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  1. Are they going to be lax on the login sharing like other streaming services? Asking for a friend.
  2. Tried watching the Mandalorian last night on the FireTV. No bueno. Too much buffering. Will have to try again when half the country isn't trying to stream the same thing. Everything else worked fine.
  3. Do we blame LSU? Is this conversation different if LSU beats Bama by 2 or more scores? Dammit LSU, you had 1 2 jobs.
  4. The CFP talk is a lot of deja vu. I usually root for end of year chaos, but the most chaos might be caused if all the favorites win out this year.
  5. There is a NSFW gender reveal on the front page of right now. Not going to link it, but thought the timing with this thread was great. ETA: It's the same thing @Tom Servo posted.
  6. We didn't "officially" want to know, but I had a good idea from the ultrasound video.
  7. Coach O might have cleared it. Would make a great tshirt.