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  1. If Rosen is now available I wonder if NE is interested. I believe they were interested last year. Probably would have to give up #32. Gotta think Rosen would still be ranked higher than Lock if he were in the draft this year.
  2. Flores as well. Apparently, this was his defensive game plan. Gonna miss him. And now really not liking the fact he's staying in the division.
  3. After last night's defensive game plan masterpiece, I'm officially leaning 60/40 Bill. I didn't think this team had a snowball's chance in hell of winning a playoff game let alone the super bowl around week 13. Brady is the GOAT QB in this sport. Bill is the GOAT Coach across all sports.
  4. Bingo. Pats have played primarily man all season. They then changed their stripes and played 40-50% zone. Teams just can't do that easily. Even with two weeks to prepare. Arguably the best defensive performance in the history of the super bowl. Belichick is ridiculous.
  5. Think total opposite. Avoid Talib and Peters (although he'll be targeted). Rams are softer in the middle of the field. Were lousy against TEs. Edelman will get his and I have a feeling Gronk is going to go out with a bang.
  6. This may be one of if not the biggest drivers of the Pats run. Brady continually re-works his contract to provide the Pats relief. It's amazing to me how this goes unnoticed. Put any other QB in his shoes during this run and I'd bet my life that at some point he'd be like, "It's time you pay me HUGE." Helps that he is married to a super model who is filthy rich, but I'm not even sure it would matter to Brady if he didn't have that financial backstop. The guy loves the game and loves to compete. Wouldn't surprise me if in his last season he pisses the NFL and every player off by playing for one measly dollar. And wins the super bowl.
  7. Agree. Definitely think this favors the pats. KC kills you with explosive plays. Biggest matchup in my mind is NE rushing attack vs. KC D. They want to run and stay away from that pass rush...and keep the KC offense (cold) and off the field. Nobody really talking about coaching. If I'm remembering correctly, A. Reid last faced NE in the playoffs in 2015. Late in the game, A. Reid just refused to speed up the offense trailing NE. Was amazing. Basically handed the game to NE. He isn't exactly Mr. Clock Management when it counts.
  8. Huge. Brady is great in cold weather. Would be interested in understanding how Mahommes has done in the cold. Pats are going to run the hell out of the ball.
  9. Putting Mack in over him. No brainer. Mack is a top 15 play with a great matchup. I just don't see how Gurley is more of a flex play today considering he has an injury, the Rams have expressed a desire to rest him, they now have two capable backups to carry the load, and they should take care of AZ handily.
  10. J. Gordon replacement needed from these sleepers. PPR league. * J. Nelson vs DEN -- DEN secondary riddled with injuries. Been getting targets. Not sure I can trust him. * R. Foster @NE -- Been putting up the points. * D. Hamilton @OAK -- Safe floor. Which? Thanks