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  1. ZenoRazon

    Death of football?

    Give me crazy over never doing anything, always worried about $$$$$$$. The hell with that give me a DB to run over, a backer to knock on his ###. There you sit in a rocker at 70, no memories of jumping 15 feet from a window because her husband showed up, no memories of that holding cell in west Texas, what a night, no memories of that game vs Delano when you gained 234 yards and ran back a punt to score. People need memories. I was off the coast of Viet Nam, when....................
  2. ZenoRazon

    Death of football?

    Calvin Hill first Cowboy to rush for a 1000 yards.....Yale Bo Roberson first speed receiver for the Raiders.....Cornell Too many from Stanford to list. Ryan Fitzpatrick....Harvard If I really delved into I bet I could find a 100 Ivy Leaguers who played pro football. This just now..... PRINCETON, N.J. -- Twenty-one Ivies earned National Football League (NFL) roster spots entering the 2018 season, including 18 that will don NFL uniforms during the league’s opening weekend as part of their team’s 53-man active roster. Where do Ivy Leaguer come from?
  3. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    What division had the best 10 QB's? Beat Seahawks...Russell Wilson Rams....Norm Van Brocklin..Roman Gabriel...Kurt Warner Niners...Y.A. Tittle...Joe Montana....Steve Young....John Brodie Cards....Jim Hart....Carson Palmer
  4. ZenoRazon

    Best Movie Endings

    King Kong City For sad. Rocky Casablanca Citizen Kane On the Waterfront Cool Hand Luke Requiem For A Heavyweight The Searchers Seven
  5. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    It was a well know fact the AFL sucked on defense, to only complete 50.1 of his passes there.....weak. He had 11 seasons where he had more INT than TD. the final count....173TD/220INT....that's bad. His career passer rating 65.9 sucks in any era. Why "Broadway Joe" Namath Should Not Be in the Hall of Fame Chris Young July 7, 2010 Joe Namath should not be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Most Hall of Fame quarterbacks have thrown for 200-plus touchdowns. Throughout his 13-year career with the New York Jets, Namath threw more interceptions (220) than touchdowns (173). He averaged 17 interceptions a year and eclipsed 20 five times in his career. Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh stated that Namath was "the most beautiful, accurate, stylish passer with the quickest release I've ever seen." Let’s talk about his accuracy—Namath averaged a remarkably low completion percentage of 50.1 throughout his career. He also completed fewer than 50 percent seven seasons throughout his career—I think that contradicts the great Bill Walsh’s statement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Len Dawson the other AFL HOF QB comp%.....57.1 td/int....239/183 QB rating...82.8
  6. ZenoRazon

    Talking Running Backs

    Running backs who also returned kicks. Most the time these guys just don't have that long range speed, but not always. Gale Sayers..........older bro Roger a world class sprinter Walter Payton O.J.Simpson Timmy Brown (an Eagle) Terry Metcalf Eric Metcalf....NCAA long jump champ 27-8 (best by any NFLer) Tariq Cohen Joe Washington Leroy Kelly Todd Gurley....Georgia Barry Sanders....Okla St Brian Westbrook Trindon Holliday....RB LSU "Jaquar" Jon Arnett Jim Brown....................ran a few KO back early on. What a sight that was. Abner Haynes Paul Lowe...........first play in Charger history he goes 105 Keith Lincoln a fullback....did run one back to score. Hugh "King" McElhenny Buddy Young...all 5-4 of him/world class sprinter Tyreek Hill.....RB at Okla St Alvin Kamura Herschel Walker Who am I missing?
  7. ZenoRazon

    Death of football?

    So no more rodeo, no more NASCAR, no more boxing, MMA, stay away from the military, stay away from law enforcement, stay off the roads, ya can get killed out there? Some of my fondest memories are my 20 years of organized football (HS/navy/city league) so many memories. Wouldn;t trade them for anything. What kind of life is it where ya go around all....I might get hurt? Who wants to live like that? I played my last HS alumni game at 42, I could have been killed out there......oh well. Look at how many lives were saved because of pro football? We all know the story, the one parent homes etc.
  8. Those who know their stuff wait until they see the injuries reports and who will be playing and who won;t be, so.......later. What if one of the QB;s goes down Sunday?
  9. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    I was always ?????? with Eli, trying to find some reason to put him in, and I doubt anyone digs into all that, it will be.....won a couple SB' a long career and high on the stat lists, Joe Namath is in the HOF because of one game and a big fullback. Lynn Swann is in the HOF because of a few plays in Superbowls.
  10. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    How far back do we go, before it;s....different era?
  11. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Agree with me about what?
  12. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Hmmmm? 2 SB wins 4 pro bowls 7 4000 seasons 10 3500 yards or more 7 25 or more TD;s 5 90 or more QB Rating
  13. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Just seems weird that we need to....forget a that it means nothing.
  14. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Cowboys...Troy Aikman....Roger Staubach....Tony Romo....Dak Prescott Eagles...Norm Van Brocklin....Norm Snead....Ron Jaworski....Randall Cunningham...Donovan McNabb Redskins....Slingin' Sammy Baugh....Sonny Jurgenson...Joe Theisman....Alex Smith Giants....Charley Connerly....Y.A.Tittle....Fran Tarkenton....Jeff Hosteller...Phil Simms Hell Babe Parilli Jack Kemp Tobin Rote Frank Tribucka Steve Spurrier Jake Plummer Jim Plunkett Tom Flores Micky Slaughter Bob Waterfield Frankie Albert Eddie LeBaron Zeke Bradkowski Steve Bartkowski Joe Kapp Willie Thrower James Harris Joe "Jefferson Street" Gillum Marlin "Magician" Briscoe Vince Evans Milt Plum Bill Nelson Bill Wade Steve McNair Neil Lomax
  15. ZenoRazon

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    I'm looking at this stat page in a magazine.(last season) MOST TOUCHDOWNS CAREER 1.Peyton Manning 2.Brett Favre 3.Drew Brees 4.Tom Brady 5.Dan Marino 6.Fran Tarkenton..........hard to believe, 7.Philip Rivers 8.Eli Manning MOST YARDS IN A CAREER 1. Peyton Manning 2.Brett Favre 3.Drew Brees 4.Tom Brady 5.Dan Marino 6.Eli Manning How many QB's have won 2 or more SB;s? Hard to....forget all tha ### means nothing he's trash.