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  1. Complete swing and miss on this. It was really not necessary to tell one side of an issue how to act. One of the strangest things I have ever seen here.
  2. Thankfully the country does not mirror the gang at this forum. He may be impeached, he will not be removed. He will also win another four years.
  3. Never understood this love for Kasich. The guy couldn't even win his own state in the Primary. I see people clamoring for him yet he had practically no support. Very strange.
  4. Thanks but apparently my point was not taken. Or ignored, seeing the posts I quoted were made prior to the one you decided to comment on. Obviously this is your site, but you are certainly making a case for the argument that you support one side's views and not the other. Which is part of the problem I thought you were trying to solve. It is my opinion comments such as the one you made encourage the anti-Trump comments. Those that CONSTANTLY make disrespectful Trump posts generally know, or think you are on their side and that it is really OK to do so. Furthermore, why should I have to report something that you have obviously already viewed and hence ignored or supported? Yet you felt the need to tell someone not to elaborate on their opinion.
  5. So then why are these posts allowed? And you wonder why the echo chamber comments are sometimes directed at you. From Tolstoy... 1. Any Dem 2. Inanimate Carbon Rod 3. Stay home. From Gosbrother... I would vote for a head of lettuce over Trump. Cabbage would be closer but would still get my vote. From Slapdash... We could use a vegetable with this much culinary dexterity in the White House.
  6. Even if he is. So what? That's irrelevant when talking about Hillary.
  7. Do you actually read what you type? You just accused me of doing the exact same thing you did. Also the little alias comment is way out of line. Who do you think you are? You are in multiple threads policing the discussion. Get a life. Please.
  8. And somehow this is your business? Maybe you should stay out of it. For once.
  9. How can we possibly go on with our day when you aren't lecturing another poster constantly? Please change your mind. I so look forward to your righteous arrogant posts to posters you look down on.
  10. OMG...Hilarious. Then he disappeared for quite some time when it started to look bad for his hero. He came back late in the game for a few guest appearances.
  11. And this could not have been more appropriate. The guy was scum from the get go and just because he bashed Trump you and many others adored him.
  12. Again with the FALSE accusation of me being an alias. It only takes a few minutes on this board to get a handle on your schtick. You continued to post tweets that made him look good or ones that defended him. You were not just posting newsworthy items. Give me a break.