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  1. they couldnt even come up with anything new......hunter....but his emails!!!!
  2. Let me get this straight. Now the WSJ (owned by R. Murdoch) is pushing a story from the New York Post (owned by R. Murdoch) that is getting most of it's airplay on Fox News (owned by R. Murdoch). I am sensing a pattern here, but I just can't seem to put it together...
  3. look at you righties frothing at mouth over another giant nothingburger with mustard.... #OBAMAGATE!!!
  4. boy i just bet ya this hunter buden stuff is gonna be bigger and better than OBAMAGATE!!!
  5. ill take the under....politicians regardless of party dont survive tough economic times....
  6. well i think less people vote for trump this time around...i know plenty of people switching their votes.....realistically the environment is very tough for him.
  7. yes they have......and add in 20% unemployment....a terrible economy....105k dead from virus.....very tough sledding for any incumbent
  8. so ...trump cleared a park with m.p. and tear he could take a freaking selfie with a bible....
  9. Peyton manning / dallas clark combo was deadly one season getting 6td combined in week 1 of playoffs....however moron Jim caldwell sat them vs. The jets at halftime in the superbowl round and I lost.....karma got them in the superbowl vs the saints
  10. What's the word on spencer ware? He coming Back? Or it is Damien Williams shoe again? Sunday night dont helo things
  11. They have to sit cam doen he clearly has something wrong with him...
  12. Where is that guy who said not to bash trump cuz of the market...because 2017 was so good??? Starting to give all that back now too
  13. S&P 500 is now down since Congress and Trump cut the tax rate on corporate profits from 35% to 21%. Now at a 14-month low.