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  1. Unless I trade one of them I'm about to find out. Have both Mike Evans and AB. Could see a scenario where I play both in the playoffs when TB faces MN, ATL, DET.
  2. Don't like it. Rodgers locks onto Adams and just sprays to the remaining. He'd be a more efficient MVS in GB, but would still be serious boom/bust. Fuller's production has been damn consistent this year and I think we lose that.
  3. Will be watching practice reports. Arians said Evans is like 80%. If he moves from limited to full practices I'd be more confident he can avoid Bradberry and produce.
  4. Tough matchups Buccaneers' Mike Evans vs. Giants' James Bradberry (shadow) During his four seasons in Carolina, Bradberry racked up 2,080 coverage snaps. A ridiculous 201 (or 9.7%) of those plays came while lined up against Evans. On those snaps, Evans caught 30 of 61 targets for 387 yards and one touchdown. Four of the targets were intercepted. Bradberry shadowed Evans in seven of the eight games (exception was the first meeting between the two during Bradberry's rookie season in 2016), and Evans averaged 12.2 fantasy points per game in the seven showdowns. His only touchdown came in 2016, and he averaged 64.7 yards per game despite a massive 9.9 targets per game. Needless to say, Bradberry has had Evans' number. These two figure to face off again this week, considering their history and the fact that Bradberry has shadowed the likes of Allen Robinson II, Kendrick Bourne, DeSean Jackson, Amari Cooper and Dontrelle Inman/Terry McLaurin on their perimeter routes this season. Whereas Bradberry has been terrific this season, Evans has not (88 yards on 12 targets over his past three games), so this matchup isn't quite as intriguing as it was in years past. Additionally, Evans has aligned in the slot more recently, and with Chris Godwin out, he may escape inside and dodge Bradberry more often than usual. Still, we'll need to downgrade Tampa Bay's top perimeter receiver and perhaps take a flier on Scotty Miller on the other side against Ryan Lewis in the last game before Antonio Brown's arrival.
  5. Lol. Godwin finger fracture not even enough to wake up depressed Mike Evans owners. The splits are there for Evans -- with Godwin in the lineup vs. without. Still has Bradberry to deal with I'd think although he does move into the slot.
  6. This is a tough spot for waiver setting tonight. Currently have Hyde my #1 but that could change if new info becomes available. And even if more info comes out that it's likely that Hyde is out is D. Dallas really going to be startable? Or will Wilson just throw the ball 60 times? Whole situation could be just an avoid if Carson is to miss a week only.
  7. I have no choice but to start him this coming week. Hoping the Jets revenge game narrative becomes reality.
  8. Was Fuller locked up with Alexander all day? He bailed out owners with that garbage time TD that's for sure, but he just doesn't seem like a guy that can overcome a tough CB matchup. Either that or Watson just doesn't look at him. Seemed like Cobb and Cooks were peppered with targets.
  9. He's been on fire. Feel like he's due for some regression. Don't love the matchup @DEN this week, but hard to sit him. If I can get Wentz in waviers facing DAL at home I may actually sit Herbert.
  10. As someone who is playing the BUF D against the Jets this makes me happy.
  11. Dropping him. He's banged up and the schedule doesn't look favorable either: TB, @WASH, PHI. No way I'd start him at TB (if healthy) and the next two opponents aren't push overs either. And who knows, we could see more of a Freeman/Gallman mix now. No thanks.
  12. Doesn't look like it's going to be a windy day. Would be more concerned about that. Even if there were 30 MPH winds and a driving rain storm don't think I could afford to sit him anyway.
  13. Traded for Evans, picked up AB pre trade, now this. Unreal. Not sure how this is all going to play out and hoping things work itself out by week 14 and the fantasy playoffs when both AB and Evans will face: Week 14: MIN Week 15: @ATL Week 16: @DET Maybe AB will be the clear #1 by then. Maybe not. Hell, maybe I'll start both of them with those matchups.
  14. Z. Taylor made it a point to indicate that Mixon was ruled out ONLY for this week. Not sure why he would do that other than to keep next week's opponent (and us) in the dark.