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  1. I lost by 1.5 points and I was looking to see if anyone has noticed any corrections from week 16. I appreciate you assistance.
  2. I went Reynolds over A. Robinson when I heard Gurley was out. My thinking was they were going to pass more and Sherman was going to be in Robinson. I lost b by 1.5 points. Also could've played Ridley.
  3. I think your line-up looks good the way it is. Ride with what got you to where you are. Thanks for my reply and good luck.
  4. Baker See mine:
  5. jcool22

    Need 2

    Gronk and Njoku See mine:
  6. White (no Gordon) Miller (check injury report) Anderson (upside) Golladay Lockett See mine:
  7. Williams with no Ware! See mine:
  8. Go Moore! What's not being discussed is that Cam wasn't taking snaps over the past few weeks during practice ad that was given to the backup. The backup will not be Cam by any means but he knows the offense. See mine:
  9. Tough call here as everyone is waiting for the Rams O to get back on track. Allen is @ Patriots and we all know they could shut down any position they want and make things extremely difficult. I would lean towards Goff. See mine:
  10. I'm going to go with Cousins and Williams. Cousins due to the change in OC and I see the Vikings being able to draw the D up with the run being so good lately and hitting them over the top. See mine:
  11. Samuels is safe. He is healthy and is playing for a wide open offense that needs to win. See mine:
  12. I would always go with the obvious Allen who has got you to where you are today, but Anderson has been good recently. Darnold has played much better and he doesn't have much else to throw to so to answer your question go with a flyer and put in Anderson. Allen injury might flare up and then you're stuck. See mine:
  13. Go Gordon and Kamara. I like Henry's volume but Gordon looks healthy and something to play for. See mine:
  14. I appreciate you looking over the following and chiming in. I will respond to your question as long as you place a link. Now that Connor and Ware are out I need help with my flex. Do I play Samuels @ Saints or Williams @ Seahawks? Last question is who to play at the WR #2 spot Robinson @ 49ers, Ridley @ Panthers, or Reynolds @ Cardinals? Thank you! Semi-Finals .5 PPR Start 1QB - M. Ryan or M.Trubisky 2RB - C. McCaffrey, D. Cook, J. Connor, J. Samuels, D. Williams 2WR - D. Hopkins, A. Robinson, C. Ridley, J. Reynolds (pick 1) 1TE - D. Njoku or J. Graham 1 Flex - J. Samuels or D. Williams (pick 1) 1DT - Browns vs Cincinnati