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  1. Don’t know if you guys ever seen Mahomes moved in dynasty leagues but I bought him today with a team that is completely stacked so felt I could make the deal. It’s the only time I’ve seen him moved in all 10 of my dynasty leagues over the last 2 years. This is a 12 team league. gave: Julio, Deebo, Winston, Haskins got: Mahomes, 2.3 no doubt gave a ton but I’ll now start: Mahomes Zeke, Chubb, Jacobs (Lindsay for bye weeks) Nuk, Hill, Evans (Hardman, Hollywood Brown, Gallup, Preston Williams, Diontae Johnson) Kelce (Engram)
  2. Just did one more but might have gone too far. Same league 12 team PPR Gave: Julio, Deebo, Winston, Haskins Got: Mahomes, 2.3 Updated Roster: Mahomes, Jones, T. Hill Zeke, Chubb, Jacobs, Lindsay, Henderson, Mike Boone, Chase Edmunds Nuk, Hill, Evans, Hardman, Hollywood Brown, Gallup, Preston Williams, Diontae Johnson, JJAW Kelce, Engram Picks 1.3, 2.3, 3.11 i know I just gave up a ton but with my depth was it worth it??
  3. So guys same league, just got an offer today, thinking maybe this is karma I was hoping for after being done wrong. Completely different owner, said he'd trade me Gallup for my 1.11 pick. Even though I don't have a need isn't that value alone worth taking to have another trade asset? 12 team PPR. Decided to take it. Thoughts?
  4. Exactly, I think the only direction they go is backwards if they cut him and sign someone else or start a rookie. But maybe that's what they want to do? Tank for Point Break?
  5. You would think so. Maybe he's just super likable and they love his passion for the game and are having a hard time dropping the hammer...but for his own health he really needs to retire.
  6. I think the Bucs are stupid if they don't at least give him one more year. He's more familiar with the system, he got his vision corrected, and its not like there are tons of guys walking around that have thrown 5000 yards and 30TDs.
  7. And bye Richardson, another good move. And yes, I do wish Reed would just retire (for HIS health) and then let's either sign Trent and Dunbar to extensions that are friendly or get some good picks for them. Definitely like the direction the team is headed with the new staff.
  8. I have a hard time giving up on a rookie WR who barely played and went on IR. May be a fault of mine in this hobby but he, Isabella, Campbell, several WRs didn’t explode last year but I feel like we should at least give them a year to adjust to the league right?
  9. I hope the Skins draft Chase unless they get a king's ransom for the pick. I think you'd have to be in a position of having very little holes in your roster to afford to spend 2 top picks on QBs, and the Skins need to improve in too many other areas.
  10. Saw in the dynasty trade thread were Campbell was moved for a mid 2nd. Perfect example of giving up on a WR prospect too early IMO. Campbell wasn't healthy most of the year (missed 8 games) and could very well have Rivers, Winston, or Brady for his QB this season. Not to mention a healthy Hilton would also help his coverage each week. Just my humble opinion...
  11. I think its too soon to give up on Campbell. He did miss 8 games and they could very well have Rivers, Winston, or Brady at QB this season, which IMO would be a HUGE improvement for the passing game. Hope it works out, but I wouldn't move any of my shares of Campbell for less than a 1st
  12. Thanks I thought it was solid. Same owner also offered JuJu for my 1.3 but I’m thinking I’m going to pass there as this roster needs RB help more than WRs (Rbs- Gurley, Gordon, Guice, now Lindsay, and Boston Scott) vs WRs (Hill, Julio, AJ Brown, Deebo, Shepard, Preston Williams, Crowder, Diontae Johnson, Renfrow, Sims, Pascal, and Harmon) You agree keeping 1.3 there?
  13. I will always cheer for Rivers, love his fire and passion, but it seems to me like Brady now, and Peyton before him, the cliff is already here...I wish he could have just retired a Charger...but this is the modern NFL business.
  14. I'm glad I have zero shares of this guy. But I'd think his dynasty owners could still get value if they wanted to move on from him. That's probably the safest play at this point.