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  1. While I think this is true of BB, perhaps times are changing. With Tom Brady out, it could be causing a ripple effect, change of strategy. I'm not saying it's probable, just that it's possible. I think Anarchy nailed it pretty well. They'll see if Stidham has what it takes, and depending how things are going, strategies may change.
  2. Could it be they have their eyes set on the 2021 class of QB's? Perhaps starting Stidham positions them the best to get the one they are after...
  3. If we're being honest, how many football players are actively thinking about maximizing career earnings. They hire people to do that for them. Maybe he has bad advisers, or maybe he's ignoring good advice. Who knows, but I think we can all agree the decision/statement is questionable.
  4. Very interesting. Seeing who is on many teams' radar (or possibly short list). Short list example: high interest example: Jalen Reagor by 6 teams already
  5. You mean Riley Ridley has value?! 🤣
  6. Two trades were made in two of my dynasty leagues: 12 team, ppr, superflex: Zeke Elliott for 1.04, 1.09, 1.11, 2.04 and 12 team, ppr: Saquon for 1.02, 1.10, 1.12, and Stefon Diggs
  7. For what it's worth, you actually have a top 38, since you had 13 listed twice
  8. What I liked is he ran hard every time he touched the ball. Was a force to be taken down. Not only that, bonus points to have the awareness to stay in bounds and keep the clock running when he could have tried for more yards. What concerns you on outlook (more insight, research purposes)?
  9. Every game I've seen of Lawrence I've been underwhelmed. Does anyone else have concerns he's not this "all great" prospect everyone makes him out to be? I'm not saying he's terrible by any means, but is he really as good as his legend is being made to be?
  10. it is the bungles... I mean bengals... after all.
  11. Uh... You are about a year late. That article is Jan 2019, it's now Jan 2020. He stayed for his senior season this past year.
  12. Tee Higgins supporters appreciate the thread bumps regardless 😉👍
  13. Thanks as always! @Dr. Dan and @smbkrypt24 asked and got answers for my initial questions. Could you provide some more insight into a couple of your personal favorites? Elijah Mitchell Anthony McFarland Jr.
  14. I'm okay with someone else taking that chance and settling for Higgins/Shenault/Reagor after