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  1. JEFF WILSONRB, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 49ers activated RB Jeff Wilson (ankle) from injured reserve. The 49ers have also activated Raheem Mostert (ankle), claiming they are unsure if he will suit up against the Rams. We would expect Mostert to play, leaving him as the No. 1 and Jerick McKinnon as the No. 2 with Tevin Coleman (knee) still sidelined. That means Wilson could mix in for some short-yardage/goal-line work as the No. 3 back, but there is no path to Week 12 fantasy relevance outside of a random touchdown plunge. Nov 28, 2020, 7:29 PM ET
  2. As someone who is starting the NO D against the Denver offense this is of great interest to me.
  3. Add Breida to the list. Gaskin was not activated and is out.
  4. Lots of late week RB injuries and Covid issues. I've found myself struggling with how to value each in order to make pickup/drop decisions. In PPR, I'll take a stab at it: 1. B. Hill vs LV -- Great matchup, should get 60% of the snaps, ATL should be able to stay in the game. Added bonus is Gurley who has a history of knee issues could be out a while (pure speculation on my part. 2. N. Hines -- J. Taylor out due to Covid. Great matchup this weekend against TN D he roasted previously. Put him ahead of Wilkins since he's the pass catching back. He's also received goaline carries. Added bonus is Taylor could be out next week as well. 3. B. Snell -- J. Conner out due to Covid. Decent matchup with BALT D line all kinds of banged up. Could split with McFarland. He also should get goaline carries. Conner could be out not just next week but longer due to pre-existing conditions. 4. J. Wilkins -- Again, solid matchup and lightning tends to NOT strike twice with a F. Reich and this backfield. Last time vs TN, it was Hines. Wouldn't surprise me to see Wilkins get 2 TD plunges. 5. M. Breida -- Gaskins is now out. That leaves Breida and Laird I assume against the NYJ. Could actually include Mostert but I'd think if he's active whoever owns him is automatically starting him unless there's some kind of "easing in" messaging from Shanahan. How do you rank?
  5. Yeah looking for some kind of nugget from Shanahan to give me some confidence.
  6. One thing to consider: Conner is a cancer survivor. Pre-existing condition. This could derail him a bit. And maybe it's an excuse to let the likes of Snell roll. Just dropped Hyde for Snell.
  7. I the last 48 hours, I've managed to grab Wilkins, B. Hill, and Gaskin. Now can't fit another RB on the roster. Any of those guys worth ditching for Snell as a Conner owner?
  8. Want ESPN to list him as out so I can put him in IR and grab Snell.
  9. Source? That sure eliminates a decision for me if true.
  10. Grab Wilkins and Hines. This hobby is funny. At the beginning of the week I was concerned about who to put in my flex spot if Gio had a concussion. Now I have Gio, B. Hill, Gaskin, and Wilkins. Lol.
  11. Holding. I've locked up a playoff spot in week 14. Ideally, I get get the #1 seed and a bye so I wouldn't need him until week 15. I have and will continue to pick wrong between L. Thomas, A. Hooper, J. Reed, and Z. Ertz until then.
  12. Yeah it's full PPR. Can't get a read on Mostert yet. I also own M. Evans. I'm tempted to throw both Evans and AB in there if this is going to be a shootout, although this seems like a Godwin game.
  13. The matchup is there vs LV that's for sure. Everyone has run well against that run D. Debating Hill in the flex vs the likes of Gio, Mostert, Gaskin.
  14. Cut him yesterday for Brian Hill. I figure he'll sit there anyways because the PIT/BALT game is up in the air. If I REALLY want him back I bet his projections are low enough during the next waiver period I could get him. That said, odds are I will not bother.
  15. Not loving the matchup. Conventional wisdom says he plays on the perimeter for the most part which is KCs strength. Also think TB runs the ball more this week. That said, I bet he's a safe floor play for 5-50-0 if you're up and projected to win post turkey day games. I'm debating AB vs. a bunch of RBs in the flex who just emerged due to injury -- Gaskin, B. Hill, Gio, Mostert.
  16. Coleman is out. Wilson coming off IR and is questionable.
  17. Any practice report today for Mostert? Coleman? RBs are falling like flies today. Need him.
  18. Breida doesn't ever seem to do much when given the chance, but with Gaskin on my bench and that MIA schedule I'm tempted to grab him just to own this backfield and at minimum block my opponent who as all kinds of injury gaps to fill.
  19. And now he's ruled out. Whoah. Have Gaskin. Wondering if it's worth grabbing Breida. The Miami schedule is sweet.
  20. What's the deal with this knee injury? Same ol' issue he's had or new? No practice today I believe. Looking into B. Hill as a plan B.
  21. Practice today? If no, wondering if Breida is setup for the lion's share. Wouldn't imagine Gaskin is ready if he was wearing a non contact jersey earlier in the week.
  22. Agree. Best way to punish Baltimore is make them play with practice squad players and get murdered 50-0. That will leave a mark.
  23. Yup. Hard to complain, but his ceiling would be so much higher if A. Smith wasn't checking down to his RBs left and right. Dallas D is miserable. Maybe more competent Ds will actually force Smith to throw downfield more. Would love to see Terry hit a couple of ceiling games during the fantasy playoffs.