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  1. Damien is my flex if Ware is indeed out (now Doubtful), but I grabbed D Hamilton as a safety net if Ware ends up playing, since the decision may not be announced until after the day games. As others have said, Davis is easily your 2nd best play. Drake has lost snaps to Ballage, and the Jags O is a dumpster fire.
  2. AZ has been terrible all year and he is still RB12 on the season.
  3. Williams is intriguing (and I'm starting him with Kerryon and Conner injured), but Johnson is an RB1. No brainer.
  4. grosx2

    RB help!

    12 team full PPR redraft, made the playoffs as the 2 seed. J Conner was my RB1 all year, and K Johnson was my RB2 the second half of the year. So of course, they are both injured when the playoffs begin. I was able to grab J Samuels on waivers, so I have one RB spot covered whether or not Conner comes back. For my other RB spot, my current options are G Edwards (vs Bucs) and J Adams (@ Rams), assuming Johnson is still out. But there are a couple FA options whose upside depends on the health of another player on their team. Would you rather start Edwards or Adams, or: D Williams (vs Chargers) if S Ware is out E McGuire (vs Texans) if I Crowell is out (assuming McGuire is healthy) Thanks!
  5. I picked up Deion Jones this week, still have Vander Esch, need to pick one to start, as our league only starts one DP. Scoring as follows: Assisted tackles - 0.75 Solo tackles - 1.5 Every 3 total tackles, forced fumble - 1 Passes defensed - 1.5 Safety, blocked kick, fumble recovered - 2 Interception, sack - 3
  6. 12 team full PPR redraft, title says it all...
  7. Thanks....this is basically where I was at too, DJ at the Flex but torn between Adams and Edwards for RB2...
  8. 12 team full PPR, between DJ Moore, G Edwards, and J Adams, I need one RB and one Flex....who do you like?
  9. 12 team full PPR, going to make playoffs as a top 2 seed. Current roster as follows: RB - J Conner, K Johnson, G Edwards, J Adams WR - D Adams, A Cooper, DJ Moore, C Ridley, J Reynolds TE - T Kelce Ebron is on waivers, he should be a stud with Doyle out. Don't want to drop an RB as Johnson is up in the air, and Edwards and Adams still have questions marks. Obviously Ebron would only be a flex play for me, since I have Kelce. Should I go for Ebron by dropping Moore, Ridley, or Reynolds and if so, which one?
  10. 12 team full PPR, with K Johnson out this week, I need an RB2. My choices are G Edwards and J Adams (A Collins on my bench too but not considering him). With Jackson starting again at QB for the Ravens this week, I was leaning towards Edwards, since he was featured so heavily last week with Jackson under center. Adams has looked great, but Philly has stuck with their committee, limiting his touches. But as of about an hour ago, Ian Rapoport is reporting that, starting today and going forward, Adams will be the starter and featured in a bell cow role. So he is now the play over Edwards, right? EDIT: and now Collins has been ruled out, making Edwards more attractive. Dammit...
  11. So of you had to pick between Collins and Edwards ROS (PPR), who are you taking?
  12. 12 team full PPR, title says it all.
  13. 12 team full PPR, currently at 8-3, guaranteed to make the playoffs. My current RBs (need to start 2) are J Conner, K Johnson, and A Collins. Johnson won't play this week, and Collins may have a reduced role going forward. Top options on the waiver wire include J Adams, P Barber, G Edwards, and E McGuire. Which order should I prioritize these guys? And should I drop Collins? Other possible drop candidates would be C Ridley, J Brown, D Thomas...
  14. 12 team full PPR, currently sitting at 8-2. Guaranteed to make playoffs, most likely as a top 2 seed. This week, my opponent had a monster week. He is done with 202 points, I currently have 151 with D Bailey and T Kelce still to play. Obviously I have almost zero chance at pulling out the win this week. Gostkowski is currently a FA....should I drop Bailey and pick him up, thereby definitely taking a loss this week, but having a top 5 kicker going into the playoffs?
  15. Thanks for the replies. I could use depth at RB the most, and this isn't a keeper league. C Thompson is rostered, so who would you pick between Burkhead, Sproles, and Foreman?