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  1. Is $100 enough to make it interesting to either of you? That's a round of golf for you and what Otis tips his landscaper.
  2. How does clanga make it? I turn off the sound if I watch them on TV. I can't imagine anyone enjoying that in person.
  3. Personal grooming styles were a lot different back then.
  4. Making a collect call from a pay phone as a signal for you parents to come pick you up from somewhere. They wouldn't accept the call, and you would just hang up.
  5. Sitting down and splitting up the phone bill with your roommates was always fun. Me: Hey Tom, did you call this number? Tom: Nope. Me: Dave? Dave: I don't think so. Me: Well lets call the number and see who it is. Repeat the above the next month for the same number(s). It was always Dave.
  6. I thought about playing a recording on a loop at home of something random while I'm out of town for work to see if my Amazon Echo would be listening and show me related ads on Something like "duck decoy carving supplies" or "ghost hunting equipment". Then I figured Amazon probably already knows my flight itinerary and that I'm really not at home saying those things.
  7. I initially pronounced it JIF but once everyone around me was pronouncing it GIF, I changed. Was in IT/web design for 25 years. Didn't hear the jif pronunciation until 7 or 8 years ago when my son brought it up. I argued with him also.
  8. No. The acronyms in your first paragraph are pronounced the way they are because they form a quasi word and people are lazy. Would you expect people to say P-E-C-O like they would F-B-I? PECO has become part of the local vernacular. When you first saw the .gif extension, how did you pronounce it? gif or G-I-F or jif? I wonder how the rest of the team that helped develop the format at CompuServe pronounce it? "Oh lets pronounce the acronym for graphics interchange format jif, like the peanut butter." Why not "hif"? I guess our species is just ignorant.
  9. Never ship live kittens USPS economy. Learned that the hard way.
  10. Not my favorite, but the Platoon soundtrack is very good. Liked it enough after the movie that I bought the cassette.
  11. I suppose you are implying the author is the person she is having an affair with. The author references the BIL’s now they are both having affairs? Sister confided in someone she is having a relationship with that BIL is having an affair, making their affair OK. Work with me here.
  12. A few large chunks of ice help. I usually freeze water in a couple of those disposable tupperware containers or half gallon milk jugs.