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  1. We had a very successful auction on MFL. I duplicated our league as recommended by MFL and we did a test auction the Sunday before our actual draft. We did have to work out bugs during the test auction with changing settings and such. I duplicated the auction settings for our live auction. We did have to click on reload page to keep syncing with the draft but overall everyone was satisfied. Not as happy as doing our live auction but it worked. So MFL auction and Zoom was a success for us this year. Still hoping that we will be live in 2021!
  2. I agree on Dan Arnold. He is the best catching TE the Cardinals have plus Kingsbury and Murray have been praising him like crazy. Kingsbury runs a passing offense and it will only increase this year. When Kingsbury talked about Drake he talks about his increase role in the passing game. This is a passing offense and I think Arnold will benefit along with Kirk with the presence of Hopkins.
  3. I am in the same boat with auction draft keeper league hosted on MFL for 16 years. I have participated in two online long drafts through MFL (non-auction) and hey went very smooth but not to sure of their online live auction draft. They encourage you to duplicate the league and run mock drafts to test it out. We are scheduled a week before hand on a Sunday to run a two round mock draft on MFL live auction and one on I really like what Fan Draft offers and seem to be my favorite at this time but I am letting the league members decide. Fan Draft is $25 and MFL is included in our hosting cost already. I will share what I learn but my mock drafts are not until August 23rd.
  4. Thanks for letting me know! I guess mine will be coming next month then.
  5. Has anyone seen any rebate checks or 25% off their insurance as claimed State Farm would do back in April? Our policy on three drivers and three cars dropped $10 a month when our new policy kicked in mid-June but that is normal as cars aged a year. One of many articles announcing it.
  6. Been with you since late 90's when it was Cheatsheets. I have subscribed every year since I found Footballguys and have purchased the mobile apps and digital magazine. One thing I wish you would bring back is the multi-year subscription. Obviously, I am coming back after being a member for over 20 years. I would agree that some of the information is not coming out as fast as it used too but understand as you are offering more detailed information also. My primary concern is the updated information for league dominator to look at along with information provided for waivers. In some leagues, we do waivers Tuesday night now and sometimes I feel I may not have enough information to make the right choice. The training camp reports are great and the detailed stats throughout the season are also very useful. I like seeing the breakdowns of the targets and snap counts, etc.. Footballguys offers top quality and that is why I keep coming back year, after year.
  7. My wife got me a Traeger Pro 575 for Christmas. I love it for doing chicken, ribs, briskets, etc... on it. I also have a Broil King propane grill with a rotisserie. I love doing our own rotisserie chickens, prime rib and turkeys. Have not smoked a turkey yet but planning on it. I feel that the propane does a better job with steaks. As of right now, I will be keeping both as I feel better grilling some things on propane with experience vs the pellet. I store both in the shed for the winter and bring them out to cook at times. But I have a cheap propane to use all winter that I replace every 3 to 4 years on Black Friday for less than $100 because it is smaller and easier to heat up in winter. If you go Treager, I recommend going to the Pro 575 over the Pro 22. Newer technology and I felt it was better over the 22.
  8. Elf For the Buddy the elf scene
  9. You may want to reach out to your college or school where you got your higher education. They may help you for free as alumni.
  10. I know a lot of people have offered advice. But I will say this, it took a ton of courage for you to tell your boss and HR lady but even more to tell everyone on here. You are a great guy and should be a PROUD MAN because you opened up to many and that is tough for anyone to do. Reading through the posts, I can tell you are proud of your work and sounds like you do amazing work! I went through an issue about 3 years ago at my place of work. New HR lady and a couple of other administrators teamed up with her to come at me and my team. I will tell you that it was the worst 18 months of my life. It affected me at work, my marriage, my health and at home with kids. I wish I talked about it with people but did not have the courage to share. I will tell you that I documented everything. I was told by many to talk with an attorney. I cannot confirm but was told in PA that I would have 2 years to bring a hostile work environment case against them. I was looking for a new job as I am also in tech but nothing ever materialized. I am not here to share my story but here to say stay STRONG and have FAITH. Talk with your wife and even on here as you have been. It sounds as if you do like your job but these few individuals are the problem. I will share that 3 years later, I am with same job and the HR lady was fired along with one of other instigators and the third left. My boss even came in this morning and praised me. This maybe the best time to discuss a transfer with the other manager. You do not have to tell him the details just that you feel it is the right time to move. Express it with the VP of HR based on how you have been feeling and with previous meeting. Say you would like to discuss it with the new manager and then everyone together. They maybe looking to do what you want now. I feel good things coming your way. It could be that you transfer to a different manager, changes at your job with the current problem people being gone or a new job you'll love! Be proud and stay strong! Try and relax this weekend and do something you enjoy!
  11. I feel that this is the last year of the Patriots. Titans all the way with a straight up win.
  12. I like the Saints to take the NFC this year. They have a big chip on their shoulders from last year's playoff game ending with the bad interference call.
  13. Voted. Nice dunk by your kid. Don't forget to vote on your cell phone too after you turn off your wireless connection.