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  1. grosx2

    Which RB for week 6?

    I was leaning Clement, but just made the switch when Erin Andrews said that Doug Pederson told her that Clement would be on a snap count tonight.
  2. grosx2

    Which RB for week 6?

    Yeah that's a good point about Clement's usage, but if he's healthy, I'm thinking that both him and Smallwood will see some good action. I could see the Eagles using this game as a sort of an audition, to decide whether they need to give up a draft pick to acquire a replacement for Ajayi, or if they can roll with their current roster.
  3. grosx2

    Which RB for week 6?

    12 team PPR league, just picked up Corey Clement, need to decide between him vs the Giants, or Alex Collins vs the Titans. Obviously the are questions surrounding Clement's health and workload, but Collins has been very unimpressive thus far...
  4. grosx2

    Which LB to roll with?

    Thanks guys for the replies. Yes, I meant Warner on SF....oops!
  5. Hi all, this is the first year I've had any type of IDP component. It's pretty laid back; you start one DP of any position, scoring as follows: Assisted Tackles - 0.75 Solo Tackles - 1.5 Each Sack - 3 Every 3 Total Tackles - 1 Blocked Punt, PAT or FG - 2 Each Interception - 3 Each Fumble Recovered - 2 Each Fumble Forced - 1 Each Safety - 2 Passes Defensed - 1.5 The scoring seems to emphasize tackles and de-emphasize big plays, so I figure the strategy is to go with a three down LB that will rack up tackles. I drafted CJ Mosley but dropped him for Telvin Smith when he got hurt. I just picked Mosley back up since he came back strong against the Steelers, and Smith seems to be off to a somewhat slow start. Fred Wagner is also a free agent right now, four straight games with 10+ tackles. Of Mosley, Smith, and Wagner, who would you roll with as your weekly guy? Appreciate any insight...