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  1. So, will DJ play this weekend? DJ said “hopefully” he can play this weekend, unlike ‘I’m good to go’ last week. I find that interesting, but it could also mean zip too. The ‘hopefully’ info is from Darren Urban (Twitter) after talking to DJ. The RB also said he was feeling good, so...
  2. As a former Gordon owner, I do recommend handcuffing him with AK. Gordon does have a history of missing games (due to injuries). Even with that offensive lineman returning eventually, it won’t get that much better which means Gordon is going to continue to get beat up. Work hard for some yardage. Mattison is a ‘golden ticket’ if Cooks goes down, so I get it, but what if Gordon goes down for you before Cook? What if Cook plays a full season? What’s your plan B? Heck, what if Gordon keeps on playing bad, will AK get more playing time, the team goes back to what worked earlier this season? Gordon has a lot of risk to his name this year, and I do think that trade is fair, but it’s up to you. It’s your team, not mine.
  3. Sitting him for Godwin. @conlilnew I would still start Waller regardless of the matchup, but you are right about TEs doing well vs. Zona. Hopefully it works out for you, good luck!
  4. Penny who? 👀 Awesome game by Carson! The dude will definitely need the extra rest—27 carries tonight, 22 in Week 4.
  5. So, are we looking at a McCoy+Darrel combo or nah? It sure felt like McCoy has it. Btw, as someone mentioned above, was McCoy hurt?
  6. Chubb was a Jedi Master today—absolutely beautiful performance!
  7. Yep, I have thought of that, too. Yet I see Penny not fully healthy right now, so that broke the tie for me, even if he’s active; also reading those articles showing support for Carson helped. Of course, it could be a trap. Overall, it’s how lucky do you feel? With me, I’m going with Carson but I don’t feel 100% confident in it. I do feel like he is my weakest starter in one lineup this week, but Shady’s ankle issue has me saying that I should bench him one more week. I will say that Carson got 15 carries last week, but that was then. Shady could have a good game with no setback.
  8. Yep! I learned a lot due to having Matt Breida last year, so I rather give it one more week with Shady. I have the option to do that, but that KC offense looks so yummy! It’s so hard to say no. It’s like the forbidden fruit. Lol
  9. I, too, have Carson and Shady in one league. At this moment, I am going with Carson. Of course, I am hoping for the best with Carson, and that he redeems himself. Now if I knew Shady didn’t have any ankle issues right now, regardless of practicing fully on Thursday and Friday, I would start him over Carson without question. I want to see how Shady holds up one more week. I’m not worried about Darrel backing him up.
  10. I’m just going to say it, but the Chargers are asking for trouble if using Gordon so soon, regardless of facing the pathetic Dolphins. He missed training camp and the preseason so his odds on getting hurt is higher than normal. I’m guessing leadership didn’t learn when Gordon hurt his right knee last year vs. Arizona, knowing his other knee was bugging him, with the game under control. Unlucky things do happen in football and it always targets his knees. In 2015, he got hurt just by rushing for a yard vs. the Dolphins. Yes, it was a knee injury. But hey, the Chargers love taking risks so let’s see what happens. If I had Gordon on my fantasy team, I wouldn’t be starting him this week unless there’s no option left.
  11. So, Penny was able to practice today, but in limited fashion. The plot thickens for Carson, although knowing that Penny has a bad hammy, maybe the team will still give Carson the full work...but I do agree, this Sunday is all or nothing!
  12. I was able to get David Johnson straight up for Ekeler in one league, and it was last night and got someone to bite. I wanted another player on another team but got a no. I went fishing and aimed high for other players on other teams but got zip. I know the problems with Zona’s offense (among other things) and I know what could happen if Gordon gets hurt, but DJ as my third RB, I guess I’ll take it after researching a bit. At least DJ is catching the ball/staying active. I hope this works out for me.
  13. I don’t know think he has lost the starting job, because I haven’t seen anything that says that, but maybe someone on here knows something that I don’t? But if you feel like you want to cover your bases regarding Ekeler, if you personally think Damien Williams won’t produce anymore and/or hurt badly, go for it. No matter what happens, just make sure you can live with the consequences.
  14. I sure hope so! It has been rough watching him fumble the ball each week, knowing he could have put Penny away for good now minus getting hurt.