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  1. I wish Nebraska was this much of a PITA to the conference on the field. Since games are just cancelled with no time to make them up, I wonder if they would allow conference teams to play if they both have games cancelled the same week. Provided they are not already on the schedule.
  2. I used to sit on the toilet a while to read the morning paper and hide from the wife. Haven't had a problem since I got divorced and stopped doing that. Divorce or hemorrhoids? Sometimes sacrifices need to be made.
  3. Just have aOSU, Michigan, Indiana, Rutgers, Purdue , and Northwestern bubble up and play a single elimination tournament over the next 2 weekends. The committee can decide if the champ qualifies for the playoff. Get well Badger bros.
  4. Mertz from Wisconsin tests positive for Covid? ETA: Link. Awaiting confirmation of positive result. I hope all is clear.
  5. I agree with what you posted in the Penn State thread. It would have stood if called the other way also. That picture isn't the best angle though.
  6. Sets kind of a bad precedent though. Plenty of odd finishes in sports. The Auburn - Arkansas game was a crazy finish and probably a call the refs go wrong. Did they refund those bets?
  7. Peach Cherry Apple Coconut Cream Chocolate
  8. I get that it's hard to overturn, but I really thought the ball touched OB just before hitting the pylon.
  9. This debate was a least watchable. I had to shut the last one down after 5 minutes.
  10. Already voted for Biden, but don't think he "won" tonight. Didn't get blown out, but didn't win anything. I bet he wishes he had that oil question back. He cleaned it up a little, but there was some damage done there.
  11. No worries. I didn't count. The bag I picked up was 26 oz. Someone else linked a 32 oz. bag. Doubt it matters. The recipe online says it's flexible. It sure looks like something in the crock pot.
  12. How many ounces of meatballs are you using? I might need to pickup another bag. Trying this out this afternoon for the purposes of it being a party snack like you said.