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  1. Think Sonny's touch share pretty much the same although Devlin now can't vulture him. Rex grabs White's touches and D. Harris probably active for a few carries.
  2. Just watched a local KC weather video. Expectation is that the worst will be over by 11 am. Field could be soaked though.
  3. Wow. So not only is James White out, but J. Develin is out as well. Rex was already leading the backfield in touches and now should grab all of White's touches. Would think he'd be in for garbage time as well (unless D. Harris is active). All that said, Jets D-line is their strength and NE's offensive line has been battered with injuries. BB may just decide to air it out (although Rex would be involved there). Debating sitting M. Sanders for Rex here.
  4. PPR league. * M. Sanders vs DET -- DET run D has been solid. Sander's performance mediocre and splits carries with both Howard and Sproles. However, he could breakout any time and with PHI's WRs banged up he could get more play. or * R. Burkhead vs NYJ -- James White was ruled out. That leaves all of the air RB touches available and Rex was already leading the backfield in touches. Who? Thanks
  5. PPR league. Who is the better lotto ticket RB -- J. Hill, T. Coleman, A. Mattison, or Ty Johnson (I'm a K. Johnson owner)? Thanks!
  6. Which of the following WRs do you think is the best stash for this week in the hopes that they are not only next week's waiver darling, but also has long term potential? I'm a C. Davis owner (who is probably dropping him). Looking for reinforcements. * M. Goodwin - Has a bye next week unfortunately. * D. Pettis -- Gut feel by end of season this guy is out of the doghouse and he's SFs #1. * R. Higgins -- @BAL next week which isn't ideal, but offense could be explosive. Njuko out too. * D. Amendola -- Juicy matchup at home vs. KC. Could see garbage time at minimum. Don't love long term in that slow offense. * P. Dorsett -- AB released! * D. Johnson (PIT) -- Saying he's starting?? Over J. Washington?? Intrigued. Thanks!
  7. Need two flex from this group. PPR league. * K. Johnson @PHI * M. Sanders vs DET * R. Burkhead vs NYJ -- James White is OUT! * AP vs CHI * M. Goodwin vs PIT * D. Amendola @PHI * P. Dorsett vs NYJ -- With A. Brown being released. Which 2? Thanks!
  8. Trillium Cutting Tiles Toppling Goliath King Sue Mixing in some Gunner's Daughter
  9. Don't see why he would report between weeks 6-8. Don't think he has to report for a few weeks later.
  10. Agree. This feels like a week where OJ owners who dropped or benched him kick themselves all week.
  11. Curious if panicked owners in 12+ team leagues are moving aggressively for plan B trade options. Nothing is on the wire that's any better. Think I have an opportunity to trade J. Goff for TJ Hockenson to a troubled Big Ben owner. Thinking about it.
  12. Panicked OJ Howard owner questions. First, would you sell low on Howard due to Arians lack of use of TE and/or Winstin's in ability to target him? Yes or No. Second, which of these guys would you target on the wire for a plan B: * D. Goedert * V. Davis (J. Reed out again, but could be back next week). * N. Fant * CJ Uzomah & T. Eifert Third question, would you drop any of J. Goff, J. Hill, R. Burkhead, AP, J. Jackson, or C. Davis for any of the above TEs? I have L. Jackson at QB and could just stream if needed although Goff and Jackson's schedule work well together. At RB/WR I have S. Barkley, K. Williams, Ekeler, M. Sanders, K. Allen, T. Lockett. Thanks!
  13. Anyone dropping is insane. The guy has a great pedigree and had his moments last season on a horrible offense. This year, albeit after one game, it looks like this offense could have a little more juice. D. Walker back. And if Brown emerges on the other side, defenses will have to account for him more. Add to this a D that looks legit that could give TN offense more opportunities. I'm holding.
  14. Wow. Goose egg. Not only in points but targets. Didn't see this coming. Thought I was in set it and forget it mode with OJ and now have to scramble. No way in hell I'm dropping. Have a feeling they'll figure this out, but it may take a bit. Slim pickins on the wire. I see the likes of Goedert, Fant, Eifert, Witten. Couple weeks away from B. Watson getting off suspension. Probably could swing a trade. Lot of teams early in the season still have the backup TE they drafted, but those TEs aren't much better than what's on the wire. What would really solve all our problems is this: TB trades OJ Howard to the New England Patriots for a 4th round pick.