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  1. Maybe you can answer this. Is there much rotation of officers between high stress and low stress areas? Do you have to work your way up to get assigned the low stress areas? Kind of a tough situation because I would think you would want experienced officers in high stress areas, but being on edge and dealing with what they deal with day after day and year after year can't be good for one's psyche.
  2. Fair question. I was wondering the same after the 2nd viewing.
  3. My dad always had his alarm clock set 2 hours ahead. I think it was a mental thing because he got up between 3:30-4:00 AM for 50 years. "Oh, it's 5:30. Time to get up and go to work." My mom had hers set at some random time ahead also. I caused some problems one day thinking they just didn't know how to set their clock. So I helped them out with that. Oops.
  4. Nuked my social media accounts last night. May be temporary, but will see. Most of my social media "friends" are family members, but it's still hard to reason with either side. Shouldn't be surprised I guess since I'm not proud of what I'm seeing from the media.
  5. Hitting the snooze is so outdated. I prefer, "Alexa, snooze" Voted 1.
  6. I thought it was a very stressful movie. If I would have heard going in how stressful it was, maybe I wouldn't have thought it was so tense. I watched it a second time. It still stressed me out. Still liked it a lot though.
  7. Car chase coming of someone wanted for shooting fireworks at LEOs
  8. This was covered in the PSF. It was the Minneapolis police and the curfew FAQ states that you CAN be outside on your own property. Not in the street and these people were not. Newer tweets going around saying it was the National Guard.
  9. My son doesn't live far from there. He's smart enough to stay clear of any trouble though.
  10. The interior/seating of the capsule looks clean, plush, and comfy. Like something we used to see in futuristic movies back in the day. ETA: Like the interior of a Tesla. ETA2: Contrast with a space shuttle control panel.
  11. At the very start of the video it looks like he's paying the kid. WTH?
  12. I'm trying very hard to keep in mind that peaceful protest doesn't get as many views for the news channels as the violence does. Trying very hard.