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  1. I traded away Henry and Kerryon Johnson for Gurley several months ago in a PPR dynasty league. I would give anything to go back in time and reject that offer. Watch fellas, he's going to blow up like he did late last year, because of me. You are welcome.
  2. are we sure Isabella isn't the most explosive??
  3. I think Jimmy G is a good enough QB to have several weekly fantasy starters at WR. Pettis and Deebo could both have nice years and I'm cheering for them both (well, cheering for Campbell more than Deebo since I drafted him over Deebo in every league )
  4. And exactly where I drafted him in 1.8-1.11 range and couldn't be happier
  5. And this is why everyone on these boards should be nice to Redskins fans. We have the worst owner and GM in the league.
  6. I don't know that anyone is saying Campbell is a lock for stardom. BUT, he was drafted early, Andrew Luck is his QB, Hilton is of the age where most (not all) WRs start slowing down, and Funchess has hands of stone. So there is a LOT to like about this situation.
  7. This. And I think we also can't dismiss that Samuel may still break out this year. There has been a lot of buzz about him this offseason. Maybe both players were held back to a degree by their college system but both could very well have the skill sets to succeed in the NFL. You can't teach speed and short area burst and that sure helps.
  8. To prove he received his jack wagon platinum member card I guess.
  9. I have a hard time believing Funchess is going to push Parris Campbell to the #3 WR spot. I watched all his games in Carolina and saying he has stone hands isn't an exaggeration. He reminds me a lot of Rod Gardner who the Skins drafted years ago. His nickname was 50/50 for the same reason. Just frustrating as all get out to watch him drop perfectly thrown passes half of the time. Doubt Luck will stay with him if he does that on a regular basis. If he has a Ebron like resurgence I'm happy for Colts fans and I'll come back and eat crow. But I just have seen nothing from him that makes me think he is a natural hands catcher. And if he struggled with Cam's fast ball I would think he'd struggle just as much or more from Luck. These aren't noodle arm QBs throwing him the ball.
  10. I doubt he's picked off of waivers in any league. We've seen this movie before. Plus lots of talent at WR there now
  11. Continues to be a lot of very positive chatter about this young man. Joe Haden was interviewed and raved about him, said he was the most impressive player in camp.
  12. Man getting Henderson at 1.9 (with all the recent hype) and AJ at 2.1 seems like 2 massive steals to me. Well done!