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  1. Then there is always reality, ever give it a shot? What Hill and Hunt did was a tragedy to all those involved, are you saying that isn't true, well? Do you understand the word.....tragedy? I guess I could have seperated the others and......then we had these two....but I did assume most here have common sense and got what was being said.
  2. Being in the sales business for over 30 years I have to to be able to read people, actually make my living doing that. Seen enough of Big Ben to get a good read on him, yep, he fumbled as a pout.
  3. At the Olympics they run everything in meters. Here in the USA back then we ran the 100yards at the college level. Stone Johnson
  4. Not sure how you don't get.... Chiefs who for some reason had that Chiefs career cut short..
  5. Imbecilic is thinking anyone was comparing anything. What comparison? 9.3 is the old 100 yards which Bolt could probably run in around 8.8....dead serious.,
  6. Point....Chief players who had that career cut short. Funny how if you talk about women not belonging football vs men, it's.....that;s sexist, sure they do. Now it's...but she's a woman so treat here differently....huh?
  7. Point was ....Chief players who had that career cut short.
  8. I'm a Niner fan. They call Hill..The Truck...for a reason. And to average over 5 yards a carry mostly between the tackles says it all. Hill ran as if somebody had said something about his mama, he ran angry. Seen all the great Chiefs backs starting with the speedy Abner Haynes. Yes Okoye had a ton of power but it;s...also. Hill ran harder and packed just as much wallop. Strange thing about all these guys is they all came out of small schools, Haynes North Texas State, Okoye Azusa Pacific, Hill Southern U.
  9. I have no doubts he intentionally fumbled, the guy is that flakey and I like him.
  10. Not looking good for Tyreek Hill right now unless something has changed I'm not aware of, this really sucks, he is one of the most exciting players ever. Having to dump Kareem Hunt totally sucked, and what he did really wasn't all that. She wouldn't back off. I can't think of any franchise as snake bit as the Chiefs. Olympic sprinter/200m WR Stone Johnson a 9.3 100 guy was a stud RB out of Grambling, in a preseason game in 61/62? he sustained and injury......died. Mack "The Truck" Lee Hill a monstrous FB (never seen a more powerful back) who averaged over 5 yards a carry between the tackles, banged up a knee.....died on the operating table. Only two seasons, yet in their ring of honor, he made that kind of impact. Ken Thomas (bro of Ram RB Jewerl) a 10.0ht sprinter was out of a SJS and was one the nations top DB's, why the chiefs switched him to RB...??? He banged up a knee, ended a career that never got started. Joe Delaney ran on an NCAA winning 4x1 team while at NWLa (Mark Duper on the team) he was 9.4 cat and gained over 1000 yards rushing as a rookie. Before his second season he drowned trying to save some kids in a river, he couldn't swim. The Derrick Thomas story, a sad one.
  11. I'd pass on making all those mistakes I made the first half, and it's far better to know things than learn things. Now add far more $$$$$$$ in the second half. miss the sports and that constant quest for Miss Tonight was fun.
  12. He did come in tight I have seen this, but his position was always WR.
  13. I was on another site, guy says TE Dwight Clark, well being a long time Niner fan...."nope, he was a WR" He comes back with this... AP) — The San Francisco 49ers will honor former tight end Dwight Clark with a season-long celebration of his life that will include unveiling a statue of "The Catch." Clark died in June at age 61. He suffered from ALS.Aug 8, 2018 And he had more similiar to that all calling Clark a TE. I told him....nope, they are simply wrong, obviously this got..."all of them are wrong?" Now I'm looking for some others who know the guy was a WR so I can have him read this thread. So, anyone out there think he was a TE?