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  1. Hunter Henry and Ty Montgomery. Faced Thielen
  2. Benched Brandin Cooks for Taylor Gabriel. Started Tom Brady over Dak Prescott.
  3. This is incorrect. Most folks probably understand that, but is somewhat unclear above. Michael Thomas is OUT.
  4. Had several good weeks. Mind you, this pretty much required me using one known-good setup: Chrome on my home PC. Last week, a bit buggy, very slow sync. I know sync is supposed to be slow and latent and all. This week, just won't sync. Lack of meaningful error messaging. No confidence in the product.
  5. I have been using the NFL Network's RedZone for years. I know it is worse, but it is under $40 a season, so I put up with it. That said, the production values seem to have gotten worse during this year. Today's show is terrible. And, yes, I noticed all the Thanksgiving game scores mixed into this weeks leaders and am like WTF. How did Cousins throw for 449 yards and 3 scores already..? Oh, and I started Kaepernick and Davante Adams, as well, today. I hate snow. I hate this stupid game. Frickem Frackem Fudge!
  6. I am seeing nothing but positive expectations for Rawls this week. I have to decide whether to bench Davante Adams or Michael Crabtree for Rawls. Am leaning toward leaving Rawls on my bench. I watched a good deal of the Tampa game. The blocking was brutal. Rawls was on my bench Tuesday morning. Unless Crabtree is a scratch at 4:05, I'm leaving Rawls on my bench this week.
  7. Not a fan of Thursday Night Football being on Thursday nights. The production values have gotten better for the NFLN-produced product. Having games on Thursday sucks for me, though. Just messes with Fantasy, IMO. The week is five days long instead of two. Messes with transaction calendars. Messes with my head. I am old and I can't find my false teeth. Wah, wah, wah... All that said, Gruden destroys MNF. He makes what is often an okay game unwatchable for me. His BS shtick is transparent and weak. I keep hoping he goes back to coaching, but he's just not that stupid, no matter how much he pretends to be.
  9. Crabtree on my bench.
  10. May not be the right thread, but I don't see the Active/Inactive thread for today... Julius Thomas INACTIVE
  11. Joe: "We scrambled and went back to the old MyFBG we'd had in the past. It was painful for users and for us. I apologized. We listened and made the decision to go back to the old MyFBG like we did. " This is the most frustrating part for me. I don't know if it is doublespeak or if Joe never really used the MyFBG area of the site in past years. This isn't the old MyFBG. Midweek, I'm all about using the free agent reports it generates to see the FBG rankings on free agents in my leagues. But I see players listed as available who are not, and am left wondering what actually available players are not shown on the list. I go to the red sync page. I put my left leg in. I take my left leg out. I put my left leg in and I shake it all about. And there's Fozzy Whittaker still staring me in the face, yet he is already on a roster (mine). Joe et. al. say to follow these arcane steps. Still don't work. The frustration is that it is repeatedly suggested that they have reverted to what we had in past years, when that is plainly false. The old MyFBG page would sync automatically, seamlessly. Waivers would run at 3:00 in the morning on CBS. When I awoke and logged in at 7:00 in the morning, the MyFBG page would automatically shoe me free agent reports, rankings and 10-minute primer for all my leagues. No user intervention required. I'd open the same page on my phone. All the data would be there, as well. It was seamless. It was the cloud, because FBGs old product did all the work. Now, it ain't so. We get told to repeat torturous troubleshooting ad nauseum. The bulk of the administrative burden has been offloaded from the service provider onto the user. And they tell us this is because of the FBG Cloud shim dealio? Except when we had changed passwords on our league hosting sites, none of the users had to do this in years past. I don't believe this will get much better. By design, these syncing steps must be performed at least once (best case scenario) on each device we use each time we use the features. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  12. No matter how much the devs like to blame the firewall (in any environment), it is very seldom to blame. In cases where it is, the firewall is often made the scapegoat of poor design. In this particular case, where all the logging in and syncing is being moved from the FBG servers to the customer's browser, where it is being stored in cache for the customer to troubleshoot, it ain't the firewall what's broke. The bolded statement is false. That conclusion might only be true in fewer than ten percent of cases. Certainly not the majority. Most certainly not all, as is stated. Syncing issues exist. Syncing issues remain. Syncing issues are a necessary feature of the new design. This isn't the cloud. Insofar as most folks have come to understand the cloud, this is the exact opposite of the cloud. Rather than offloading the logging in and syncing from the client to the server (what people call "the cloud"), the new design pushes those transactions back to the client. What he said.
  13. This 'solution' is decidedly NOT all about "Bringing Back The Old MyFBG". This is an abomination. This is not the old MyFBG. No matter how hard one tries, it cannot be. Because it doesn't work. It is not persistent. It is a flaming pile of non-workitude. The MyFBGs feature was my first and often only target on the site for years. It integrated my teams in to the FBGs rankings. I could see the free agents in my leagues. It knew my leagues' scoring systems. It knew my league's roster requirements. It knew my leagues. Now, it has alzheimer's. It is a frustrating pile of making me not want to even try using Footballguys anymore. I get enough of this aggravation at work. MyFBGs used to work. It used to be a pleasure to use. Now, it is just workaround, workaround, pray. I believe the entire Cloud Shim needs to be abandoned or MyFBG Classic will never work. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be abandoned. As such, I fear the best feature of the Footballguys site will join Keenan Allen for the rest of the season. MyFBG Classic is not MyFBG. It is not even close. I had my hopes up at the start of this thread. It didn't last. I am tired of wasting my time in support threads.
  14. Isn't this a little late in the game for beta testing?