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  1. I do like David Johnson this year. BOB the coach is going to give BOB the GM every opportunity to be proved right. David Johnson is going to have a long leash
  2. Bell’s situation is troubling. He’s on a meh offense with a coach who never wanted him. He’s an aging mercenary who will cede touches to another RB ten years older
  3. 33 carries is a tiny sample size and it’s a juicy system. Darrell Henderson played for Memphis and the two years prior had 344 carries for 3063 yards (8.9 per carry). Gibson has a great opportunity in front of him with Football Team. Let’s see if he can transform from college change of pace to NFL star
  4. He had 44 career receptions to go along with his 33 career carries, so he’s hardly a receiver or a running back. We have to wonder why he’s been a career change of pace at a lousy school.
  5. I love Gibson as much as the next guy, but last season he had 33 carries in 14 games. Our definition of complete package RB is wildly different
  6. Mentioning Covid is important because this season places a premium on good character/good judgment more than we’ve ever seen. Think of the rookie UDFA Seahawks DB who tried to smuggle a girl into the team hotel
  7. 0 risk? That’s like saying Antonio Brown has zero risk. Just because you can cut a guy easily doesn’t mean there is no risk of poisonous behavior (or literal Covid poison of a player who is immature)
  8. Fournette and his bad attitude would be a risky bet for KC. He is a good fit on the field though. Football Team wants to change the culture, so they’re probably out
  9. Albert O is soft as puppy poop. He’s closer to not making the roster than he is to threatening Fant in any way
  10. 1.08 is high for Dillon. I’m big on him but wouldn’t touch until 1.11-1.12 2nd round is such juicy draft capital for an RB
  11. When I saw the headline I thought it would be which rookie RB to draft at 3, assuming the first two goes CEH/JT or JT/CEH
  12. Probably Mostert, but depends which player was on the board
  13. The hype is real. I get Edwards looks great by all accounts, but he was the 14th WR taken in this class. Too rich for my blood