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  1. As someone who picked up Pascal in a pinch this season and needed to start him, I recall a game where Brissett was faced by an absolutely horrible secondary... ...and Reich decided to basically run it every damn play. Suffice to say, Brissett had a lot of crap to throw to, just like Brady.
  2. Agree. I think everyone saying he's done is just wishful thinking. The Tom Brady I saw against a tough BUF secondary before they mailed it in against MIA going 26-33-271-1 looked pretty damn good to me.
  3. Yeah, having a hard time seeing a scenario where he gets paid and he gets the necessary weapons. Brady + H. Henry + AJ Green. Don't think that math computes. Stidham + M. Mariota + H. Henry + AJ Green could work.
  4. Multiple reports indicating NE is willing to pay Brady in excess of $30M. Wow. That would be shocking to me. Don't see how he gets paid AND he gets weapons around him.
  5. It's definitely silly season up here in the Boston area when listening to talk radio. Latest yesterday was that there was a report that Brady and family were visiting a high profile school for his son in the Nashville area. Also, rumors of Miami being a spot heating up. Peter King talking up TB. Depending on the day, it seems like Brady could have a huge market or zero market at all.
  6. I think it's more likely they like what they have with Stidham but know he needs another season or so. If Brady is gone, I think it would be more likely they try to find a stop gap measure. Hate to say it, but...gulp...I could see that stop gap being Andy Dalton.
  7. Why? They won another super bowl and barely lost another. You don't think other franchises would make that trade in a heartbeat? That 2nd rounder netted: - LB Christian Sam - DB Joejuan Williams - RB Damien Harris - QB Jarrett Stidham - 2020 fourth-round pick from Chicago - 2020 sixth-round pick from Denver Book is not closed on the trade. And Stidham could be the guy after another year of seasoning.
  8. I've got to say a great part of me wants to see this. I'd also like to see Brady succeed elsewhere.
  9. Rodgers is an interesting comparison to Brady this year. Stats are very similar. Rodgers was dealing with limited weapons for a good chunk of the year when D. Adams was out. Still, he had Graham, a strong running game with A. Jones/J. Williams, and then D. Adams once he recovered from his injury. A. Rodgers: 353-569-4002-26-4-95.4 T. Brady: 373-613-4057-24-8-88 Really not a significant difference in performance. So Rodgers to me had a better supporting cast and had slightly better results. Don't hear many saying Rodgers is done. Have a feeling he would have struggled quite a bit in NE.
  10. The Astros debacle makes spygate look silly by comparison. And makes anyone making a big deal out of deflategate an irrational fool. I pity the soul who is actually a LA Dodgers fan...and also someone who keeps griping about this gate crap.
  11. Looks like McDaniels is back. Think the odds just increased that they keep the band together for at least another year.
  12. I'm having a hard time believing that Bill will want Tom back at the price he'll demand. The comparable market is Brees and Rivers. Gotta think Brees gets north of $25M and Rivers was at $21M last year and some dopey team will give him a raise. Brady is NO WAY taking less than Rivers to come back for the Pats. That means, we're talking $25M ish plus another $6.5M in dead money if he signs prior to March 18th. Just don't see Bill going for this. Only way it happens is if Kraft demands it. And if he does, I could see Bill saying bye bye.
  13. Wishful thinking by many. I think even with Stidham and using $'s not spent on Brady fo plug offensive holes they could probably pull out 9-7 or 10-6 in that division with that defense. And there's always the chance Stidham is the real deal...which would drive haters absolutely crazy.
  14. How would you compare this years weapons (and overall offensive situation) vs. 2006? Reason I ask this question is, this is the last year I can truly remember where everyone was up in arms about Brady's weapons. For example, in 2006, Brady had: * WR: Troy Brown, Reche Caldwell, J. Gaffney, D. Gabriel * TE: B. Watson, D. Graham * RB: C. Dillon, K. Faulk Brady's stats that year: 319-516 (61.8%)-3529-24-12 To me, the 2006 corp is equally as bad. If you recall, Bill finally gave him weapons in 2007...and he went on to throw 50 TDs. Give him a legit TE and a downfield threat and I think he can still get it done.