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  1. Get his handcuff to play it safe, if you haven’t already.
  2. Friendly post here: don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Worry about getting past the 49ers next week on the road first. It feels like a classic trap game (which happened to Seattle yesterday) if the Bears don’t show up after beating the Packers/winning the division at last. Every good team goes through a slump in every sport. It’s part of the process and the Bears had theirs earlier this season. Also, that defense is starting to get hit by injuries and plays better at home. On the road? It’s 50/50, in my opinion. Btw, regardless of last night’s Sunday Night Football game, I still think the Rams win out by beating Zona (super bad offense) and SF (bad team going to LA). But like the Bears, gotta win out/don’t take any team lightly. The Saints will start playing better football again, because all good teams adjust as a season goes on.
  3. Well, all Gordon owners probably wouldn’t be here (debating on using JJ or not) if that offensive play wasn’t called in the Zona game. Yes, I still blame bad luck on Gordon getting hurt that weekend and you never know about the Pitt game, yet it was the Chargers that called that play...having Ekeler out there for that onside kick last week now? No one can predict the future, just so frustrating to see.
  4. I am not dropping him. I will put him in my IR spot when he’s out officially, just figuring out if I should keep Ekeler now to free up that IR spot. Already have Gordon and JJ and next week is Balt, but that’s for another thread.
  5. Yeah, even after that bye it didn’t help him out. He needs to be out at least another week to be sure, because he keeps on getting hurt. Too much risk to play him now and if he does play, destroys Wilson’s value for this week.
  6. Ugh, yet I have Damien, Justin, and M. Gordon in the leagues I play, so I am ok for my second RB spots. Hopefully this is a one week miss for Spencer though.
  7. While I agree on that, Gordon was limited in practice today though! That is progress.
  8. Do know that Gordon was limited in practice today. This update came out moments ago. That is progress, yet I still think it’s 50/50.
  9. According to PFF, they said that he was “Unable to bail out his underperforming offensive line, Jackson has struggled in pass protection. He ranked No. 78 in the 2018 class in pass blocking efficiency, allowing 11 total pressures on 122 pass block snaps.” Hopefully this helps. Here’s the link: Justin Jackson info.
  10. Hmmmm, Melvin Gordon tweeted that he is “War ready” this morning. Could mean nothing (saying that the team is ready for KC but he might not be) or it could mean something. Would anyone play a limited Gordon if he does go? Either way Jackson owners, hold on to your butts!
  11. As I expected when Gordon didn’t practice at all on Friday. Thank goodness I have Jackson though! I do have other options at RB in leagues I have Gordon with Ekeler and Jackson, but I might be firing up Jackson as my flex. Unlike last week, he will get his chances against a bad KC defense. I am (somewhat) worried that the Chargers could become a pass heavy team this week, yet Jackson can catch the ball and his college career shows that. Game flow is important people and that Cinn. game wasn’t nice to him. I blame coaching on that one.
  12. Hopefully! And it is good to see that he played that many snaps yesterday.
  13. It’s too early to say and Ware could be getting more test done and/or treatment. As of right now, nothing can be done but wait. I will say that if it was ‘bad’, it would probably be out by now. Yet I would still give it 48 hours (at least) to be safe. Nothing pops then, Ware should be ok for Thursday.
  14. I’m starting to think he won’t play on Thursday. Chargers beat writer Gilbert Manzano (OC Register) doesn’t think he will play against KC. I’m starting to make other plans for next week that don’t include Gordon where I have him.
  15. I have a bye in a league where I have Gordon and I would like for him to skip week 14; play next week. Likewise, if I was a LAC fan—have your team at full strength against your division rival. (I do understand if people need Gordon this week, but I doubt Gordon would get his full RB load before facing KC, in my opinion.)