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  1. Im gonna pay half! Should try it. See if you like it. Be a good opportunity.
  2. np. They seem to scare away people even though they so add to it all. Easy to do as well.
  3. Join up for 30 bucks and Ill ill pay the other 30 for this season. CBS $60 LS Majority rule 100% payout Rosters qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, flex, dst, k, dl, dl, lb, lb, db, db Don't let the few IDPs scare you away. They are easy to draft and use. Make it way better IMO. You can watch the defensive side of the ball. Tkls 2, asstd tkls 1 (pretty standard scoring for IDP's) Leave Email
  4. End this hell for me. So tired of looking for this last guy
  5. Dude, give me your email...and then pay up today at LS then it is yours. BEST league youll be in I promise