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  1. I was interested to see what the ratings were going to be against the Daytona 500, but that didn't materialize.
  2. Thinking old cars are safer than new cars might be another sign you're getting older. Talking about "style" is a different subject. I will say that my '91 Jeep Cherokee went through a brief storm with pool ball sized hail about 7 years ago with only minor damage. The newer cars in the same parking were not so lucky.
  3. Omaha may not be the best example. They have some fantastic facilities and are currently treating 11 from the cruise ship. It's the rural community hospitals that may be in a bind. ETA: I have a friend that is the DON at one of those small rural hospitals. I will have to ask her if they have done any prep. I know they got a couple of rooms setup around the time of the ebola scare.
  4. I can see Cardale getting another shot in the NFL. I wonder how quick they will be to give guys a shot off the practice squad? Not sure how McGloin could still be on a roster after yesterday
  5. It's going to get rough if we don't see more/better offense. Maybe put the defense on roller skates? The thing is, I don't think the defenses are that much better. Just bad QB play. Plenty of open receivers are being missed. Any option QBs in the league?
  6. I can put an eye out or leave a welt flicking a coin. Fast enough to make them buzz through the air. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.
  7. Surprised they don't have sponsorship patches on their uniforms like NFL Europe. Mt Dew would be a natural fit for the Vipers.
  8. No problem. It should be pretty close.
  9. Thought it might be fun to have a Battlehawks tshirt or sweatshirt. Most of the stuff I like is sold out.
  10. I'm showing a total value of ~$1385 (down ~85%) I plugged everything into my Delta app. Let me know if this link works: ETA: Click on ALL-TIME under the total. ETA2: I added another BitClave transaction for 1 coin at a cost of $453.03 to reflect our sold for loss and expenses. The current price of BitClave is $0.00012
  11. This feels like preseason NFL football. Specifically the 4th quarters of those games before they make the majority of their cuts.
  12. I thought one of the broadcasts mentioned a few players only having a couple of weeks of practice? And that there was limited or no contact until the first games. Hoping the play improves as players get their feet under them. Especially the QBs.
  13. Wouldn't the court being bigger lead to more uncontested shots? I guess it would allow to move the 3 line back, but you are forcing the D to cover more ground. Would probably see an increase in dunks/layups though. Make the court smaller.
  14. Is it Zone Alarm that shows what traffic/data your computer is sending/receiving? Haven't used it for a long time. If the speed tests on the other computers are fine it shouldn't be throttling. My guess would be a service or virus running in the background and possibly "phoning home." Is the computer in general running slower? Do you have programs that are trying to update? Any type of anti-virus or network security software?