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  1. Peyton manning / dallas clark combo was deadly one season getting 6td combined in week 1 of playoffs....however moron Jim caldwell sat them vs. The jets at halftime in the superbowl round and I lost.....karma got them in the superbowl vs the saints
  2. What's the word on spencer ware? He coming Back? Or it is Damien Williams shoe again? Sunday night dont helo things
  3. Where is that guy who said not to bash trump cuz of the market...because 2017 was so good??? Starting to give all that back now too
  4. S&P 500 is now down since Congress and Trump cut the tax rate on corporate profits from 35% to 21%. Now at a 14-month low.
  5. Jamaal williams....rb gb Eli mcguire....rb.....nyj.... Go.......
  6. Pats are 3n5 on the road this year.....lucky their division has 3 complete chumps to help them win the next w games....if they play on wildcard weekend I dont see them winning on the road in round2...
  7. Because they are playing way,back and getting pressure with just 4
  8. What the actual f....this isnt how America guy has got to go
  9. Well if ekeler and gordon are out Justin jax gets the bulk of carries and screens...with newsome as the #2....again a stupid move having super on special teams inside kick .....ugh that team
  10. Gun deaths in usa.....40 year high.....THANKS TRUMP Gun deaths in US reach highest level in nearly 40 years, CDC says.
  12. Ware is not some savoir....have to win this week....he will disappoint next week anyway if he plays....