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  1. I drafted him everywhere I could last year (usually mid to late 2nd) and I wouldn't consider moving him for anything less than a top 5 rookie pick, and honestly wouldn't feel overly motivated to do that unless I had a need at RB. The only place I moved him was in a league where I gave up Diontae and Hollywood Brown for JuJu (who I then parlayed along with Gallup for MT) He's a hold or buy for sure IMO.
  2. IF, IF, IF the Cowboys are smart enough to utilize him properly. I honestly think they made a mistake throwing so much last year...that team was built from the line and run game first...yes its great Dak has really matured and showed to be a good QB...and they are improving their WRs every year...but I think its to the detriment of the team to get pass happy and not control the clock and game with Zeke. But then again, I'm a Redskin fan and don't mind if they continually underachieve
  3. Gibson went before Moss or Dillion in the rookie draft I just completed. I was bummed as I thought Gibson would be there in the 3rd right after the NFL draft finished...but the buzz is real and he's going in the late 1st and 2nd now in a lot of drafts. As a lifelong Skins fan I hope he warrants that hype!
  4. Very true and fair statement. Its why I'm so excited about Diontae Johnson this year as well
  5. We just finished ours today. Was very happy with results, but wish I could have traded for a 3rd rounder (I was trying) to take Gandy-Golden late. Here was my picks 1.1 Taylor 1.2 CEH 1.11 Vaughn (and I then traded Curtis Samuel to land Ron Jones) 2.2 Pittman 2.8 Tua Update Roster (I think I've got a great shot at a title this year) Lamar, Tua Zeke, CEH, Taylor, Guice, Vaughn, Ron Jones, Scott Godwin, Evans, JuJu, McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, Crowder, Pittman, Campbell, Sims, Isabella Henry, Goedert, Ian Thomas
  6. I believe maturity really matters in the NFL, especially for rookies coming into the league. I know the Redskins talked about how mature and professional McLaurin was coming into camp last year and what a year he had, despite a pretty bad offensive line and QB play.
  7. I disagree. Watson is a winner and a great kid. He will make plays (throwing or running) and will still be an elite QB without Nuk. Plus, even if the Texans stink this year, and his numbers dip without Nuk, they aren't going to pull a GB and ignore the WR position in next year's draft.
  8. 12 team PPR dynasty league traded Curtis Samuel for Ron Jones (I drafted Vaughn at 1.11 in the rookie draft and wanted to secure the TB backfield) Is that decent value in a vacuum? (I am very deep at WR as I have Godwin, Evans, JuJu, McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, Crowder, Pittman, Campbell, Sims, Isabella)
  9. I did too in one league, traded 1.1 for Godwin, Cohen, and $50 BBID (which is half of what we get for the year). Sometimes I second guess if I should have done that, but this roster needed WRs as much as RBs.
  10. Thanks, I was shocked Claypool went that early, although I do think Steelers are the best at scouting WR talent. But yeah, for me, I like Pittman's situation better than Mims and Aiyuk. With Mims, well, its the Jets. And not sure Jimmy G can make 2 WRs fantasy relevant as much as they run the ball and feed Kittle.
  11. Perhaps people aren't focusing enough on the coaching. Frank Reich is considered a pretty creative offensive mind. He also wants to sling it around. He has also said he expects Rivers to play more than 1 season, and said he thinks Pittman might be the best WR in this class. So there is a lot to like about his situation, even if Rivers only plays a year or two. A former QB isn't going to settle for crappy QB play. He probably took the job because of Luck..and he brought in Rivers and drafted a QB. I just took Pittman at 2.2 in one of my 12 team PPR dynasty leagues over Mims and Aiyuk and feel pretty good with that decision.
  12. There have been a lot of warm fuzzy articles lately, pointing out that with Brady being in a win now window, seems odd they would spend an early pick on a guy they were going to sit. Unlike GB with Rodgers, I think the goal was to get players to help them win now (Gronk, Vaughn, Wirfs) so I'm assuming he's going to be given every chance to play right away.
  13. I wasn't bragging, I was just saying I could see where if some owners are set at WR, and have a need at RB, I can see the justification for taking him in the 1st. At least that's what I did here.
  14. I took him at 1.11 in one of my PPR dynasty leagues, but RB was my only need coming into the draft. And I still have the 2.2 and 2.8 picks if I want to get more WR depth. And I'm definitely a contender so felt it made sense. Current Roster: Lamar Jackson Zeke, CEH, Taylor, Vaughn, Guice, Scott Godwin, Evans, JuJu, McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, Samuel, Crowder, Isabella, Sims Henry, Goedert, Ian Thomas So with this roster I'm gonna justify spending that 1.11 pick on Vaughn