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  1. Starkers

    RB help

    I had not thought of sitting Lindsay against the worst league run D. Do you think the others are just better this week?
  2. There is not much difference in their schedule the rest of the way. Which do you like? Thanks.
  3. Hate to do it but sit Evans of those 6.
  4. There is always a reason but not this time. Stick with Cousins.
  5. Hard to pass up the Atlanta match up for Jackson and the Cards have done well against QBs.
  6. Starkers

    RB help

    Like a number of folks I grabbed Ware in a couple of leagues because the Hunt owner did not hand cuff. Now I have a problem (a good one) over whether I plug him in to lineups. The first is easy because I am swapping him in for Coleman. I now have to decide my RB3 (already have Lindsay and Conner in) from these possibilities: Marlon Mack @ Jaguars Nick Chubb @ Texans Spencer Ware at Raiders Thoughts? Thanks.
  7. A team dropped all the players Yahoo allowed to be dropped replaced them with players on IR. He is only 1 game out of the playoffs and if he wins this week and the gut above him loses he would be in. I have never seen this before and would like your input on whether the commish should revert all the drops and freeze the team. Thanks.
  8. Who do you like more this week? Wentz is my backup for Mahomes so I would drop him to pick up Winston. Thanks.
  9. I am starting Evans so need to pick the other 2 WR. My choices are: Emmanuel Sanders vs Steelers Tyler Boyd vs Browns Julian Edelman at Jets Thoughts? Thanks. 10 team, non ppr, QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 6-BN QB – C Wentz, P Mahomes RB – J Conner, P Lindsay, N Chubb, M Mack, Jaylen Samuels WR – M Evans, D Baldwin, E Sanders, T Boyd, J Edelman TE – G Kittle, G Olsen K – J Tucker D – Cowboys
  10. Breida against the bad TB run D.
  11. Which QB do you prefer for the rest of the season. Would be my backup for Cousins. Thanks.