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  1. You’re not concerned about another Chubb/Hunt RBBC? If it plays out like it did last year when they were both active, Chubb is not worth the price tag. And sure it’s only for another year (most likely), but then Chubb’s is an RB going into his 5th season and he forever bleeds value. IMO Chubb is the most overrated asset in dynasty
  2. What’s the rookie price on him these days? He’s gotta be near the top of cheap buys with big upside. He did run 4.31...
  3. Tyreek + Henderson>1.01 + Parker 1st>Jarwin + 2 3rds Well done.
  4. Tyreek Hill in a landslide. Hill>1.01 Henderson~Parker 1st>Jarwin and change
  5. It’s close, but I prefer Kyler/Jeudy. FFPC roster spots are hard to come by and Kyler has rushing upside few QBs do. And McLaurin, while talented and in a better situation than Jeudy, is 3.5 years older. Sure, it’s not a huge deal whether a guy is 22 or 25 but I think the age gap is worth discussing
  6. While you can try to beat the market, it’s important to judge a trade the moment it passes. The moment your trade went through, you got spanked. Then three lucky outcomes occurred in your favour (Breida & Mostert’s situation improves and Guice situation gets worse) and IMO you’re still losing. Sure, try to beat the market but the initial trade has to be somewhat balanced
  7. Well he’s done then. He’s not getting paid big money again and his waffling only lowers his value to teams, as it seems his heart isn’t in it
  8. Looks like Zeke + 2nd for 1.01, Gesicki and two 1sts. Exquisite haul to cash out Zeke.
  9. The Texans don’t have a 2021 first rounder due to the Laremy Tunsil overpay ETA: the Tunsil trade also took the Texans 2021 2nd
  10. For a team’s primary pass catchers, that’s fairly cheap. They just happen to play TE