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  1. That sound you hear is Mecole Hardman’s value going down the crapper.
  2. Why would Kyler run a 40 at the combine when he had everything to lose, and nada to gain? He was picked first overall. Judging by the video, and the dude he’s up against, he runs 4.3-4.5. Good enough for me.
  3. It’s superflex, so Lock for me. If he hits, you start him for a decade.
  4. Essentially two firsts for the least productive WR of the old guard (AB, Julio, Green) is a great out. Especially in non-ppr.
  5. I’m sky high on Robby this year. Besides Bell, there’s only Herndon, who is likely to be suspended to start the season for driving drunk. Even if he’s inefficient, his target share will be huge.
  6. Agreed. When they never respond to offers, they come off as an absent owner.
  7. I loved Hakeem predraft, but him lasting til pick 103 overall raises many questions. The earliest I’d consider him is 12th ish in rookie drafts
  8. Seems very fair. Gun to my head I take your side, but I love me some Penny.
  9. Thomas is the lone exception. Still entered the league younger than Deebo, but splitting hairs at that point
  10. Perhaps it’s a bit extreme, but it’s a matter of extreme upside. Take a guy like Juju, who came into the league crazy young and produced immediately. In current day, Juju has an absurd amount of value. Deebo on the other hand, who is actually ten months older than Juju, doesn’t have a hope of ever being valued as highly as Juju because he came into the league three years older. Deebo has a rock solid floor, but his upside is forever capped.
  11. Deebo turned 23 six months ago and is minimum 18 months older than Harry, DK, AJ Brown and so on. If Deebo doesn’t hit year 1, his value plummets cuz he’s old
  12. I like Deebo for sure, but he is also old for a rookie, so should be more polished.
  13. The only highly paid WR to win a SB I can recall is Demaryius in 2015, and he was an absolute liability that playoff run. When are teams going to stop paying this position?