tied with Daniel Jones. Rodgers is elite at one thing, he doesnt throw picks. Thats not debatable, but part of me thinks his ankle throws are part of that, he still has the mental game, but his arm is a noodle. He knows to throw contest throws low, he just inst accurate anymore. The back shoulder throws? Let me know when he completes one of them for a TD and has he thrown for a TD while making people jump offsides? Nope, the things that made him elite was taken away. Sorry Rodgers fans, of which I was one, he is done. Just hope those ankle throws dont turn into INTs.
  6. Its not negativity on his value, its his performance. Why are people acting like the negativity isnt earned. People said that exact thing after Trent Richardson busted too.
  7. So what you are saying is, he is over rated and not worth the high pick he was taken at since he doesnt provide that game changing ability to make bad teams better? I agree.
  8. Zeke and Cmac still get theirs. Why doesnt he get his? Carolina isnt the greatest line, sure Dallas is stout, but Zeke still runs people over. Barkley looks like he gets pushed back. I know its not sexy, but you can see it. He isnt good.
  9. I agree with you here. Its just the league figured him out. He doesnt have as much power as he looks like. Make a joke about the quads, but he has no power when he runs. His stiff arm was his strength, he still pulls a few off, but people hit him low and take him down and avoid it. Thats the strategy, go low. He doesnt run with the authority of a Zeke or the agility of a McCaffery. Those 2 didnt have any decline, both have been banged up. Some can blame his ankle if it makes you feel better, but he doesnt and I trust him about his health more than anyone trying to justify his bad play on the internet. He would be the first to blame his ankle as an excuse. But it just isnt. We are 12 weeks past his ankle injury.
  10. Barkleys stats disagree and say you are very wrong. Facts and stats or opinions? I'll go facts and stats. Laird had more points than Barkley this past week. Barkley became a nothing, some just paid a lot for him and need to justify it. No worries though, this site is notorious for people thinking he will be a stud again after he lights up Miami. The thing is, but what if he dont? How does that make those who support him look?
  11. He is a little to big to be running that fast. lol We see the result. He did have a deep bomb earlier in the season but he got to jog in.
  12. Is this the you disagree with me, so I didnt watch the game line. Zinger. If you tell me to watch the game, I'll tell you read my post. I dont care how bad the offense is, studs make things happen. Barkley is no stud. This reminds me of the Aaron Rodgers thread where people will just continue to defend a player regardless of what facts say.
  13. It seems people want to make excuses for the player when the player says his ankle is fine. But hey, you guys need excuses so I understand.
  14. lol Comparing Barkley to Barry Sanders, who is a Hall of Famer, MVP and 2k rusher. He is a proven stud, Barkley is clearly a 1 hit wonder right now. But, yeah, compare the two in any fashion. He forgot how to play football, many teams are bad and its football, many play through injuries, he wasnt even blaming his injury, but ur gonna?