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  1. Kyler salvaged a solid fantasy day and a respectable first NFL outing but man, in the first three quarters he looked tiny. If Russell is 5’11, Kyler looked 5’5”
  2. In my rookie draft I passed on him at 1.06, thinking he’d be there at 1.09... I’ve lost sleep over that
  3. With all of the talented receivers in the league, i’m not so sure TY is the top 15 slam dunk he used to be.
  4. Charlie Batch attempted 1301 regular season passes to Fitz’s 4285 and counting. One is a clipboard holder, one is not.
  5. In the NFL, the average, run-of-the-mill player lasts 3 years, which ain’t too shabby. To last 15 years and be terrible? Come. On.
  6. “So-and-so will be awesome because superstar alpha WR1 Julio/DeAndre type will take pressure off them!”
  7. Ryan Fitzpatrick was a 7th round pick and has/will play 15-20 years. If nobody can come along and unseat you for decades, you have to be doing something right.
  8. I’d say Nick Chubb has a week 9-16 Kareem Hunt problem
  9. I’m not being disingenuous. I’m pointing out that nobody complains about their assigned draft slot pay, so your “he wasn’t complaining when he signed his rookie deal” argument doesn’t hold water.
  10. Does anybody complain when they sign their slotted draft contract? Of course not. Next year we could see this predicament with some combo of Kamara/McCaffrey/Mixon and two years from now, Saquon/Chubb.