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  1. If the chiefs take an RB at the end of the 1st, that will be dynasty’s slam-dunk 1.01
  2. No one was better than Westbrook in the screen game
  3. Seven known concussions = Reed needs to retire
  4. McGloin looked strong. So did PJ Walker at QB
  5. I think they’ll shop, because it’s the right thing for them to do. Just as the Cards should shop DJ, the Jets shop Bell, etc. Plus the Rams are up tight against the cap.
  6. They’ll shop, but nobody will buy.
  7. In 2018 Guice was looking like consensus 1.02 before he tore his ACL. Then he comes back and has meniscus surgery to the other knee after week 1 of 2019. He comes back to change the pace (highest carry game all season is 10), before injuring his MCL and getting shut down for the remainder. But somehow owners plan on trading him now for 1.03 in a loaded draft?? Simply ridiculous.
  8. Guice’s upside is gone. He will never have a backfield to himself, because he can’t be trusted to stay healthy. I wouldn’t give a late first for him
  9. Rock solid list. I could see the Cards going Jeudy at #8, but if they go that route I can’t see a TE at #40 with the needs they have at OL and defense.
  10. Can’t catch footballs in a straight jacket
  11. Josh Gordon hasn’t been good in years. This year he averaged less than 2.5 catches a game, so he’s more a non factor. KC also has Kelce, who’s likely better than anybody Seattle has.
  12. Hate it for Etienne. Like Najee at Alabama, he must be getting crazy Booster money.
  13. No way Fitzpatrick would roll over to help the Dolphins draft his replacement