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  1. I noticed that too and was disappointed to learn that.
  2. No, we aren't saying you are the only one talking about negatives. We ARE saying you are clogging up the thread using the same arguments over and over even after plenty of people have offered quite a bit of information as to why your sources or arguments are biased or don't apply to his ability to play football. I, like many people in here, come to this thread looking for new/different takes and information in our evaluation of this guy. I, and many others who contradict you, have voiced our concerns with Kyler. We aren't saying he is a lock to succeed, quite the opposite if you read our posts. We push back on you because your information doesn't change and you continue to post the same thing over and over. This in spite of you saying several times that you've said your piece, are done, and are in "wait and see" mode. As for group think on this forum, there is PLENTY of dissention and differing opinions. The 2019 draft class is a prime example. There are probably ~15 or more different offensive skill position players that people think are top 5, depending who you ask. This is the antithesis of group think.
  3. I would get tired of repeating myself 10+ times too.
  4. He goes from mid-round dart throw to undrafted for me. I'd rather take a chance on someone else with the pick and roster spot.
  5. You make very good points. I apologize if it came across brash, I think both are incredibly sad events (if true with Tyreek). I just wanted to make it clear I personally don't think AP's situation is necessarily "less bad." I do think the punishment will be more harsh for Tyreek if the evidence is there (convicted or not) to indicate he is guilty. Similar to how Ray Rice's initial punishment was light and later changed, the NFL seems to be gauging punishment levels that satisfy the perceived public outry. ETA: and by NFL, I mean Roger Goodell
  6. Absolutely. He's definitely shown his talent and ability. Barring any evidence being brought to light, I don't think they move on.
  7. I think this is giving Tyreek's reasoning ability a lot more credit than he deserves and the Chief's decision making so black and white. I'm not saying it's not true, just that I believe one of the following to be more likely: 1. Tyreek was honest with KC about the situation, it's as bad as we thought, but there isn't video or other evidence to prove that he did it. KC and Tyreek keep their mouths shut, nobody is the wiser. 2. Tyreek lies about the situation, KC realizes he is lying or doesn't care to verify if he's lying or not. All they care about is if he's charged or if there is some kind of evidence that can be put into public light verifying if he did it. Status quo until such information is made public. Again, these are my opinions on the matter, right or wrong, fair or not. AP's disciplinary action included intensive beating of the genitals with said switch, which I think is no better than breaking an arm, IMO. I also doubt if the disciplinary action was actually controlled. If it had been a thicker switch and had broken a bone, would you consider them equally as heinous?
  8. Nope, all team visits must be 1st round picks. Even if there are 300 total team visits in the pre-draft process 😂
  9. Stephen A Smith is a direct contradiction to this statement. Example of not knowing NFL: Showing that he makes $$$$$:
  10. It doesn't just stop there. It's really wild to see how drafts go differently when comparing my dynasty leagues that draft shortly after the draft vs. a normal league draft time (mid to late Aug). Training camps and preseason have resulted in some very different drafts.
  11. Thanks for sharing, I find my rankings align pretty well with yours. A couple guys popping up here that I need to look into more: Gary Jennings, Ashton Dulin
  12. Because you are clogging up the thread cherry picking any possible negative thing, be it stats, interviews, year old tweets, ANYTHING that fits your narrative, and refusing to pay attention to or consider any information to the contrary. He would like to remove your posts from his view because he doesn't value your opinion on the topic and would prefer to only see others' thoughts on Murray.
  13. gives me vibes of Eli Manning's "I don't want to play for San Diego", driving the Philip Rivers swap with NYG
  14. +1 for this one. At this point, I might go Luck over Brees, but that's hard to do. I like top 6 better, adding luck
  15. For me, depends on where Anderson lands. On NYG, for example, I'll take Murray 😀