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  1. I actually did it a few weeks after my original post. It was hot for sure but not unbearable. I am sure an entree-sized portion of this heat level would be a different story but 3 peanuts wasn't enough to create undue distress.
  2. Had been, but stopped several years ago to have kids. Not really interested in skating on the wrong side of the law now, so the CBD flower is a good substitute.
  3. I've been on the smokable flower for about a month and a half and it's been helpful in pain/inflammation reduction, mood elevation/stress reduction and a deeper, more restful sleep.
  4. Such a bargain: St Louis Cardinals prices
  5. I'm trying to psych myself up to complete this: Pretty sure I can get through levels 1-4 but that fifth one is going to destroy me. No one has actually died from this, right? 😟
  6. In that case, I'd likely order a pour and maybe take a bottle or two home, depending on what I thought. Not much downside risk if it's not to your liking.
  7. Not familiar but I'd be inclined to drop $38.50 on a cask strength bourbon. Does the store have an open bottle that you could sample?
  8. Ok. Very possible that I misunderstood what my wife said or that she misunderstood what she was told. I will try to press for more specifics over the weekend. Thanks!
  9. Around the first of the year, my credit union was breached. As a result, they disabled all ATM cards and were to issue new ones. They decided to fold in the new EMV capability but had repeated issues (not sure of the specifics) that have caused continual delays in getting cards sent out. My wife goes to a local branch a couple times a week to get a status/complain/make a pest of herself and she gets basically blown off, with vague responses like “soon”. She has been told a few times that the credit union will be compensating members, with an amount based on how long the member had to go without a card. Yesterday, she is informed that some members have filed a class action lawsuit against the credit union. Our options are to join the suit or accept the compensation. She has tried to get an estimate of the compensation range, but was not successful. I am generally leery of class action suits, but I am also skeptical of this mystery compensation. Who is to say they won’t cut a check for $5 and consider the matter closed? I suppose if I have to make a blind choice, my distrust of the class action will outweigh my distrust of the credit union and I’d take their compensation but not without some severe misgivings. Any advice or shtick would be appreciated.
  10. Not going to advocate any as "best" over all others, but I have to chip in a vote for the criminally-underrated Rory Gallagher:
  12. Great worker. That gimmick is just so bad it's hard to take serious with his whole selfie crap. I've skipped quite a bit of his stuff because of it. JMO He won't last long on TV on main roster with that gimmick Agree. There's nothing wrong with being NXT's gatekeeper. If he does go to the main roster, I'd be interested in him and Ziggler becoming a modern Hollywood Blonds type team. That also gets Ziggler out of the singles scene, where he's just taking up space. I agree there is nothing wrong with being NXT's gatekeeper, but you are only going to make so much. At 27 years old and now 5 years in the same spot (FCW then NXT), if I am Breeze, I want that chance to get some of the bigger paychecks. Maybe with the Adam Rose debacle, HHH is being more careful with which gimmicks translate well to the bigger screen. Love the idea of a tag team with Ziggler. Looks like he is debuting soon: