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  1. Bon Scott. Although Shoot to Thrill is one of my favorite ACDC songs. ; )
  2. I consider Van Halen the greatest rock band of all time. Yes, its almost impossible to be better than VH was in the 70s-84. But Hagar's version was fantastic too. Yes Sammy has better vocal range, Dave had the far better stage presence and personality. Dave was made for MTV. But as they got older, Sammy clearly took better care of his vocals than Roth. Although I've bought every album Roth has ever put out (solo or VH) and love his catalog, I'd rather see VH with Sammy at this point because of Roth's decline, and its not even close. I do wish Roth could get his voice back for one more massive tour where both singers do an hour and a half set with the band. Rush can play for 3 hours, so these guys should be able to do the same.
  3. No I'm talking about this year's 1.1, would have taken CEH if I kept the pick.
  4. Traded the 1.1 pick in a PPR league for him and Cohen...that has worked out so well for me...
  5. And of course I dropped the guy in a ton of leagues where we only have 22 roster spots KNOWING he would likely break out at some point.
  6. They have to draft a QB next year. He's not the answer.
  7. He was dropped in one of my PPR dynasty leagues (start 1 QB) While I think that was absurd, it does seem like his days of putting up elite FF numbers are over. I'm starting Big Ben over him in the league where I roster both without a second thought really...
  8. Think I'm still benching him this weekend for Diggs, Godwin, McLaurin, and Moore in a PPR league. I wonder if father time has just caught up with Hilton...seems he's hurt more than he's healthy the last few years...
  9. Gibson if you saw the game last week he's clearly the lead guy now.
  10. Well in KC he did have a season where he was chucking it all over the field and IIRC led the league for longest completion average...of course, they had multiple good weapons and we have Terry.
  11. I kind of get your point but then again not so sure. If Smith can return to even the same level of play as he did before, he's not turn over prone, and he might be able to spark the offense. The defense is going to keep them in games and their division is awful....
  12. Just spent all my BBIDs for him in one PPR dynasty league. No way I'll find someone with his upside and opportunity at this point so why not?? Choo Choo
  13. I have never said or felt this way until today. But I guess we are seeing someone on the opposite end of the spectrum with Murray and it just makes Haskins looks so NOT uncomfortable and rushed...where Murray just looks so smooth, comfortable, and always seems to make the right play. And I know its not JUST on Haskins. Like our return game...Sims has been awful. We are lucky to get back to the 25 on kickoffs. We really could use an upgrade there too.