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  1. 14 team PPR RB2 of Laird, Mostert, or Powell/Richard/Washington if Jacobs and/or Bell sit? Minn or Philly D? Sutton or Lockett? Thanks for all your help!
  2. Many thanks! Kerryon is my keeper, but since WR is generally less valued, I think I can go after 4 tier 1/2 options as the base of my scoring every week. Interesting thoughts on the stacking! Is he punting that week then? Only thought re: the RB strategy is I'm not necessarily leaving myself room for the upside of hitting on more than one/two backfields. Also harder to drop the last RB as WW fodder. This is our second year with the short benches and 3rd with auction, so quite interested to see how people adapt from last year!
  3. Thanks. I think the strategy makes sense re: QB/TE. Didn't necessarily think through bye weeks a lot, but will probably have to keep it in mind with so few bench spots. Probably leaves stacking out of question? Another strategy I've been floating is going after the Seattle backfield and the current 49ers backfield (i.e. drafting Carson/Penny and Coleman/Breida). The players/teams don't necessarily matter but the idea was one I saw on FBG last year–take 5 RBs, but 2 pairs to both handcuff and start in case of emergency (i.e. might be able to start both Carson and Penny if things go really wrong). In this case, I imagine I'd try to strongly hit WR and aim for an elite TE. Auctions always vary, but these backfields seem cheapish and hopefully one becomes a larger value?
  4. Auction! So I can certainly go after any type of strategy. Another note I forgot to add is it's a keeper league (keeping Kerryon at $3) Certainly understand the 2QB route especially b/c folks have been drafting 2QBs in years past. I've been leaning TE1-TE6 since I just don't ever want to think about keeping 2 TE's to get the upside. I.E. don't need to scour the waiver wire for a QB if I have Kelce/Kittle or perhaps Engram.
  5. This can certainly be a more general question, but for some context I play in an 14 team PPR Auction league: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE, K, D We only have 4 bench spots (to promote more active waivers/trades). How do you generally think about draft strategy for these type of leagues? More emphasis on elite TE and QB? ZeroRB (or something similar) as a valid strategy?
  6. Dak or Baker this week? I can also wait and try to gamble and pick Winston up off waivers too, but still would have to make the decision to play Dak early or not. Which of those three would you try to keep/play RoS?
  7. Losing Doyle after trading Gronk has put in me in a bind–who would you rather have for week 13 and for RoS? 14 team PPR CJ Uzomah Dan Arnold Chris Herndon Jonnu Smith Matt Lacosse That's my current ranking and how I'll try to prioritize the waiver, but would love to hear your thoughts!
  8. My league makes it so that if you don't pay your dues, your entire lineup is locked–no trades, no waiver wire, no setting your lineup.
  9. Thanks all. I believe that Kerryon is an option, so might try that. It's still hard to give up a RB for a QB but I could pick up McGuire to get a 4th RB for depth/upside or just one of the handcuffs.
  10. My bad forgot context! He's been offering me Rodgers all day bc he has Brees and only has 2 RBs and Peyton Barber.
  11. Superflex or 2qb league? I don't see too much difference between Brady and Watson except Watson will be past his bye. Brady has been mediocre this year with all scoring and unclear if Watson's numbers stay up without Fuller. I think Big Ben is the best QB out of those 3 IMO for risk/reward but having him and Watson is great. Which means you def win by getting Adams. Not much to be said as he could finish as overall WR1 or at least in that discussion.
  12. Thinking about offering my James White for Joe Mixon and Aaron Rodgers. 14 team PPR, 1 keeper; sitting in 9th and trying to make a push for playoffs. My current team: Fitzpatrick Diggs, Allen, MVS, Coutee White, DJ, Dion, Kerryon Doyle Stabilizes me somewhat for the long haul (in case Fitz gets benched...) And gets rid of a bye week for White. Thoughts or is it just a lateral move?
  13. Many thanks! News just broke that Gronk is being held out for Sunday so it's looking better. I'm working to get into the layoffs right now and hopeful even an extra week of Johnson over Michel will help propel me.
  14. Just traded Sony Michel, Jordan Howard, Gronk for David Johnson and MVS in a 14 team PPR/1 Keeper. My team now is: Fitzpatrick Keenan, Diggs, MVS, Coutee James White, DJ, Dion Lewis, Kerryon Jack Doyle I needed a WR to play this week (now MVS), but was interested in dealing a Pats RB in case Burkhead comes back to steal some work and interested in upside of DJ if Arizona gets on track. Thoughts?
  15. mm927

    Trade advice

    Agreed. Probably my ideal, but do think Aaron Jones' schedule in the next 4 weeks is pretty tasty and Trent Williams is injured. Would you say no if it's Marvin over Mike? I feel like I'm holding all the buy low guys right now and really interested in moving off Howard–I think he's one of those guys I have to hold just because I have 2 RBs on bye in week 11, but never feel good about playing him.