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  1. Thanks. (They look nothing like their voices.) Will rip to mp3 from YouTube and finally be able to mow my lawn!
  2. Is there an Audible postgame podcast this week? I think they post these in multiple locations, but I can't find any location but the following:
  3. Winning a week 17 championship is like kissing the newel on your sister's banister. It is meaningless crapshoot and it tastes like Pledge. But Pledge is only carcinogenic in California and Ive never even been there, so I'ma roll with it.
  4. So what are the big stat changes that could resuscitate my bacon this week? Just need two yerds for me or two yards against the other guy. Who is getting two yards adjusted this week? Anyone? Anyone?
  5. I was ahead before the first Russell Wilson kneeldown. I was tied with the second kneeldown. I lost on the third kneeldown. These things happen.
  6. Schefter called Spencer Ware OUT twelve hours ago, but not sure if this has been picked up by many.
  7. Footballguys view: So, is this the appeal of the appeal of the appeal? Or the appeal of the appeals appeal? Would really like this to be over. At this point you can hold on to Elliot, but it's hard to see him playing again this season. This uncertainty is likely to lock a roster spot up for you though, as he's too talented to cut otherwise. All we want for Christmas is clarity. _____________________________________ I'm perfectly willing to hold onto him for Week 16. May be dumb, but is 1 chance I'm willing to take.
  8. Leonard Fournette Derrick Henry Alvin Kamara
  9. No PPR. Pretty standard scoring, favors yardage. I can start two of the following, so one must ride the pine: Alvin Kamara vs DET Davante Adams @ MIN Michael Crabtree vs LAC One more piece of information is that I'll be starting Michael Thomas and Coby Fleener. Starting Kamara puts me all in on Saints, which could be viewed good or bad. Who gets the splinter this week?
  10. Is it Will Help In Return?
  11. Pryor and McGuire here, butnot s string lean. I ain't been on this boar much in a year. What does WHIR mean? Been trying to wrap my head around it from context, to no avail.
  13. Super Cranio Combobulon League is deep. 2 QB plus Superflex. Redraft. This year will be AUTODRAFT. Benches and rosters are so deep with flex and bench that the waiver wire is slim pickings all year, by design. Half the point is bench management, deciding whether to roster lots of 2nd and 3rd string RBs and WRs or a ton of backup QBs. Roster management is half the challenge.
  14. Benched Brandin Cooks for Taylor Gabriel. Started Tom Brady over Dak Prescott.
  15. Had several good weeks. Mind you, this pretty much required me using one known-good setup: Chrome on my home PC. Last week, a bit buggy, very slow sync. I know sync is supposed to be slow and latent and all. This week, just won't sync. Lack of meaningful error messaging. No confidence in the product.
  16. I have been using the NFL Network's RedZone for years. I know it is worse, but it is under $40 a season, so I put up with it. That said, the production values seem to have gotten worse during this year. Today's show is terrible. And, yes, I noticed all the Thanksgiving game scores mixed into this weeks leaders and am like WTF. How did Cousins throw for 449 yards and 3 scores already..? Oh, and I started Kaepernick and Davante Adams, as well, today. I hate snow. I hate this stupid game. Frickem Frackem Fudge!
  17. I am seeing nothing but positive expectations for Rawls this week. I have to decide whether to bench Davante Adams or Michael Crabtree for Rawls. Am leaning toward leaving Rawls on my bench. I watched a good deal of the Tampa game. The blocking was brutal. Rawls was on my bench Tuesday morning. Unless Crabtree is a scratch at 4:05, I'm leaving Rawls on my bench this week.
  18. Not a fan of Thursday Night Football being on Thursday nights. The production values have gotten better for the NFLN-produced product. Having games on Thursday sucks for me, though. Just messes with Fantasy, IMO. The week is five days long instead of two. Messes with transaction calendars. Messes with my head. I am old and I can't find my false teeth. Wah, wah, wah... All that said, Gruden destroys MNF. He makes what is often an okay game unwatchable for me. His BS shtick is transparent and weak. I keep hoping he goes back to coaching, but he's just not that stupid, no matter how much he pretends to be.