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  1. Or alternatively, maybe the issue isn't what he did but thay he is struggling in school. He didn't want you to know he did bad. He was ashamed of himself. Has to be a stressful situation for a little kid.
  2. Back in my day this would constitute a butt whooping. So I guess nowadays you take his cellphone and delete his save files? "Actions have consequences young man."
  3. AMANDA ANISIMOVA -160 17 year old tennis prodigy from the United States. She's running through everyone, apparently...
  4. I'm sure it will be fine. It's a perspective thing. I'm all for progress. Hope she does a great job.
  5. 1H - Southern Miss -3.5, -110 Rice is allowing 81 points per game. Gotta bet against that every chance you get. They will lose 55%+ of their spreads if they're allowing that many points in college basketball.
  6. I don't worry about that because if he's running against other white guys, there's no potential bias for voters to make a bad decision. If it's 10 white guys against a Somali Lesbian Muslim, hot chance there's bias towards the latter. Especially in this political climate.
  7. It's pretty funny because I know Antonio Brown is coming across as crazy. But if I was in his shoes, knowing my personality and the way I would handle his success. I would act the same way. 😂
  8. I, for one, get excited about electing the most qualified candidates to do the best work for our country. If that's her, great! But I certainly hope she didn't get voted in on the fact of her minority status. That would not be the best outcome for the majority.
  9. I heard the real reason Lebron James got "hurt" was so the Lakers season under could hit. They were winning too many games. 😂
  10. Adding: 76ers / Suns U228.5, -110 Permits 57 points per quarter. No Jimmy Butler from the 76ers. I'm expecting a track meet. I don't know which quarter will drastically under 57 points. But I have a hunch the Suns offense will sputter at some point.
  11. Q1 - Bulls / Magic O50.5, -110 1H - Bulls / Magic O101, -110 Pistons ML, +250 (Pistons +6.5 if you're a girly man) Think Pistons big men matchup well against the Grizzlies. Drummond should own Gasol and dominate the glass down the stretch.
  12. I like this. Think it's smart. I got Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry as my RB in my main dynasty. They're great players, but championship winners? Not sure I'm not better off getting some quality WRs for either of them. Wonder what quality of RB / WR I could get in a package deal for them.
  13. I recently subscribed to the only focus on starting lineup strategy. Why do I care what my bench does? It's really all about the acquisition of stud players. I will give up any combination of non-stud players and picks to land the guy who's gonna score me 25-30 points a game. As much as it seems like RBs are what win championships. I really think the focus should be on acquiring stud receivers. RBs come and go, quickly. Ride the WW and get production there for free. Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and AJ Green have been fantasy gold for years. I'll take them over a RB who's gonna tear his ACL and get replaced. Obviously there are exceptions like Gurley and Barkley. But you're never gonna pry those guys away for fair value. Why would you trade a Top 5 asset? You wouldn't.
  14. I think you'll be fine dotman doesn't seem like a snitch. In fact, if you don't get a timeout it speaks a lot of his character. If he was truly trying to inconvenience you, you served him up a softball on a silver platter. Homie didn't swing.