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  1. I feel that this is the last year of the Patriots. Titans all the way with a straight up win.
  2. I like the Saints to take the NFC this year. They have a big chip on their shoulders from last year's playoff game ending with the bad interference call.
  3. Count me in as a first timer. PM sent requesting invite. Thanks!
  4. Voted. Nice dunk by your kid. Don't forget to vote on your cell phone too after you turn off your wireless connection.
  5. Since I am still listed as an alternate, go ahead and pull me out. I found two other hockey playoff leagues to participate and play in.
  6. Understand. More like a set it and forget it except that for maxing out the yearly contribution.
  7. Wanting to start Roth IRAs for wife and myself. Is it as simple as starting an online account on Vanguard as a Roth IRA and choosing one of their target funds closest to our retirements? I am not that knowledgeable with all the investment choices and feel it would be best to use their target funds. Since we are hoping to retire around the same time, would we be wise to open one at T. Rowe Price for one of us since we are planning on using Vanguard for one?