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  1. I feel like this is a 6-8 win team, but the BB factor could be huge this year. I've got to think the COVID-19 situation is going to screw up poorly coached/managed teams this year. BB will be prepared. Could see the BB factor accounting for 2 additional wins creating what should be a 6-8 win season more of a 8-9 win season.
  2. 8-8 or 7-9 seem reasonable. Honestly, I'm just hoping they are in the hunt for the playoffs until the end vs. some kind of depressing 2-6 start that has everyone yelling the sky is falling.
  3. Andy Dalton released. Does BB really believe in Stidham? We may find out if Dalton is available for peanuts. Apparently, JAX also interested so that could drive the price up a bit.
  4. The K may turn out to be the next Gostkowski, but he could have been had in the 7th round. This guy was not on most radars. Would have preferred they take a shot at a WR (Proche I think was on the board possibly and was a prototypical patriot) or a QB in rounds 4-7. Clear need areas were WR and QB yet nothing. Media hyped up that QB from Florida Intl Morgan I believe. Was annoyed when the Jets of all teams grabbed him in the fourth. Maybe Bill was waiting for Morgan in the fifth.
  5. Will be shocked if NE doesn't trade out of pick #23 to try and fill the draft void in the 2nd round. Lot of prognosticators (including Peter King) thinking NE may try and move up for Tua. Just don't see it. Lot of holes to fill.
  6. Because they'd lose year 1 of low rookie salaries if the year is a complete bust. I'm not saying ditch the entire draft, but possibly focus on quality vs. quantity this year and punt some picks into 2021. And this wouldn't be a "tank" it would be a "transition" into 2021 where they'll have a ton of cap room.
  7. Starting to wonder if Bill B. is a member of the WHO and had insight into the current pandemic. Probably said to himself, "the hell with Brady. The 2020 NFL season may be completely disrupted so why waste $'s on what could be the final year he has in the league." Also, if 2020 is completely disrupted, why not just stick with Stidham for now, completely bail on the 2020 draft (and trade into the 2021; or maybe take one to three decent shots) draft, and then have a ton of cap to play with as well in 2021. Tank in 2020 since this year could be a disaster anyway.
  8. If Brady was SF's QB on their last 4 drives SF is super bowl champion. No way he doesn't get the points that team needed to put the game away.
  9. TOM BRADYQB, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS NBC Sports Boston's Tom Curran believes chatter that free agent Tom Brady could end up in San Francisco is "real." Curran, who is as plugged into the Patriots as any reporter out there, thinks the Pats and Titans are the leaders in the clubhouse for the living legend, but that the 49ers are "closing hard." Curran is of the opinion that the talk is coming from both Brady and the Niners. Jimmy Garoppolo could come off the books at nearly no cost to the 49ers while clearing $22.4 million in cap space. 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has a good relationship with Bill Belichick and obviously has vivid memories of Brady engineering the Pats' 28-3 Super Bowl comeback in 2017. This is starting to get fun. RELATED: Tennessee Titans , San Francisco 49ers SOURCE: Mad Dog Radio on Twitter Mar 3, 2020, 3:56 PM ET
  10. As someone who picked up Pascal in a pinch this season and needed to start him, I recall a game where Brissett was faced by an absolutely horrible secondary... ...and Reich decided to basically run it every damn play. Suffice to say, Brissett had a lot of crap to throw to, just like Brady.
  11. Agree. I think everyone saying he's done is just wishful thinking. The Tom Brady I saw against a tough BUF secondary before they mailed it in against MIA going 26-33-271-1 looked pretty damn good to me.
  12. Yeah, having a hard time seeing a scenario where he gets paid and he gets the necessary weapons. Brady + H. Henry + AJ Green. Don't think that math computes. Stidham + M. Mariota + H. Henry + AJ Green could work.
  13. Multiple reports indicating NE is willing to pay Brady in excess of $30M. Wow. That would be shocking to me. Don't see how he gets paid AND he gets weapons around him.
  14. It's definitely silly season up here in the Boston area when listening to talk radio. Latest yesterday was that there was a report that Brady and family were visiting a high profile school for his son in the Nashville area. Also, rumors of Miami being a spot heating up. Peter King talking up TB. Depending on the day, it seems like Brady could have a huge market or zero market at all.