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  1. You mean Riley Ridley has value?! 🤣
  2. Two trades were made in two of my dynasty leagues: 12 team, ppr, superflex: Zeke Elliott for 1.04, 1.09, 1.11, 2.04 and 12 team, ppr: Saquon for 1.02, 1.10, 1.12, and Stefon Diggs
  3. For what it's worth, you actually have a top 38, since you had 13 listed twice
  4. My thoughts line up with many of yours in terms of Pettine as well as positional needs. A couple thoughts: Cory Littleton (LAR) is a UFA. I say spend the money it will take to get him to fill ILB need. I think we can also get help on the D-line through FA. Doesn't have to be anything too fancy, but a solid player. Draft one to help supplement/grow. O-line, this is not a strong draft class and FA is pretty barren. I like @Ditkaless Wonders suggestion of 2nd round pick, that feels right to me as well (1st is too rich). WR is similar in terms of FA. Not a whole lot out there I would want GB to spend much on. Personally, I would definitely be okay taking a swing on a WR in the first round. There should be plenty of very good options available. For TE, I worry about Hunter Henry's durability, but I'd be fine making an offer to Austin Hooper. Not a ridiculous one, but a strong one. Otherwise I think taking a chance on Tyler Eifert wouldn't be a terrible idea. He also has injury concerns, but good upside.
  5. What I liked is he ran hard every time he touched the ball. Was a force to be taken down. Not only that, bonus points to have the awareness to stay in bounds and keep the clock running when he could have tried for more yards. What concerns you on outlook (more insight, research purposes)?
  6. After watching LSU vs. Clemson last night, I'm hoping GB coaches were watching as well. Clemson defense was dominant, especially getting to Burrow early. LSU made some great adjustments and had some creative play calls to help combat the pass rush, blitzes, etc. While I understand it is college vs. the pros, I think there are definitely some parallels and GB could benefit by reviewing the game and maybe using some of the concepts LSU used.
  7. Every game I've seen of Lawrence I've been underwhelmed. Does anyone else have concerns he's not this "all great" prospect everyone makes him out to be? I'm not saying he's terrible by any means, but is he really as good as his legend is being made to be?
  8. it is the bungles... I mean bengals... after all.
  9. Uh... You are about a year late. That article is Jan 2019, it's now Jan 2020. He stayed for his senior season this past year.
  10. Tee Higgins supporters appreciate the thread bumps regardless 😉👍
  11. Thanks as always! @Dr. Dan and @smbkrypt24 asked and got answers for my initial questions. Could you provide some more insight into a couple of your personal favorites? Elijah Mitchell Anthony McFarland Jr.
  12. I'm okay with someone else taking that chance and settling for Higgins/Shenault/Reagor after
  13. I think so too. I was merely pointing out he is eligible for the 2020 draft, even if he opts not to go.
  14. Makes a lot of sense for him given the depth of this class and probable slide due to injury. He was a guy I saw slipping in rookie drafts as well for the same reasons.