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  1. How can we possibly go on with our day when you aren't lecturing another poster constantly? Please change your mind. I so look forward to your righteous arrogant posts to posters you look down on.
  2. OMG...Hilarious. Then he disappeared for quite some time when it started to look bad for his hero. He came back late in the game for a few guest appearances.
  3. And this could not have been more appropriate. The guy was scum from the get go and just because he bashed Trump you and many others adored him.
  4. Again with the FALSE accusation of me being an alias. It only takes a few minutes on this board to get a handle on your schtick. You continued to post tweets that made him look good or ones that defended him. You were not just posting newsworthy items. Give me a break.
  5. Nice try. OK...Rush is powerful in his influence. But you know damn well Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are every bit at fault for this divide as McConnel.
  6. Totally pointing out what a joke this guy was from the beginning. And I have only read the first three pages. The love affair with him was disgusting. And you led the charge. Own it.
  7. Your love affair with him was embarrassing.